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  1. YES!!! Time to book a staycation. Thanks to y'all for your hard work in making KSP awesome!
  2. Bravo! Mind blowing! Incredible! You have outdone yourself. I would just sit there in orbit and watch that forever.
  3. Absolutely LOVE this mod. QQ though, Public Spectating strategy...appears to be slot-free, that is you can always add it regardless of how many active strategies are running. i.e. I have a 2 strategy admin building, I already have 2 strategies in place, but I still able to add Public Spectating as a third. Is that intended? Thanks!
  4. Be surer to install the EVE mod. That has the clouds. Besides that I also have scatterer, planetshine, and distant object enhancement installed.
  5. The first Mun flyby tourist ship returns home. Didn't get good images of the Mun, as closest approach was on the dark side. Looks like the re-entry periapsis sweet spot is about 35km. The 1.25m heat shield ablator was down to single digits by the end.
  6. One last question: Eve Optimized Engines. In JNSQ, for play balance purposes, should they be used in general due to the scale up, or just for Eve?
  7. The clouds weren't showing up. Should they without EVE? I installed EVE and the clouds are showing up, but I'm not sure if I'm using EVE's clouds or JNSQ's clouds.
  8. FACEPALM I should've noticed the two DLLs and the duplicate GameData, sorry. I must have made an error in the JNSQ install path, and it got placed one folder deeper. BINGO. It loaded up correctly now after those corrections, thanks.
  9. It's a LOT (image in the spoiler below so I don't hog the feed). I was just going to restore my initial install, install JNSQ first, and then install the other mods a few at a time to ID the culprits...but if you know what ones specifically might cause trouble and have the time, would be most appreciated if you pointed them out.
  10. I have 1.7.3 with JNSQ and 1.7.3-1 Kopernicus, and it doesn't work. I get what you were getting on 1.6. The LOADING... with the ever spinning planets but just a black screen.
  11. Lava...and volcanoes...and planets breaking up?!!! Is it CHRISTMAS?!!! My biggest request is more worlds and more detail at small scales, particularly when landed. I know that means more resources, more memory, more CPU, but I would really love the surface to look as realistic as possible within an engine's limitations and the limitations of resources in KSP 2.
  12. Just ensure that the ocean shader line is set to true in the scatterer config: useOceanShaders = True On the terminator? Disable the sunlight extinction setting in scatterer's config (GameData/scatterer/config/config.cfg): sunlightExtinction = False
  13. Thanks! Since it focuses mostly on fixes/enhancements to the DLC, it's likely this won't interfere with mods that were 1.7.1 compatible I assume?
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