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  1. Hi, Just to say that I was a big fan of Necrobones' mods, FTP and CCC. The game don't feel the same for me without his textures. Even Procedural Tanks isn't good enough. Anyway, with my 1.7.1 I have the same bug of attachment nodes. But it seems that it occurs only on the stock parts models, not on the new FTP ones... I don't have any modding skills, but maybe it can be a workaround to create new parts for CCC (with stock characteristics) instead of replacing stock ones, which seems the source of the conflict to me. Suggestions for how to do it ?
  2. Got the node bug too. I tried to build around it, but no way, when I reload the ship the attachment is gone All my good-looking rockets are disposable. Please tell if you wish any details. Or if someone have the solution.
  3. Hi, I had a problem with Pioneer-10 with RSS ; the contract wasn't available despite the fact that i met all the requirements. I tried many things with cheat menu, forced regeneration with cc debug and so on. I finished Skylab, Messenger-9, Messenger-10 is on the way (bad window taken, so it will take years ) so Apollo-15 requirement was far before, but Pioneer mission didn't show up. So i changed in the jupiter exploration.cfg the data line : jupiter = AllBodies().Where(cb => cb.IsPlanet() && !cb.HasSurface()).First() by this one : jupiter = HomeWorld().Parent().Children().ElementAt(4) It works now, i just activate the contract now. I guess i would have to change it for Pioneer-11 and Voyager, etc . Maybe the contract configuration for stock kerbin system AND RSS in the same files is the problem here. Hope this will be useful to anyone and thank you again for the mod PS : pardon my poor english.
  4. I had the same problem with SSRSS. I solved it by editing the mission requirements from : "upperAtmo = HomeWorld().AtmosphereAltitude()-20000" to - 50000 in the earlymissions.cfg (ContractPacks\HistoricalProgression\Missions). Now the contract gives a 62000 meters limit, which is fine Note that it doesn't affect the contract if it has been accepted before the modification.
  5. I used it once... Just for the look of a Saturn V replica
  6. Don't worry, the treaty will be re-negociated when interstellar colonization would be possible ;). We can wait a little (!), but for now it is just a "Earth orbit / Moon = neutral zone" treaty. And I think it could be worse.
  7. Justinien wouldn't agree at all Indeed, even the Arabs during crusades, for example, named the people from what what we call today 'Byzantine Empire' as "Rum". The Eastern Roman Empire is an historical convention to name this entity after the famous year 476. But these are not two strictly separate entities. Moreover, the 'culture' of the Roman Empire wasn't unified at all, and the dominant 'latin' culture in the vey Italian peninsula was primarly vastly influenced by ancient greeks. And the different cultures weren't absorbed by the dominant one automatically as we can imagine. There were powerful people - senators, even emperors - who where culturally Celtic, Greek, African, Syrian, and so on. So, cultural distinction is not really relevant.
  8. I answered no : indeed, the Roman Empire lasts until 1453, so we can confidently say they didn't achieve. BTW, some historical assertions made on this post were more than inaccurate, purely false. Check your sources
  9. Faut lancer un ScanSat pour les trouver
  10. Bonsoir à tous ! Je viens de m'inscrire sur le forum mais je joue à KSP depuis plusieurs mois. Je suis toujours partant pour des conseils à procurer (ou à recevoir) En espérant voir d'autres francophones dans le coin !
  11. The first time I achieved to dock something was a sort of Apollo-style mission if I remember correctly. The thing is that it took me more than one hour... Of course, no mods. I find that so difficult that when I finally saw the two ships together it was so rewarding that I shouted "YAAAAAA !" ; and my neighbours can confirm. After that, I tried once or twice more. I docked, but it was too long and too difficult for me to rely on for regular missions. Some months after these first attempts, I discovered RCS thrusters and understood how to use them... Translation controls and so on. And then I remember how I used to dock with only main engine... #facepalm.
  12. Hello everybody ! I'm new here, but I play KSP for about eight months now. I would like to thank the devs for providing maybe the only game which can make my kid-dreams true (well, nearly true and maybe with a little more explosions). And for the record, I'm French, so pardon my poor English
  13. Hello ! I'm new on this forum, but I looked around for a moment now ; I wanted to share these pictures to introduce myself ! The first one is somehow ruined by the fact I didn't know how to hide the UI at this time - and I should have detached the craft - but I really liked it (maybe you could find the reference ) : The other one can be a spoiler ;