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  1. Ultimate Steve

    What country are you from?

    The middle of nowhere surrounded by corn in the country with the best space program.
  2. Ultimate Steve

    Copenhagen Suborbitals: Umm...

    For any curious, this is a liquid fueled rocket called Nexo (the o has a cross through it but I don't want to google it and copy-paste it) 2. It is expected to go 12-15km in the air if everything works, and its goal is to prove that the team can successfully build rockets without them exploding while still being small enough to be affordable. Nexo 1 launched either last year or two years ago and suffered an engine failure shortly after liftoff. They launch from a boat in the middle of the ocean. The only things they need to do to be ready to launch are fixing the livestreaming stuff which broke due to a bad air conditioning unit (not on the rocket) and packing the parachute. Best of luck to them!
  3. Ultimate Steve

    Space Race - RO/RSS/RP-0 (Q2 1954)

    Ultimate Steve - April-June 1954 (Cycle 14) @qzgy Ping!
  4. Ultimate Steve

    Space Race - RO/RSS/RP-0 (Q2 1954)

    Ultimate Steve - January-March 1954 (Cycle 13) @qzgy Time to bring this thing back to life!
  5. Ultimate Steve

    Ultimate Steve's RO/RP-0 failures (and sometimes successes)!

    Oh, also @SiriusRocketry if you can't wait for this, there's Space Race, a Realism Overhaul Space Race between me, qzgy, and NSEP although NSEP has unfortunately dropped out, if you want to see more RO stuff.
  6. Ultimate Steve

    Ultimate Steve's RO/RP-0 failures (and sometimes successes)!

    On and off. I just got back from a 3 week trip and in a few days I go on a 1 week trip. Then band camp starts, then school starts, so RIP my free time. Balancing my interests and several other mission reports (not to mention IRL stuff) can get tricky, so I sort of bounce back and forth between them. I did do some stuff in this before I left, but it wasn't much. This isn't dead, just dormant.
  7. Ultimate Steve

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Ahh, haven't seen a launch in nearly a month, but I'm still semi jet lagged and probably need to drive tomorrow... Do I watch it?
  8. Ultimate Steve

    What did you do on your first KSP Flight?

    Mk16 chute - Mk1 pod - Decoupler - RT-10. Went up, went down. At 2 frames per second. Because my computer was a brick. Flight took more than 5 minutes in real time.
  9. Ultimate Steve

    Kerberos Discussion Thread Mark II

    Oh, hey, this again!
  10. Ultimate Steve

    Cloud Aerospace Is in the Sky!

    Aww. It was a nice idea, though.
  11. So I'm back from Europe

    And I immediately have to go to Ohio

    So I can't check my notifications for a few more hours.

    But I have 23, which is a new record!

    1. Earthlinger


      I got 15 just now

      Mostly status updates and things :P

    2. The Minmus Derp

      The Minmus Derp

      I had 122 once. LOL

      It was mostly realkerbal3x reacting to ALL of my posts

  12. Ultimate Steve

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    There's accidentally expendable launches.
  13. Ultimate Steve

    Do you ever chuckle at your old missions or concepts?

    To add to everyone's Mun stories, I had the opposite problem. I completely overbuilt my lander, even with my inefficient landing profile. And it also took 8 mystery goos. The last stage was an FL-T100 with a spark, then an FL-T400 and an LV-909, and four or six of those (with some twitches) placed symmetrically around the core. That's just what landed, the transfer stage and lifter was something different. I still had half of the core and the entire upper stage when I landed back on Kerbin.
  14. Ultimate Steve

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    YES! One of the first "dinks" I got was when I had just finished trombone practice and my speakers were still on full, so it was somewhat startling.
  15. Usually they remove the fuel, its pretty simple, they probably have a valve in there and a special hose. It's not like they can leave LOX in there very long anyway. Plus there's the short static fires, so they have to be able to do it for that.