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  1. Does "Event Starship Update" mean that there's gonna be a starship update soon or is that just a fan render thing
  2. You are underselling this. It's a tweet, so take it with a grain of salt, but a while back elon mentioned that this theoretical expendable upper stage could have a dry mass as low as 40 tons. This (1340t wet 140t dry (100t payload 40t dry 1200 prop load) 382s) gives about 8.4km/s of delta v, just shy of the 9km/s solar escape velocity from LEO. Not even going to elliptical orbit, with just LEO refueling, expendable starship can deliver 100 tons of payload anywhere in the solar system except pluto, although for uranus and neptune it won't exactly be quick (you'd probably want to do ellipti
  3. I finished the envelope for my latest hot air balloon a day or two ago but made myself finish something else before unfolding it and hanging it up for the first time. The Ascender Mk8 is a very big balloon with envelope walls made of wax paper. Today I hung it up for the first time and built the (removable) frame, fire gondola, payload gondola, and tether, although quite a bit of it is placeholder and I'm probably gonna redo the lines (especially the joints) to be stronger. The fire holder is paper at the moment because I didn't have aluminum foil with me, that will be replaced
  4. I have the opening and closing hours of my campus restaurant. I'm dead, but if it's at the right time I'll be dead with a full stomach. Before that it was an HDMI to VGA adapter (trying to set up double monitor), so probably worse.
  5. Wow. This is big! One seat is given to the guy who started this thing. Second seat is for someone with close ties to St. Jude's children's hospital. Third seat will be given away in some sort of entrepreneurial contest with an online store and judges and whatnot. Fourth seat will be given away in a raffle. Donations to St. Jude's give more raffle entries for more money. The odds are doubtless extremely low, but it's awesome to think that normal people have at least a tiny chance of being able to go to space!
  6. A couple of days ago I finished a video about my hot air balloon experiments from a few weeks back! There will definitely be a part 2 eventually, I've made a lot of planning progress since then.
  7. My era list: 0: Prehistoric Era. The Kerbo Log and the KSP Flash Prototype. Not KSP, but important developments that would inspire KSP. 1: 0.1-0.7.2. The Early era. We know little about these versions. What little we do know comes from HarvestR's old blog posts about 0.1-0.4, very early KSP prototypes. 2: 0.7.3-0.14.x: The Classic Era. Classified by gradual changes to gameplay, addition of many core features, and that early KSP art style we all know. 3: 0.15-0.18. Golden Era. Characterized by massive content updates. The 2.5 meter rocket parts, plane parts, planets, probes,
  8. What part is the needle made out of? Is it a really sharp fairing?
  9. Where are they gonna put it? Iirc the two launch stands are taken up by sn9 and sn7.2.
  10. Hello, I've been having issues with Kerbalism on KSP version 1.9.1. When using a planet pack with Kopernicus (this issue has happened on both Beyond Home and Galileo's Planet Pack), I cannot transmit science data. I have a valid comm link to the KSC on the home planet, I have electric charge, I have an antenna, and I have flagged the files for transmission. However, in the Kerbalism window, the max transmission speed is always "None" and I cannot transmit data, I can only recover it. Is this a known issue? If so, is there a workaround? If not, is there a way to disable specifically the tr
  11. Why is wind a constraint for a static fire?
  12. Not really, only slightly, and it is probably offset by the reinforcements required for horizontal forces while underwing. However it comes with other advantages, mainly the ability to freely choose launch site, and theoretically not having to maintain as much ground equipment (although you then have to maintain an aircraft). IMO airlaunch isn't really worth it under most circumstances. However, I recall one of those middle eastern space programs has to launch westward for neighbor reasons, which is a major performance hit. They could really benefit from developing airlaunch as it would a
  13. Here in Iowa, we get severe thunderstorms so often we don't bat an eye, often I'll go outside on the porch during them for a short bit. Tornado watches are thought of little more than an annoyance, although if we do get a nearby warning we will go to the basement. Every year or two we get a biiiigg severe thunderstorm (the kind that flatten crops or takes down 300 trees across town or topples trucks and takes out power across half the state for a bit), and that's probably closer to what you got there if it's flipping vehicles. Those can get pretty scary, although I don't think we took muc
  14. Mk6 is a design based on newspaper, about 2x2x2 feet although it balloons out to significantly more because the frame is very weak. Stuff kept failing and it took several tests and modifications (and a lot of fuel) but about 15 minutes ago I GOT IT TO FLY!!! It made it about 2 feet off the ground, not enough for the suspension tethers to detach, and I only got video of the descent, and the flaming fuel partially spilled out due to tether melting issues (which might be fixed now) and then crashed back down. I've probably burned through an unhealthy amount of paper by now, so in a bit I'll
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