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  1. Hello, im in the process of a reinstall (manual, ugh) and was wondering if there is any point in doing a post with all the updated repos for 1.3? Mostly for my own benefit. Cause right now you have to google every single one to find the 1.3 updates.
  2. AJE Extended Configs

    Thanks for this, much apreciated and the new Jet section is very welcome for easy navigation I can also confirm that i get a "[ModulesrfFX] No iThrustProvider module found at index 2" error when loading the F119 engine from AirplanePLUS.
  3. [1.3] Real Fuels v12.2.3 July 30

    Instead post your .log file in a attachment if your serious about some help, and my advice is to keep 2 versions of KSP sinse how sensitive it is, and/or install just the base game with Real Fuels and it's dependencies and go from there. There is obviously something you haven't updated. Another advice is, when you update one mod, check too see if some of (again) it's dependencies have updates aswell, they usually coincide.
  4. Official FAR Craft Repository

    Hey, thx for the input, yea the intakes has been fixed prior, and it's actually about 1 meter too short and the width is displayed wrong in the editor so it's a guessing game. And now i see from the pic that the (cant remeber word, not tail fins but the ones that stick up) should be centered opposite side of the engine outtakes. Oh well, maybe i'll do a Mark 2
  5. Official FAR Craft Repository

    In the mood for some Russian Mig-35
  6. Official FAR Craft Repository

    P-61 lookalike, insanly nimble & fun
  7. Late Christmas present? Thank you!
  8. Official FAR Craft Repository

    My old F-14 save got lost, so did a new one! With variable wings.
  9. Hello, i updated to the latest version (19.0) from the prior, and it broke some of the intergration with RealFuels. I can longer add custom-fuel via "show info" on right-click on every one of the cockpits, exept the new Supersonic one. Is there some fix i can do to restore it? Or should i ask in the RealFuels thread maybe? Would appreciate some help, thank you!
  10. Official FAR Craft Repository

    Thanks! I've tried to do it proper so it's got Variable-sweep in the right amount of degrees
  11. Really nice, good job! The curved lines is a poodle to get right, heh. Know that for a fact, i applaud your patience EDIT: Wait, the word B I T C H gets censored? Really? That's new.
  12. Official FAR Craft Repository

    I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and say thank you for all the help, and inspiration through the years This thread is useless without pics so i thought i'd share a F-14 and a Subsonic, lowrange something i did.
  13. Makes perfect sense, i just got the feeling that it was pretty much completed already. Easily the nicest pack of cockpit's there is, and with RPM i never want to land! Thank you, for giving me what i want and more.
  14. Hey, i recently tried this sinse both Procedual Fairings, and KW Fairings break (they no longer accept input on right click) after reverting a launch. It happens with this to. The only thing iv'e updated is Module Manager to 3.0.1 but now it happens even with the older Module Manager version? It's like something got left behind even if it's just one file. EDIT: Oh, and why no Crossfeed option?