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  1. Many thanks! I've already installed PEW and i'll be waiting for the coming updat eXD. Maintaining so many mods at the same time is really a tough work and it's fine, you've already done a lot. Thanks again XD
  2. Is there any missile in the stock SMA that can fit in the missile tubes on Euryale CIWS-AA Turret?
  3. Do you mean that the 'E5Eblablabla' missle mentiond in the Euryale CIWSAA's description is acutally included the PEW?if so i'll wait for the now download thread then ;d thx!
  4. The Combat Drone Core with 3 fixed 30mm cannon on it is having some trouble in shooting. After a few shots (like 4 to 5 rounds) the reticle is fixed to the terrain and I can't fire it anymore unless i revert. I'm sure I had enough EC and 30mm ammo. BTW the turrets in this MOD R COOOOOOOOL!
  5. Euryale CIWS-AA combined missile rails and cannon has not matching missile ;( can't find that "E5Eblablabla" missile
  6. Hi! First, thank you for reviving this awesome mod. But i found that the awesome stealth bays are not opening by the AI when set to guard mode, and then the missiles in it can't be fired by AI. Wonder if you can fix that ;d
  7. One little thing to ask. In the changelog i noticed that a new penetration feature is added. Could you explain more about it?(The old thread with detailed changelog is gone ;(