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  1. That is the dead body of the Deep Space Kraken. Before its demise, all spacefaring kerbals were at the mercy of its relentless tentacles. Many a ship were torn apart in interplanetary space. However, one day, Squad Almighty, carrying the legendary Floating Point Sword, managed to slay this terrible beast once and for all. (It is an easter egg and reference to an old bug called the "Deep Space Kraken" that ripped ships apart)
  2. It doesn't matter what the weather is now unless it endangers the pad crew, it only matters what the weather is at the time of launch and shortly after (at both the launch site and the recovery sites). We won't be able to accurately know that until a few minutes beforehand.
  3. They can also reach more orbits because they can launch from the equator. Not sure how useful this would be, but someone will probably have a use for it.
  4. Do you have KIS, KAS, and BDArmory installed? I believe it requires all three. This mod was also made for version 1.1 of KSP, and a lot has changed since then, both with the game and the mods required for this mod to work. It likely will not work properly, if at all, in the most recent version. I did manage to get this mod working in 1.3.1 a while back, but I have not tried beyond that. I don't think there's another similar mod out there. Unfortunately, you may be out of luck.
  5. Not really a practical use for a shuttle like return vehicle, but an inspirational one. Return the ISS to Earth and reassemble it at a major museum or something. The Smithsonian comes to mind but that may be too america-centric.
  6. Eventually. My energy to work on this sort of thing comes in bursts. Sometimes I'll be really into this for weeks, and then nothing for months. Apologies for that. However, school is over now, so the next time the energy comes, I should get more done than usual.
  7. It's about time! It's been net next month for several months now.
  8. You might be able to find me in South America somewhere!
  9. Has anyone else noticed that the rates are sped up? Like a roll rate of 0.1 degrees per second is obviously more than that.
  10. I mean, at least we didn't fire the superdracos to really speedrun it.
  11. Heyy, I got an 0:46, and I recorded this one! Here you go:
  12. I got a 0:49! Creeping closer to that lucky run. Ah, shoot! Almost got an 0:44, but I was going a hair too fast when I made contact.
  13. Fairly high but I haven't done enough sub 1 minute runs for a good analysis. I'd estimate currently a 25 percent success rate maybe? Many hundreds of billions of dollars worth of station has been destroyed. I'll update the leaderboard in a moment. Additional recent info: Just managed two sub 1:30 runs in a row successfully. My main issue seems to be getting orientation spot on early on. Edit: Third successful run in a row, 0:54. Hmm. I seem to be a lot more consistent now. Edit: And a 0:55 Edit: And a run where I somehow managed to crash into the Russian segment...