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  1. Hi to all kerbonauts i'm Diias, So let me tell you my idea, in a simplified version : I wanna reshape (not in a bad way) the way you start with your aircraft in the ground, I wanna add this items to my first iteration of this mod when it realeses which I have no date, 1. New small to mid size engine, I'm aiming for like a A320 to B737 engine 2. Add an APU system 3. Add 1 new type of material which is pressurized air So it would be like: So you would do your aircraft or plane, and to start the engines you need pressurized air.... and to make that
  2. Hi everyone, I Want to ask if you can programme the medium landing gear with steer, like if you can add a motor to that landing gear i tried to copy a module from a roverwheel but in the game it says in the motor part "Not Enough" Anyway my main question is if you can, can someone help me with that?
  3. Could you put a example of code to configure the node in cfg so i could take a look? P.S: I'm not in my main computer now but when i get the oportunity to put them here i will, I think i will work on another thank in this computer now
  4. Finally I have made it :D, So everythink looks very good, now my problem is that one of my attach nodes isn't working it doesn't recognise the node and the part comes in a 90 degree angle i will put my cfg file here because I think the problem comes from that cfg file PART { name = AAA module = Part author = Squad mesh = model.mu rescaleFactor = 0.625 TechRequired = basicRocketry entryCost = 1200 cost = 150 category = FuelTank subcategory = 0 title = AAA manufacturer = description = attachRules = 1,1,1,1,0 mass = 0.0625 dragModelType = default maximum_drag = 0.2 mi
  5. OMG You are soooooooooo right, i'm so dumb that's why i failed in maths XD I will try and keep you guys posted
  6. So let me see if I understood, I put 1 in blender and in unity to make a 1.25m size part?
  7. it's the same that in blender 1.25 should I put some screenshots?
  8. i'm exporting the model to unity i'm exporting the model to unity
  9. i did that and it scaled up maybe to 2.5 m part
  10. Well i put 1.25 in blender and it is still bigger in ksp
  11. i'm still having trouble in the scale, like blander to ksp does anyone know is a table sizes(of ksp like 1.25m) transformed into blender sizes?
  12. Hi guys, i'm new here in the forums and also in mods and i'm having some trouble in modeling the parts just for fun if anyone knows a GOOD tutorial about modeling in blender, plz leave the links below thanks
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