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  1. The power to start a nuclear fusion reaction, but it only works when you are inside the sun.
  2. Yeah, it must be! This was my first time watching an H-II, and I didn't expect it to jump off the pad so fast! It took off like a - well, for a lack of a better analogy, it took off like a rocket.
  3. And, liftoff! I've got to say, that was a pretty interesting countdown!
  4. Sometimes a mod called TestFlight (I think) simulates engine failures, that might be what you are experiencing. You should ask someone who knows TestFlight more to explain how to work through this. I think the ingame TestFlight menu can be opened with f3, but I'm not sure. It was frustrating for a bit, which is why I do RO/RP-0 without TestFlight installed. I have enough failures already...
  5. How did you get that loading screen? Is it new in 1.3? I'm only getting 2 or 3 different screens...
  6. Midnight here for me - was planning on seeing this since the first launch attempt. So, I got up at 6 to watch an Atlas V and am going to stay up until 1 for this. It better not get pushed back... Wait, it's a rocket. Of course it will get pushed back. This will be a long night!
  7. Gosh, I knew it had been long, but five months? Yeah, it has been quite a while! I still very much have big plans for Project Intrepid (like redoing the first ten poorly written parts, renaming all parts to chapters, and a BIG finale that will happen around part 100) but IRL has partially taken over (Where in the world did my summer go?) and I'm a bit occupied with Voyage: The Final Warning (which was supposed to run parallel to this, but I got sidetracked). There's also the issue of a very laggy save file (although I'm currently addicted to RO/RP-0 - going back to PI will seem like the game is running fast compared to RO/RP-0). So, not dead. Just slightly dormant. I will *try* to get a new part out before school starts up for me. Sorry for the long delay, the story of Project Intrepid will undoubtedly continue! I just can't say how soon!
  8. Pictures of the rocket would help, you can upload them to a hosting service like imgur then paste the link here. Pictures would better help us diagnose whether this is a difference in flight profile between the first and second flights, a general construction problem, or an actual bug in the game. If you have draggy bits in the front, try removing them, or putting fins as far back as possible on the base of the rocket. Also, welcome to the forums!
  9. Same here! I'd basically do anything to get to space... maybe even give my left arm!
  10. And, liftoff!
  11. Also, here is the stream:
  12. *Yawns* I got up at 6:30 for this, which is a huge feat for me. Good luck to ULA!
  13. RSS/RP-0. I designed a 20 module space station. Launches will start soon-ish. I launched a Jupiter probe. It was the maiden flight of the Mu IV, but it broke up on ascent. I might have time to build a second one before the Jupiter window ends.
  14. This is exactly like the other thread, except using the last thing you googled instead of your profile picture. Somehow, there is now a zombie apocalypse, don't question it, it just happened somehow. Also, you now magically possess the last thing you searched on the internet (doesn't have to be Google, it can be Bing or something else). So, how about me? Great, I now have a Delta-V map for the Real Solar System. So, I'm pretty much dead unless I can teach the Zombies about space and wait until they all send themselves into the sun. How would you do?
  15. I mean, you could write something using peas...