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  1. Soyuz 1 is the only big one I can think of.
  2. I'd fly on both given the chance. Idk which one I'd choose given the choice assuming I was able to afford either. It would probably come down to who would be riding with me. They both have their pros and cons. NS: Likely safer Goes a bit higher Probably more zero G time (haven't counted but it seems intuitive) No asterisks Way bigger windows You get to be cool and walk down a crew access arm SS2: More windows (they are smaller but still a decent size) Allows you to look straight down Looks waaaayyy cooler In the future won't be limited to one launch site, so you can choose from a much more diverse selection of views than just "desert" (but both are just desert for now) More room to move around and do flips without accidentally hitting people A far longer experience Could be a pro or a con depending on who you talk to: One has higher Gs One feels more like a rocket, one feels more like a plane Outfits are about the same Webcasts are both subpar but in different ways
  3. I've been working on a medium scale Eve mission recently. The focus of this mission will be to explore a near sea level region of Eve and name a lot of islands. I have made four videos so far: Designing the ascent vehicle Launching a relay network Launching a scout plane to search for a good launch site Designing aircraft to explore Eve with Here is the playlist: Enjoy!
  4. Any word if this is standard for all passengers or just for testing?
  5. Hardcore or Iron Man aren't really the right words, but I don't really have a better word on hand. I'm looking to create a rule set for a more challenging and rewarding KSP experience. Normal KSP career has gotten a bit stale for me. When things go right I rarely get a sense of accomplishment. When things go wrong it is more of an annoyance or a frustration that I have to spend the time staring at loading screens than it is an actual learning experience. Additional background that you can skip: So basically, I'm taking suggestions from you, whether it be for mods or rules or added rules or whatnot, aimed at creating a more challenging, more rewarding KSP experience without adding a significant amount of grindiness or lag. In particular, I want: New things to play around with New places to explore (maybe) A distinct end goal because I have difficulty sticking with things for a long long time, but also the ability to play beyond it if I feel like it Restrictions to increase mission scale (like a minimum seat count per Kerbal on long missions or something, etc) Additional rules and restrictions in general A reason to have space stations? Maybe a milestone list I need to complete? Probably a tech tree revamp or restrictions creating the same effect Aim to fix the "you can get all the tech without leaving the Kerbin system" problem while also: Not making it a grind to get to orbit/The Mun (can happen with reduced science output) Not making it a grind to go interplanetary Stuff that will make me more attached to and invested in my missions and Kerbals Rules to make funding/reputation more engaging and not just a meter you pay no attention to unless it is near zero Lose conditions - No real threat of failure in normal KSP, want to change that Whatever else you can think of But while still keeping it relatively lightly modded and not very grindy. I've already decided on a few basic rules, namely no reverts or quickloads except for glitches, no crew respawn, and every crewmember needs to be named after someone I know. I'll probably pick and choose from what people send me, to try to make something I think I'll enjoy, but I'll also compile a list of everything (or at least everything compatible) for an extreme version.
  6. Last night I was anomaly hunting and found one Easter Egg that I believe has not been documented before but I'm not sure if it is one of the new ones or has just been there for a while without anyone finding it. It also might be Making History exclusive considering its location. Should we wait to post until we receive the hints to ensure its the right Easter egg? Is this thread just for the 5 specific Easter eggs or can we post anomalies in general here?
  7. !!! There has not been new easter eggs in a long time. Bring out the detective hats! If only I didn't have to go to bed right now.
  8. Imo looks closer to that guy from "my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined" but people have also suggested Junk Cortez and Linus from LTT. I don't think there's a dominant consensus yet, we would need more pixels to tell.
  9. I would not be surprised if Rasputin could also survive a Saturn V launch given his track record. I would still give the edge to the rocket, but it will be close.
  10. Interesting. I would have thought that they would slip it in through the side instead of going through the top... VAB is monstrously tall.
  11. Wow, those are smaller than I expected.
  12. By association, the record for the richest person ever in space will probably not be broken for a long, long time.
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