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  1. Official FAR Craft Repository

    I always disable the cockpit reaction wheels, much more satisfying. You probably know of the (Semi-)Saturatable Reaction Wheels mod, but if you haven't tried it i really recommend it for that added bit of feel I have to do a MiG-17 too, looks fun to fly, thx for the inspiration!
  2. Ah, i'd forgotten about that, thx i'll check it out. Ok, so even if it looks wrong i won't affect flight characteristics. Good to know.
  3. Wondering about how the Aerodynamics model is being applied here on the front nosecone, as you can see it looks like it's inside. Is it a Ferram issue or a Procedual Parts issue? Can anyone confirm?
  4. Hi, im having a conflict with RealFuels it seems, with B9PartSwitch installed i can't navigate the part-list in SPH or VAB. Here's my log
  5. Official FAR Craft Repository

    Thanks Elmetian! Yea i shamefully tried to copy that and give it a go, but some IR parts don't work as intended here, but i get the idea! Love the bomber Btw what mod let's you do a camera fly-by? And also, i didn't think there were any paint-mods working with 1.2?
  6. Official FAR Craft Repository

    Yea, it dosen't seem to stick. Dosen't matter, with some wing adjustments and ballast she's now wobble-free at Mach 2+ Success! F14 Mk.2
  7. Official FAR Craft Repository

    Never tried that, does that save, or do you have to do that every time, on every launch?
  8. Official FAR Craft Repository

    Jebediah complained about too much positive AoI, making his arms hurt after hammering the stick to keep it from going nose up at certain speeds. So it needs some work. But it's my first craft with variable wings, and IR. So much fun! Wobbles pretty bad though, but im working on building a sturdier variant that works more like the real thing below. Pics when!
  9. Hello, using the dev-version (v2.0.10) with reworked parts and no parts work as intended. I made a short video showing the problem. Im also using the fixed KJR version. Infernal Robotics Im going to try try without KJR and the Legacy parts, to see if that makes a difference. EDIT: It was KJR that caused the issue, thx for nothing
  10. [1.3] Real Fuels v12.2.3 July 30

    @Relitto I don't wanna act like a wannabe Moderator here, but please post a link to the file instead of a copy/paste. Makes for a tidier, more pleasant forum experience And the logs MaxZhao is talking about is propably the KSP.log and the ModuleManager.ConfigCache
  11. Because im still getting "can't find animation named "HeatAnimationEmissiveTurbofan" on said Jets, i didn't bother to do a test launch, but maybe i should have cause it works Thanks for the help!
  12. Hey, thanks for the quick response. Sure thing -
  13. Hey all, im running RO on 1.2.2 with some exeptions, and it's running great exept for some issues with Plume not working on the Jets: Atar 9K-50, Avon RB.146 Mk.302, J57-P-21, J75-P-17 and J79-GE-17. Sinse i basicly play KerbalJetProgram, it's a mayor bummer. I posted about it in the AJE thread, im wondering if anyone can confirm this on there end, so it's just not me?
  14. Hello, i have some issues with some Jets not having Plume. Im getting a error: can't find animation named "HeatAnimationEmissiveTurbofan" on the Atar 9K-50, Avon RB.146 Mk.302, J57-P-21, J75-P-17 and J79-GE-17. I first thought it had to do with RealFuels or RealPlume so did a post there, but after removing those i still get it. They work fine, but with no plume it's kind of a big immersion breaker. Is this a known issue or is it just me? - Log
  15. 1.2.4 messes up the SRB in Procedual Parts, just a warning.