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  1. [1.3.1] Realistic Atmospheres

    Nice that it's from the same author, then i know what to expect. Funny thing is, im using all -exept RSS from RO, cause my CPU can't handle it sufficiently. So this probably fits nicely in-between. Oh, and i tried the Ship Effects mod, great so far!
  2. [1.3.1] Realistic Atmospheres

    Oh, more "Realistic" mods is nice, and it seems it plays well with Ferram and such too. Is this something that might get added to the Realism Overhaul mod-suite? Seems too fit the bag
  3. Hey, thx for keeping this updated. I was wondering if anyone know where to find alternate Fairing textures? I know iv'e used black ones for example. Thx
  4. Official FAR Craft Repository

    After having problems with not having Plume for some Engines (General Electric J79-GE-17A), i could finally do a proper Phantom. Atleast to My abilities . Props to @Canis Dirus Leidy for helping out. Did a video of First flight
  5. [1.3.1] Stock Visual Terrain [v2.0.8]

    This is what i get after installing? Im on 1.3.1 with max settings. Pic
  6. Now it's working, got Plume on the one's iv'e tested so far! Thx man
  7. I pasted the .cfg into Gamedata, but it still dosen't work. Or should i edit the existing AJE.cfg in RealPlume-RFStockalike with the above info? EDIT: I edited the existing, but still no go
  8. I could kiss you! if this works, thank you!
  9. Hello, im getting a "Error: Cannot find animation named HeatAnimationEmissiveTurbofan" on part aje.atar, aje.avon, aje.j57, aje.j75 and aje.j79 from AdvanceJetEngine mod. And as a result no Plume on those engines. Im trying to figure out why the config i have for those, included in the RF Stockalike download won't work? Here's my .log too if that helps: I've had this issue sinse 1.2
  10. [1.3] RealPlume - Stock [v1.0.0 - 14/9/2017]

    No, the Plumes is not showing even if i have a config, but i mixed up the topics here, i was suppose to post this in @Raptor831,s RF Engine Config thread
  11. [1.3] RealPlume - Stock [v1.0.0 - 14/9/2017]

    Thx, good to have. Thing is all the engines above seem to have a config present in AJE.cfg. For example the J57: @PART[aje_j57,aje_j57P20A]:BEFORE[RealPlume] { PLUME { name = Turbojet //pre-fabbed plume you want transformName = thrust_transform //which transform to attach the plume localRotation = 0,0,0 //Optional - Any rotation needed localPosition = 0,0,0 //Any offset needed //flare|plumePosition are optional, and conflict with localPosition. //flarePosition = 0,0,1 //If localPosition is insufficient //plumePosition = 0,0,2 //Specify flare and plume positions separately. //Only specify one of these fixedScale = 1.66 //Size adjustment to resize to engine energy = 1 //Adjust length of plume speed = 1 //Adjust speed to fit resize, //generally close to 1:1 with scale. } @MODULE[ModuleEngines*] { %powerEffectName = Turbojet %spoolEffectName = Turbojet-Spool !fxOffset } @MODULE[ModuleEngineConfigs] { %type = ModuleEnginesRF @CONFIG,* //Add the effect to every engine config { %powerEffectName = Turbojet }
  12. [1.3] RealPlume - Stock [v1.0.0 - 14/9/2017]

    Nah, something is not right sinse im getting a "Error: Cannot find animation named HeatAnimationEmissiveTurbofan" on part aje.atar, aje.avon, aje.j57, aje.j75, aje.j79. So about half of all Jets have no Plume. Here's my .log too if that helps: I've had this issue sinse 1.2
  13. [1.3] RealPlume - Stock [v1.0.0 - 14/9/2017]

    Hello, i noticed that AJE isn't supported in this mod, that would explain why i don't have Plume on a couple of engines. Weird if it isn't supported sinse it's all part of the Realism-suite. Anyway not sure where is should ask, i have zero programming skills, but if i want to do own configs what should be my next step? Or if someone wanna help me out, what do you need from my end? Thanks.
  14. Thx, the engines still seem wastly underpowered though, even if my TWR is good.