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  1. New update, great. Quick question: does this change the inclined launches as talked about?
  2. A problem is that this would rely on chance to reveal the time capsule. Wouldn't it be better to have a beacon saying 'time capsule here'?
  3. You can also use the cheat menu to complete a contract. Saves a step.
  4. Instead of trying to get 1 probe to survive for so long, wouldn't Von Neumann self-replicating probes be more practical? A potential problem with black holes is "how do you retrieve such a time capsule?" You can't very well go down there and pick it up, that'd mean the mission would take a very long time thanks to the same mechanism that preserves the probe. And it's not like the aliens that find it in 4 billion years can access it's systems and tell it to move out of it's close orbit. Incidentally, this is how cancer starts. Mutations in the genes that check for mutations.
  5. The wiki knows all http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/CommNet
  6. You mean like Contract Configurator? Actually, Clever sats already exactly solves this satellite problem.
  7. You have to sift through them to get to the good stuff though. It's a quality of life thing.
  8. Weather would basically boil down to 2 options: 1) Insignificant winds/rain that amounts to a pretty picture. 2) Weather that might hinder launches and force you to wait for the skies to clear. Situation 1 is effectively just clouds. Looks great, nothing more. Everyone here is already in favour. Situation 2 wouldn't add any interesting flying through a storm. It'd just force people to wait before launching. Or whip a capsule around on re entry, which either randomly destroys it (no fun), or does nothing but add a pretty picture of your capsule being whipped by the storm. The Ma
  9. This version works fine for me. Most mods still work fine, they just need to be updated to say they work for the new update. Use on your own risk, obviously. But it's not a very big change.
  10. Seeing how I (and any prepared player) always have everything for a mission assembled in orbit waiting for a launch window... It'd just be annoying and nothing more.
  11. That sounds exactly what fuel priority is designed for. Why do you want to do it without that?
  12. Yea, I mostly play in ship view, and love RPM for the looks. Some defaults would be nice for that. But it would indeed make it more complex for the target audience.
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