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  1. Oh, so *that's* why the nose cones kept multiplying...
  2. Appears to have been a preburner test. No detanking yet. May recycle for additional testing later in the window. It has also been noticed that the "triangle" venting usually starts really close to 12 minutes before the test. EDIT: Literally right as I posted I heard them say "Detanking now" lol
  3. It's also probably going to cost ULA more to do the demo than SpaceX considering the projected costs of Starship and Vulcan.
  4. Is it just me or have the Russians really upped their streaming game recently?
  5. I wonder how fast https://www.howmanypeopleareinspacerightnow.com/ will update.
  6. (Guy in a SpaceX hat holding a "Moon" sign at the end of MrBeast's most recent video, he also popped his head into the frame in front of the sign and said "I wonder what that means") Could be really small, could be really big. On the small end it could be any number of things, but on the big end it could be him going on a circumlunar flyby like DearMoon. Even at the low end, it is at least mildly relevant to SpaceX so I'll put it here. I don't mean to baselessly speculate on the "big" end of the possibilities this suggests, but *baselessly speculates* EDIT: Worth mentio
  7. 0/10 I'm allergic to crabs. I pasted a link that I was sharing with a friend, it's a song I'm writing that's a work in progress, but I don't think I feel comfortable sharing it with the public yet.
  8. I've had an interesting time with this so far. I did Val mode, but with a few difficulty changes, nothing too major though. Pretty close to standard normal mode. I have managed to reach orbit. I think this is the first time in vanilla KSP I've sent probes to orbit before Kerbals. Also, both DLCs are installed. Val mode, Part 1
  9. Edit: That was a stupid question, never mind.
  10. Me: Okay, sounds great, when do I - ...Oh, so there's a catch... Will make an attempt, unsure if I will get very far though.
  11. Apparently this is the third flight of one of the fairing halves! Abort at T-18.
  12. Unfortunately I don't have screenshots, but it was in 0.19.something and it was a mk1 pod, parachute, tr-18a decoupler, and an RT-10 SRB. Shortly after that I made a stupid rover but the solar panels broke off.
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