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  1. Ultimate Steve

    SpaceFund Reality Rating

    Zero 2 Infinity is rated at a 7. So far they have flown a few balloons to 30-ish kilometers, and dropped a model of their rocket from one, igniting a small solid rocket motor, most likely a large off the shelf hobby motor. A 7 is the same level as Phantom Express, and higher than SEA LAUNCH (6) and Astra (5). Astra has launched their orbital rocket in tests (with failures) but has been very secretive. Sea Launch has been inactive for a while but have launched things to orbit in the past, and S7 bought them with the intent to restart service. Copenhagen Suborbitals is rated as a 4, despite having developed several liquid fueled engines, flying several rockets to an altitude of several kilometers, and several other noteworthy achievements.
  2. Ultimate Steve

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Am I the only one that doesn't mind too much and still likes the style? As far as aesthetics go it could use something to break up the white in the middle, but it's not terrible.
  3. Ultimate Steve

    Blue Origin thread. (New, replacing lost thread.)

    Yes, but IIRC we don't usually close school for MLK Jr. day. I'll check, though. Nobody has said anything, and I asked someone and he doesn't know.
  4. Ultimate Steve

    Blue Origin thread. (New, replacing lost thread.)

    Now, comes the lottery that is me being able to watch... It is at 9:00 AM CST, which would usually be terrible if I have school, and it's a Monday... However, we're about to be massacred by the biggest winter storm of the year tonight... The question is, will it be enough to cancel or delay school Monday? Probably not, it's only 4-8 inches... But one can hope!
  5. Ultimate Steve

    JAXA Launch Thread

    Oh, hey, a launch I can wa- *improv practice* *at school* *with censored internet* ...Never mind.
  6. Ultimate Steve

    My Jool 5 Attempt.

    Laythe lander advice: If you want it to be a reusable SSTO, I think you're headed in the right direction, although I'd rather go in the plane direction (but that's a matter of preference). However, if you are only going to use the lander once, if I were you I'd go with a multistage conventional design, without jets. But I think your current design *might* be able to work. The only way to know is to test it!
  7. Ultimate Steve

    ULA launch and discussion thread

    Jeez... From SFN: We may get to nearly two years!
  8. Ultimate Steve

    ISRO Thread

    The next PSLV launch, currently scheduled for January 24, will use an upgraded version of the PSLV called PSLV-DL. It will have 2 strap on boosters, and will test the use of batteries on the upper stage to make it into a sort of orbital experiment platform. https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/science/pslv-c44-to-launch-kalamsat-microsat-satellite-on-january-24/articleshow/67561125.cms
  9. Ultimate Steve

    Kerpollo - A Full Science Career In 9 Parts

    I did that for Vall, albeit accidentally, and no objections were raised, so I'm pretty sure you should be fine.
  10. Ultimate Steve

    Kerpollo - A Full Science Career In 9 Parts

    And, finished!
  11. Ultimate Steve

    The Robinson Missions

    And here is Robinson X - Jool! The final mission!
  12. Ultimate Steve

    The Robinson Missions

    Robinson IX - Eve. Dun dun dun!