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    Good gravy, it's already been a year? Anyway, good luck with the mission to everyone working on it (particularly @IonStorm). Hopefully the spacecraft will have another encounter with Earth in a few more years, bearing space-rocks.
  2. Rescue my Kerbals thread ?

    I could get behind this. I've got a sixteen person Eve lander now if anyone needs a rescue. @Just Jim I'm going to go check out that challenge thread now.
  3. KSP Weekly: The Earthquake

    Yes, very glad to hear that you are all safe. I'm in Iowa, so we don't get catastrophes often (besides the occasional tornado). It's very difficult to imagine something of that magnitude (no pun intended) and you will be in our wishes and prayers.
  4. What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    My school is either the tallest or second tallest building in my town. At first glance it has three really tall stories, but if you really dig into it you can find that it has a basement and an addition that goes below the basement. I don't know the exact height, but even with generous measurements it would probably take three or four of them to match the height of the Falcon. Also somebody wore an inflatable T-rex costume to school today.
  5. ULA launch thread

    Hrmph. So I go to practice for the musical where there are the four main characters plus me, and I don't say much the entire time. I'm bummed I'm missing the Soyuz launch, but I finally get home and find out that there's not even video that I know of. My sister was using the KSP computer all day earlier, and I had planned to KSP all night until the Atlas V went off, but I just lost my excuse to stay up late.
  6. Liquid rocket dev.

    This is a bit off topic, but I would like to ask a question. Where are you living that this is legal? Because I'd really build stuff like this if it was somewhat legal... In particular I've been considering a monopropellant rocket for quite some time.
  7. Apollo CM Dimensions

    I am an American. KSP has converted me to metric. THERE IS NO GOING BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! @tater when you answer a question with a few pictures and no words.
  8. Russian Launch Thread

    Darn. Launch is at 7 for me and I'm doing something from 6:30 to 9... There hasn't been any launches for a while and the first one I can't watch... Oh, well. I guess I'll stay up until 1 AM for the Atlas V...
  9. What did you do in KSP today?

    Well, I did chronicle my lifter lineup in that spoiler, but to sum up Mu: Mu 0 - first satellite. Mu - first people in orbit. Mu II - we don't talk about this abysmal failure. Also iirc first use of an LES. Mu III - A, B, C, and maybe D versions. Rocket of Theseus! Mu IV - eventually replaced Mu III. Had serious aerodynamic stability issues. Mu V - new version of Mu IV which does not have those problems. EDIT: I just realized how satisfying "V" sounds after a rocket sounds now that I have a "V" rocket. Saturn V, Atlas V, Ariane 5 (V), SO SATISFYING!!! My super heavy rocket was going to be Gravity IV, but I think I might rename Gravity IB XL to Gravity IV so I can have Gravity V take the world to Mars and beyond...
  10. Need a gamesave guru

    Never gets old. Ever. Do you know who originally made that, by any chance?
  11. What did you do in KSP today?

    Nah, I was joking! I'll probably actually end up with Europa... Also I just sort of realized that one of my lifters, Mu III, is a rocket of Theseus. I replaced the upper stage, then the boosters, then the core engines...
  12. What did you do in KSP today?

    Thank you! All these worlds are yours, except Europa. Attempt no landing there.
  13. What did you do in KSP today?

    Oh, goody! More RO/RP-0 lagatron 9000! Note: This isn't just today. It's the last few days (I think, it's hard to keep track of stuff). I finally found a second mission for Gravity II (TBH I never had a use for it, and now I have the newfangled Mu V, which is cheaper and more advanced than G2, while covering it's payload range) and that is the launch of Avalon Station's Cupola module! ...Except someone forgot to check the fit. No matter, I moved it to where the RCS tug used to be (which I only used once. I moved it over to the visiting ship hub). It's almost the same location I had planned it to be in. No way I'm launching a spacer, though. I've spent enough time on this laggy station already! Space Station Avalon now, viewed from the bottom. It's almost done, here's the current schedule: (M14) Science module 2 - launch on Gravity IB. From this view it goes on the top of the picture. {Under construction. Scheduled for second launch from now} (M15) Node 3 - only a 4 way node. Goes on the right of the picture on that weird looking module. Launches on Mu V. {Under construction, next launch. SM2 will take longer to build but is module 14} (LSC-2) Life support container 2. No official module designation as it is a semi-permanent (as in it will last years) life support container. You can see one in the center sticking out from the solar panel array, the second one will go opposite it on the bottom. {Under construction} (M16) Command tower (GIB). Would have gone opposite the Cupola had I not had to move it, but it will still be almost opposite the Cupola. {Undesigned yet} (M17) Proposed Satelite Launch Platform - small cylindrical module used somehow for launching cubesats or doing other sciencey things. {Undesigned} (ME3-ME-10) Melody Crew Vehicles. 3 man Soyuz-esque crew transfer vehicles. If each crew of 6 stays for a year (it's possible, 6 months would be ideal, but I don't want to make crew transfer a chore) I need to launch one every six months. The batch of 10 vehicles I'm going to build should last me 5 years, by which time, ideally I'd have a moon base. {Designed, pending construction} I also launched the second module of Eclipse Station, a Low Lunar Orbit station using leftover hardware from the moon landing missions, namely the seven Gravity III's that were left unused. Unfortunately, some idiot* forgot the fairing. *me. Fortunately, it made orbit alright. This was probably one of the most unrealistic things I've gotten away with in RO. Eclipse Station. Currently around 50 tons (ish). 2 of 7 modules completed. The third one is under construction. Also, made an almost copy of my Saturn probe and sent it to Jupiter, the only difference (I think) being the extension of the RCS booms so they can be used as landing legs. Because it's only going to Jupiter, it will have enough Delta-V to land on one of the moons. I haven't chosen which one yet, which one would you choose (I'm actually asking because I don't know)? And last but not least, I built Mu V, a more capable, cheaper, more aerodynamically stable rocket than Mu IV, which handled like a piece of spaghetti and couldn't turn for the first 15 kilometers or else it would explode. That mission was used to loft Geosat III, the third Geostationary comsat. It also tested out a prototype RTG powered rocket, which can attain specific impulses of 650s (!). More to follow! Also, for anyone curious as to my lifter lineup: So, which moon should I land my Jupiter probe on?
  14. Need a gamesave guru

    The moon landing was faked... ON MARS!
  15. Ask a stupid question, Get a stupid answer back.

    @StupidAndy Ethan Edwards, obviously. @GDJ No, that is illegal in Canada. Warmslaw is fine, though. EDIT: Sorry, I forgot the question. I wish to know the time in Canada.