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  1. Not sure if it's just me with a mod conflict (logs don't show anything at first glance) but I'm finding in 1.6 that adding an inline hangar to any ship causes that ship to have zero dV (in both the new stock readout and KER). Has anyone else noticed this?
  2. Yes you're right. Any time science is added to the main pool it takes 5 secs to update instead of 1. It gets rid of the major stutter but is noticeable when doing biome hopping, especially with timewarp. More of a bandaid fix.
  3. @Flupster I only have KSP 1.5.1 so I don't know if the official build of this mod causes this problem, but after a few hours of uninstalling all mods then about 20 iterations of reinstalling a few, reloading, and testing, I have finally determined that your build v5.18.1 in combination of Kerbalism v2.0.0.0 causes massive stutter/hitching every few seconds while Kerbalism is transmitting science data back to KSC. No expectation for you to fix this, but thought you might be interested. edit: Did a little poking around in the source. in xScienceEventHandler it does a refresh every second whenever the players science amount changes or science is sent to KSC. In Kerbalism, the data is transmitted constantly, so those events both fire constantly but just far enough apart so [x] is refreshing just about every second or two the entire time (could be minutes long or longer). The faster the data transmission speed (so closer to KSC), the more pronounced it is. Changing lines 257 and 263 to use (false, 5) instead of () stops the stutter entirely during transmission, as it delays the refresh until it's all done. There's still a single stutter when [x] finally refreshes, but that's normal behavior for the mod anyhow.
  4. Using Kerbalism 2.0.0 (+prerequisites) in an otherwise stock KSP 1.5.1(Making History) install on Linux. I'm getting #autoloc issues on Configurable Pods in the VAB and R&D tooltips. Running a grep search on my game folder for one of those shows the following matches: myuser@mydesktop:~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Kerbal Space Program 1.5.1 (DEV)$ grep -Ril "autoloc_501024" . ./GameData/Squad/Resources/TechTree.cfg ./GameData/Squad/Localization/dictionary.cfg ./GameData/ModuleManager.ConfigCache
  5. Awesome! Glad to contribute and thanks for the feedback.
  6. It happens to me randomly even when I just have a fuel tank, X1100, and command pod. I appreciate the time you put into keeping mods going, and working on your own; to that end I've downloaded the source and poked around - it looks like for some reason the enumeration of changes during the foreach on line 344 of TacSelfDestruct.cs. Changing just that line to foreach (var p in and recompiling against ksp1.5.1 seems to correct the problem on my end in multiple tests using the problematic ships.
  7. @linuxgurugamer I'm experiencing the same problem with some parts exploding fine, but others (and notably the part with the TacSelfDestruct module) not. This is in linux player 1.5.1 with v1.6.7.1 of the mod. Attached is a log snipped from the time TacSelfDestruct activates (via staging) to end. Player.log (pastebin)
  8. Loving the idea of this mod, thanks! I'm using the pre-release 5. I've noticed that staging doesn't seem to rebuild the frequency list on a vessel. I've got an Communitron 16S on my lifter talking to KSC on its channel, and my payload has a Communitron 16 (the deployable one) which should talk to my satellites in orbit (but not KSC) once it's deployed. I notice on launch that the frequency list shows the probe core and surface mounted antenna working (as it should), but after separation and deployment of the probe antenna, the list should change, yet it doesn't until I go to map view and disable, then re-enable one of the antenna in the Vessel Setup window. Happy to provide screenshots if needed. Edit: also I notice that deploying the Communitron 16 from an action group didn't rebuild the frequency list.
  9. +1 from me. CC 1.10.3 & Contract Pack: RemoteTech 2.0.2 and RemoteTech 1.6.11 I accepted the contract last night with the previous version of CC installed. This morning, updated CC to latest version and loaded the game. Same contract active, same error on game load.
  10. Yes, I copied the entire KSP root folder from my (working mod) laptop to my (not working mod) desktop. All other mods work on the desktop :/
  11. I'm not sure why (as it works fine on my laptop with the same joystick) but on my desktop clicking the ABFW button on the toolbar causes an instant crash for me. KSP 1.0.5 ABFW 1.6.2 Logitech Extreme 3D Joystick Output log and config & gamedata tree (17MB ouput_log cannot be pasted...): I've attempted deleting the configuration file, removing and reinstalling the mod via ckan, copying the config file from the working version on my laptop to the desktop, and unplugging/plugging the joystick. So far no luck. I should mention this is on Windows 10 x64 using the 32bit game.