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  1. Will there be a recompile of the Rotary wing aerodynamics etc changes for 1.3.1?
  2. Official FAR Craft Repository

    Just something silly i did a while back, wanted something nimble and fun too fly. Unfornunatly Jeb didn't make it, shame cause Valentina Kerbal was a great dame.
  3. I can confirm that the 1.2.15 Beta release for 1.3.1 works great here, and the SRB thrust limit issue is no longer...well, an issue ^^ Thanks!
  4. There's a dedicated scripting thread, even if it's quite old, but maybe you can find som clues as how to get started -
  5. Is anyone using this under v1.3.1? If so what version? The 2.7.0 version for 1.3 dosen't work here, getting error readout, stuttering, crashing. Here's my .log
  6. I can't seem to find fuel consumption readout, is there any? If so under what category/name, Thx
  7. Hello, im in the process of a reinstall (manual, ugh) and was wondering if there is any point in doing a post with all the updated repos for 1.3? Mostly for my own benefit. Cause right now you have to google every single one to find the 1.3 updates.
  8. AJE Extended Configs

    Thanks for this, much apreciated and the new Jet section is very welcome for easy navigation I can also confirm that i get a "[ModulesrfFX] No iThrustProvider module found at index 2" error when loading the F119 engine from AirplanePLUS.
  9. [1.3] Real Fuels v12.2.3 July 30

    Instead post your .log file in a attachment if your serious about some help, and my advice is to keep 2 versions of KSP sinse how sensitive it is, and/or install just the base game with Real Fuels and it's dependencies and go from there. There is obviously something you haven't updated. Another advice is, when you update one mod, check too see if some of (again) it's dependencies have updates aswell, they usually coincide.
  10. Official FAR Craft Repository

    Hey, thx for the input, yea the intakes has been fixed prior, and it's actually about 1 meter too short and the width is displayed wrong in the editor so it's a guessing game. And now i see from the pic that the (cant remeber word, not tail fins but the ones that stick up) should be centered opposite side of the engine outtakes. Oh well, maybe i'll do a Mark 2
  11. Official FAR Craft Repository

    In the mood for some Russian Mig-35
  12. Official FAR Craft Repository

    P-61 lookalike, insanly nimble & fun
  13. Late Christmas present? Thank you!