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  1. Vladimir Gaming

    [1.2] Xepher Labs (Modified Stock Parts)

    if anyone cares, the thought of this mod still lives on... it has taken a new form, but I'm not going to release it, as the parts are even more game-breaking then my super battery. Oh, and I made a new logo to commemorate the fact that I released a mod over a year ago. Long Live the Company, -Vladimir Gaming.
  2. Vladimir Gaming

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    I've had this song stuck in my head for a few days now.
  3. Vladimir Gaming

    Do you remember your first exposure to KSP?

    My first exposure to KSP was several years ago, like, maybe 2013-14 or so, I don't even know. My first ship was like 3 of the biggest fuel tanks, with 1 of the most powerful engine, and a small command pod. I got the guy lost in space, somewhere in orbit of the sun. Since then I still have yet to be able to make a true legit rocket launch or anything fancy space-wise, but I have made some really cool planes and rovers in my time. I picked up KSP on console in late 2016 when it was on sale for around $15 and I had a blast with it, I'd had KSP on computer before then, but could barely run it, so the console port was awesome (except for the fact that it wasn't, until the Enhanced Edition ).
  4. Vladimir Gaming

    Interlink Elite support?

    it is recognized as a game controller, it's just not responding when I move the sticks when trying to set up inputs on KSP, although flipping the little toggle switches and things does register?
  5. Vladimir Gaming

    Interlink Elite support?

    I own one of the Realflight games that came with an RC plane controller to use on PC, and I was wondering if it was possible to set one of these up to work with KSP?
  6. will Mods ever be supported on console?
  7. So far, I love this new port you guys popped out, I've only made 1 plane with it, but I like it... It's been a learning curve trying to learn the new editor control schemes, but they make (enough) sense for me. The new in-flight action menu's are kind of cool. I only had one major complaint, which was that I spent a good 5 minutes trying to figure out how to save or launch a ship without having those little markers at the top of my UI. Also, thank you guys, getting this for free, since I already owned the FTE port, I love the fact you guys did that. now, since I can, here's my ship I made...
  8. Here's some images of my last hurrah with the Flying Tiger port of KSP, figured it was fitting to share those here, and the night before the new release... It's a lot of images, but I thought the ship was just a really cool way to end off some good... and bad memories... (not to brag, but the game only froze 3 times during creation)
  9. I am like, happy now... super happy now... as I still play the crappy console port
  10. Vladimir Gaming

    KSP on XBOX One: Currently not avalible

    I'm looking forward to a new update, I bought the game on console when it was on sale a few months ago, having already owned the pc edition. The console one was somewhat nice, considering it would play at a solid framerate, unlike my aging/terrible computer, is there any chance you guys are skipping 1.2 entirely and moving immediately to 1.3?
  11. Vladimir Gaming

    [1.2] Xepher Labs (Modified Stock Parts)

    Just a slight note. My computer is quite old, and is starting to become obsolete when it comes to KSP, so this mod will probably die soon, well not die, just, it won't really be getting that much updates and stuff in the near future, thanks for all the "support" when it came to this mod, this was my first, and most likely last attempt to dabble into the world of modding when it comes to KSP.
  12. Vladimir Gaming

    [1.2] Xepher Labs (Modified Stock Parts)

    i'll see what i can do
  13. The Xepher Labs Modified Stock Parts Pack, contains 2 modified stock parts, The God Battery (Mk.0 Liquid Fuel Tank), and the Electric God Booster (Separton I) The God Booster The God Battery: One Good Benefit Of These Small Godlike Parts Is That They Aren't Big, So They Take Up Virtually No Space At All! Download The Xepher Labs Modified Stock Parts Here!
  14. Vladimir Gaming

    What's With The Loading Screen?

    Seriously? Friggin Nyan Cat? Why?
  15. Vladimir Gaming

    Small Plane Speed-Racing

    I'd like to sign up for the challenge, i'll post a video of my flight, and a full engineer report of my plane