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  1. Will ms-13 be piloted when it makes the move?
  2. The docking computer is failing to lock on and the spacecraft is flying all around. Heard that the crew lost visual. Docking abort, just heard now. IDK if they will try again tonight. Going to bed.
  3. Aww. It would suck to be a customer of Elysium if that is the case. Of all the payloads it could happen to it was the emotional one.
  4. Which is completely true. The first one was a passion project by a guy who hadn't made a big game before and a studio that hadn't made a game before, with a few subsequent developer teams taking over and tacking things onto a game that was never designed with those things in mind over the course of eight years. A ground up rewrite with a roadmap would lead to better integration of features and less lag (both because of the ground up optimization and because of taking advantage of a newer version of the game engine) along with a few other benefits.
  5. Which interview was this and when in the interview? Not that I doubt that but I want to know. If I can get that station with that epic Daedalus ship without significant FPS losses, I will be so stoked.
  6. What's UKS? Also I'm not using DMOS, so that puts me at quite the disadvantage unfortunately.
  7. I wasn't thinking return to Earth for Dragon LCOTS. If it could do that, then we could also just launch crew on Dragon instead of Orion. I doubt that the gateway will need downmass that Orion can't offer for a while. Without the heatshield, parachutes, and superdracos, you would have an easier time getting there too. (Tangent about how much cargo D2 could get to NRHO) From what I can find, going from TLI to NRHO is around 450m/s (FH would get D2 to TLI just fine I think). I am having a very hard time finding a proper dry mass for dragon 2 and a proper fuel load... I am finding everything from 6.5 tons and 1.3 tons to 9.5 tons and 2.2 tons... I am going to go with the numbers on the environmental assessment for landing. https://www.faa.gov/about/office_org/headquarters_offices/ast/environmental/nepa_docs/review/launch/media/draft-ea_spacex-dragon-gulf-landing.pdf Dry mass 7.7 tons, fuel mass up to 2.2 tons. Draco ISP of 300s. Delta V is about 740m/s. However, we have not factored in cargo. If we assume 100m/s for docking, undocking, and de-orbit plus safety margin, we need a total of 550. Running the numbers gives us, unfortunately, only 3 tons of cargo, half of what dragon is rated for. However, the heat shield, superdracos, and parachutes aren't light, so once we remove those we get maybe 3.5 tons or 4 if we're lucky. For comparison normal enhanced Cygnus can also carry 3.5-4 tons. (End tangent) And that's off the shelf besides the removal of entry equipment and addition of comms/other lunar equipment. I can't find any numbers on Cygnus but it's almost certain that it has less Delta-V than Dragon 2, as it wasn't designed with launch abort or propulsive landing in mind. It would take a lot more effort to modify Cygnus to be able to reach Gateway than it would Dragon 2. Dragon 2 can also dock off the shelf, whereas Cygnus berths, and there won't be a robot arm on gateway for a while. This can be changed fairly easily compared to other things, but it's still a change. If we're only thinking about minimal modifications to get going quickly with a low dev cost, Dragon 2 seems like a really good choice. However... They already have to get a Cygnus Derivative to the gateway for the MHM/HALO module, so if they're already doing the development on getting something Cygnus-y to have the fuel, comms, docking, etc. to get to gateway, it would mean that they could do the same thing to a Cygnus if they play their cards right. Which means that in this case, Cygnus is a really good choice because they already have to do big modifications to something closely related, including comms, which would still have to be modified on D2. I wonder if they are considering just one provider or two... If two, then D2/Cygnus variants seem like good choices (one can get there almost off the shelf, one has the modifications already paid for). However, I doubt that Gateway will need two resupply carriers... I can't imagine needing more than one per crew, and that's one a year max.
  8. They were going to do red dragon, so the answer is definitely yes. Idk about reusability though. If you gave dragon 2 an actual service module, then it might actually be able to take crew to and from gateway on an expendable Falcon heavy, but you would have to probably modify the heat shield, comms, and life support. And also get fh man rated. One way cargo missions are very doable with minimal changes from the current design. You wouldn't even have to change the service module, the dracos on board probably have enough fuel to get from tli into nrho. If not it must be close.
  9. Both default, I believe, as it wasn't specified. The rest I can't answer, unfortunately.
  10. *tired yawn* good morning. Last Delta IV Medium. Aww. Oh... I have to get up earlier than this for school. Oh. School starts tomorrow.
  11. Sending a Russian robot that can hold and accurately shoot not one but two guns to the most expensive research base ever can't go wrong, not at all. Iirc there are or were guns in the soyuz spacecraft in case of a landing in an area with bears. They may have been taken out a while ago though.