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  1. Let's see. Its a comeback after years of failure. The rocket has asymmetrical solid booster. The rocket has 3 different diameters. The service module has RCS spammed everywhere. The capsule is literally a Mk 1-3 command pod. 4 thrusters failed along the way but it is still there. Yup, Jeb is definitely doing the flying. (stolen joke)
  2. Right, yeah, I owe y'all a postmortem, I'll get to that.
  3. I mean it's straight from the official Twitter. As slow as they have been I don't think that they would lie to our face like that, so I believe it.
  4. This is a sequel to Project Odyssey: It isn't necessary to read Odyssey before Starman, but if you want to, by all means, go ahead! Prologue Chapter 1 - Project Starman I will make a note here. Somehow, my entire life, I have misread "Tekto" as "Tetko" and referred to it as such throughout the entirity of Nightmares: A Jool Sarnus 10 Story. For this I sincerely apologize, as it was a really dumb mistake... But nobody noticed, so that makes me feel a bit better! The ultimate goal of this is to map out and possibly name a number of geographic features on Tekto, kinda similar to Brotoro's old Long Term on Laythe series. Whether I'll actually get that far remains to be seen... Half of the stuff I do spirals into year long epics and the other half fizzles out after one chapter.
  5. GUYS LOOK <--- ITS OVER 9000! @cubinator?
  6. You don't even need the timescales of an outer solar system mission to get this same effect! I was really disappointed when I had to face the reality that space stuff takes a long, long time. In elementary school I read a book talking about NASA's plans for a moon base by the year 2020. Back when I was first starting to get into space, I remeber back in high school I read about the SLS EM-1 launching in 2018 or something and I was so excited but bummed out because it was still a long time away! Same with Falcon Heavy, although it is up and running now. Even much later when I knew a decent amount of space but was still optimistic and naive, I may have actually believed those early Starship dates for a minute or two. And now here I am, halfway through an engineering degree, and assuming I make it through and can get a job in the space industry, I could be working on one of those things I was so excited for in high school, still frustrated that it's taking so long.
  7. And if you can utilize aerobraking, it's even more in the favor of Moon -> LEO.
  8. Of course, that is highly subject to Elon time. I personally doubt we will see that production rate achieved for some time.
  9. For the radiation problem, getting tons of radiation in a short amount of time - That could be somewhat counteracted by only building extravagant vehicles at your destinations. All the volume/mass on your interplanetary transport ship that would normally be used for long term life support, living space, etc. would be able to be put towards a small, extremely shielded crew compartment where you'd sit, sardines in a can, for a few hours/days/whatever over the real time several month travel time. It wouldn't block everything but it would definitely be a massive decrease in total dose compared to a normal Mars mission. Kinda like why Soyuz is so small. Modern Soyuzes can get away with it as they take only a few hours to get to the station - if this is consistent, the orbital module's living space might not even be necessary any more. The ship's computers might have to be shielded too, taking X amount of radiation over 9 months vs the same amount over a few hours isn't trivial. Clock speeds would also slow to a crawl with respect to reality, so the ship might be slow to react to things in the real world?
  10. That would be a nice date, 6 year anniversary of first ASDS landing. The day I got big time into space, first launch I watched live in a long time I think (might be misremembering).
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