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  1. will it work in 1.1.2? if worked in 1.1.2 ill make F-15C VTOL and paint it or using tweakscale and other mod hope my crappy computer can handle 5 mods in unity 5
  2. will it work in 1.0.5 or 1.1.2 i always play 1.0.5 and 1.1.2 nevermind ASET mod will has warning Like Cabin Overheat, Engine Overheat and more
  3. actually that parachutes on kerbal can deploy but not VNG mod called : SMchutes mod Link : requires Kerbal Inventory system
  4. that thing looks like fort zancudo from grand theft auto 5 i think i'm just running on kerbin city mod on my computer has core 2 duo 2 GB Ram And 250 GB Hard Drives it worked fine on me but top secret mod lag about 2 FPS damn i like that base can compress to low res?
  5. on very old version "1.0.5" there's called K.U.N.A.I But Its Removed needs be add in this newest version
  6. sorry about my name i need changed my name but it just changed signature "Kdoge20" <--- My name not CraftedDoge20PlaysKSP1.0.5 i always misspelled or bad english because i use crappy keyboard or i live another country
  7. i have 1.1.2 ksp will it work? -----------------------------------------------------ISSUE FOR OTHER MODS------------------------------------------------------------ also fix your cameratools to 1.1.2 i tested cameratools 1.6.0 on 1.1.2 ksp and sonic boom doesn't correctly but doppler sound bit different went 300+ mph no sonicboom yet.
  8. That All Engine Sound i can't hear it, animation is fine but engine sound is too quiet lucky i got latest firespitter dll file to fix issue. Did you updated firespitter? Edit : crap, i got old file on my computer ill download new ones
  9. decrease fire/smoke to tiny bit to reduce FPS Lag And Make It Last 4 Minutes before dyes out there's config file to change time to dyes out? or decrase smoke?
  10. whoops! i mean pre=release steam are nowavailable on steam beta EDIT : its My Account "indeed changing to Kdoge20playsksp1_1_pre-release instead CraftedDoge20"
  11. i tried on github and theres kis 1.1 for some reason didn't work