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  1. Are the buildings and cars destructible?
  2. KSP Bros KS

    DMP Server Online!

    You had one job!!!!
  3. "Ju-87 Stuka" Do zombies get freaked out by sirens?
  4. I did request already, and what is this information that are you talking about?
  5. KSP Bros KS

    Pitching this to teacher, how do I do it?

    thats exactly what i thought, and no
  6. Hey BDAc Team, is it fine to request 13.1 mm and 15.1 mm ammo for the ammo box?
  7. KSP Bros KS

    What did you do in KSP today?

    But I make flying tank.
  8. KSP Bros KS

    KSP memes Megathread

  9. KSP Bros KS

    Pitching this to teacher, how do I do it?

    That's fake. Minecraft lacks the capability to do that, with or without mods. EDIT: MinecraftEDU is bs.
  10. KSP Bros KS

    The Kerbal Mindset (provide quotes)

    1. Get craft off ground 2. put weapons on it
  11. Suggestion: What about the 6-pounders that were used on the British Mark IV and the A7V in World War 1?
  12. KSP Bros KS

    KSP memes Megathread

    Translation: You see, Kerbaman. When you have a flying tank, the enemy does not know if they should use anti air rounds or anti tank rounds. They become confused.