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  1. Texture/Shader Issue on KSP 1.9.1, tested with Direct X 9, 11 & OpenGL same on all. EDIT: Did a Windows Update & updated GPU drivers, problem, solved.
  2. Does the 1.6.1 recompile work on 1.8?
  3. Celebrating my new pc with a new Mig -
  4. Hey, you are literally saying nothing, be more specific with your problem. I also had issues on 1.6.1 but fixed it buy manually adding these bits from this pull. Give it a shot & see if it work's for you.
  5. Thx for taking your time & giving me a detailed informative answer, i just applied the changes and it worked great. Now i don't have to wait for complete recompiles and releases anymore or ask the dreaded question "when" Good stuff!
  6. Thx for the submit, It says there that 3 files has been changed, does that mean it has been merged with Module Manager v4.0.2 & i can download a fixed version?
  7. What key to bring up menu please! (OP might wanna considering updating post with that information) It's Alt + F11
  8. Hi @Valren_Starlord, can't get this to work, the controls in editor aren't the same in-flight so i can't move anything... Im on KSP 1.6.1 on latest release of the mod. I remember before there was a hidden setting i needed to active to get it to work? EDIT: I got it to work with KJR Thanks for the awesomeness
  9. @Raptor831 Hey, im just gentle wondering if there's any updates on the horizon? Because im having some bugs conserning Real Fuels / Stockalike RF. In editor i can no longer see visual fuel connectivity on right click & some engine configs aren't loaded even if the mods support it (RLA Stockalike) My log throws this error Im using the latest versions on KSP 1.6.1.
  10. Hi, im on v1.6.1 & the parts don't show in editor here? EDIT: Sorry, missed the "Next" part
  11. @dkavolis Hi, im on KSP v1.6.1 and im wondering if the latest version is backward compatible?
  12. So im on 1.6.1, what version should i use? Is the latest version backward compatible? Thank you for a great mod