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  1. Obviously you should go 'The Lost Fleet' route and have 'starboard' be the side toward the star, aka Kerbol.
  2. How many Kerbulans does it take to change a light blub? I would have to say three. One to change the light bulb and one to use the agonizer on the third for letting the bulb go out in the first place.
  3. Or he could see it as a kidnapping for later torture and indoctrination/brain-washing.
  4. Would still have seasons. They would just be the same in both the north anh south. Seasons are caused by a combination of tilt and distance. Assuming Kerbin's orbit is elliptical. (Can't remember off-hand) On topic: Can't wait for next chapter.
  5. Aside from that there's Infernal Robotics which has a free-rotating plate but iirc it still has issues with using an IR part and docking. You could also use a KAS wench as the hitch. Just have a very small amount of wire extended so it's flexible.
  6. That is pretty neat. Looking forward to the next one. Also, any chance of sharing craft files of the shuttles you make?
  7. I have an issue where my password for my old account no longer works and I am unable to use the 'forgot your password' link as the e-mail I had used is not working properly any longer. (Specifically it hasn't received anything since 2015-12-26 for some reason even though there's space) I was wondering if there was another way to recover it. I couldn't see anything looking around the login page other than that one option. Old account is techno65535
  8. That's perfect! Also, I now have to find those counter-rotating motors in that picture. That makes sense. And I think I remember seeing that rotating wing craft before, was pretty wild.
  9. Those custom collective pitch designs are awesome but I've gotta ask, what's with the small control surfaces added to them for? Wouldn't KSP try and move them when you give a control input?
  10. I could do that. You wouldn't be able to refold your craft if you intended it to deploy though, as I don't think Firespitter allows you to drive the blades to a "home" angle. Yeah. Though I was thinking of using other IR parts to fold the arms up for storage and such, but if you have an idea for them to deploy/retract on their own the have at it. Don't want to stifle innovation and imagination.
  11. I was thinking more a boom with a propeller on top, or a pair, one top one bottom. Basically what you would see on any quad-copter. The second variant would be similar to the co-axial designs above.
  12. You were saying?Zodius, that part looks awesome. Also looks like it's for medium sized craft, or rather something that could carry a kerbal. Any plans for a much smaller version, without the shroud? Would be perfect for smaller drones exploring atmosphered planets.
  13. Don't think there is a way to do that exactly. You might can try routing the lines to the hinge and then from the hinge to the tank, but don't think that'll work either. Best thing would probably be to redesign it so that you have at least a small LFO tank in-line with the converter and use a fuel-pump mod (or manually) and pump from there to the other tanks. Goodspeed and TAC would both be able to do that for you.
  14. Now to paint the Southern' Colours on her 'cause the General lives again!