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  1. My previous post is no longer valid; Now i can put the orange in orbit with 100% fuel, since i've upgraded my launching pad and have no weight limits. My launcher is now the orange with a mainsail surrounded by six X200-32 packing skippers, asparagus staged. I'm pretty confident i can now redesign this launcher to take the full orange in Mun orbit, but it will be, as always, trial and error for me.
  2. Don't feel bad, Jeb's always fine with whatever you throw at him!... or how far you throw him. Welcome!
  3. Of course! My curiosity is how inaccurate they are
  4. Watched Elysium yesterday, it's not that bad of a movie, i expected something worse. So, while i watched it i was asking myself if the space flight in that movie was possible. You know they just take off from Earth and then reach the orbiting Elysium in a straight line. So i guess Elysium is synchronized with the Earth so it keeps relative to the same spot to the ground, in that case i'm assuming -but i don't really know- it would be possible for a ship to behave as in the movie: just point at the big thing in the sky and go full throttle. But then again, for Elysium to be synchronized like
  5. I know nothing, i'm no expert on anything, but i like to say things so others can correct me and then learn something. So i'd say that if i stick to your means, i've came to existence... now. And now. And in 1988. And in ancient Egypt. If "you" board the "boat", will it be the same boat? Maybe the answer is that there is no boat, you are just using energy so you can take your energy elsewhere. So maybe there's no "you", what you call "me" is just an arrangement of particle, and will be in constant change whatever you do, so you have no control on what things "are" since things aren't; we jus
  6. I'm lacking all of the +500 science upgrades and i find it definitely hard to refuel my Mun OS. What i do is i have a launcher which allows me to achieve LKO with an orange tank plus two X200-32 fuel tanks keeping about 1/3 of it's fuel, and then i launch two more without the x200-32's, then refuel the first one with the other 2, then reach for the Mun. Yeah, it's slow, and yeah, i'm probably wasting a lot of resources, but at the moment that's the best solution i could come up with.
  7. Yep, that's me too! I mostly throw things to the sky and hope they get into orbit somewhere with enough fuel to come back.
  8. Awesome topic. I don't have a scheme, but i see good ideas here, i will probably adopt a method. Right now i name things pretty randomly since i usually use my designs just once and then i do the thing from scratch -that's me fighting my noobishness-. My "persistent" things like in example the Mun orbital station is called Avalon -i loved the book The Death of King Arthur when i was a young lad-, and the lander is called Jormunlander, like the mythical beast and... yeah, sorry about that. The Minmus orbital station is called Apophis because it sounds badass, and it's lander is Minmlander... ye
  9. Congrats, really good for you, you'll be able to make friggin space cities and all... but... performance is expected to improve, it's supposed to be less demanding, not more, right? I'm forced to play in a very limited laptop and cannot upgrade right now. Oh please, tell me that 1.1 won't be more demanding than the current version.
  10. What they said. As for the tourists, i wouldn't worry about them. Usually you have more than enough time to complete missions, so you can wait until you unlock the Claw. Or if you need the contract slot and don't mind the penalty, just cancel it.
  11. What tranenturm said i find valid, as "difficult" means different things for each person, you can always tweak the difficulty options to suit your taste. I personally find the normal settings in Career a good challenge, but that's me right now, maybe in the future i'll find it too easy.
  12. Como he comentado, ya tengo más de medio árbol desbloqueado. Fácil, sí y no, depende del jugador. A mí no me costó demasiado, pero porque seguí los tutoriales de Scott Manley y he hecho cientos de consultas a la wiki de KSP. Pero si hubiera intentado hacerlo por mí solo, únicamente con la información proporcionada dentro del juego, seguramente me habría costado bastante más. En cualquier caso, yo no me refería a medio árbol sino a completarlo al cien por cien.
  13. As HebaruSan said, try Scott Manley's Career Mode for Beginners , it is awesome. It is also a bit outdated since some things have changed like aerodynamics and rocket power, but still vast majority of his designs and planning work like a charm. Anyways, it is good to get started, but once you understand how things work, don't let the tutorials be the only way you play the game, because there's much more. Scott only tries to simplify it to help beginners like me with poor physics knowledge -not to mention aerospace engineering- get past the difficulty curve of this game and then fly and experi
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