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  1. Inside the fairings of my Mig-21. More on my DeviantART.
  2. The cockpit is the stock one enclosed in a service bay and then with procedual parts & procedual fairings to draw the shape, rest of the mods is what @Sidestrafe2462 mentioned & most of RO.
  3. I see that Advanced Jet Engine isn't supported, and im missing plume on some but i remember having some configs for it.
  4. Hello, im running 1.11 & when i pitch up/down with w/s the game banks left/right a/d. What to do?
  5. It is bonkers amazing, great job Team! I got all my mods working for it too And holy excrements i just realized i end up in the fairingbase when EVA on my Messerschmitt Me 262.
  6. Too bad im not using imgur, i don't like to be forced what to use, and im not registrering for ANOTHER service only for this forum. They censor alot too, shame.
  7. My Messerschmitt Me 262, on my DeviantART.
  8. Messerschmitt Me 262, on my DeviantART. General Atomics MQ-1 Predator on my DeviantART.
  9. I was being an lovely person, thanks for being so cool about it.
  10. I think you might be a tad delusional, with some hubris on top, thinking you are ready for making Tutorials?
  11. 787 Dreamliner, on my DeviantArt.
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