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  1. Alrighty, Chapter 9! People are going to ask: What race did you use for inspiration? Weeeeeellll... Spain, 2016. The first race of Max Verstappen. Also, try to find the F1 quote in the story. (Bonus points if you know what race the quote is from ) Enjoy Chapter 9 (And 9.5)! Chapter 9: Going Up 2 Weeks Later. Round 3 of 8: JSP, Grestin (New Grestin States) “Yeah!” I shouted as I ran up onto the podium. It was my third win on the season, and I had won it in dominant fashion- leading to the tune of almost 30 seconds. Max and Nico joined me up on the podium, and the crew clapped below me. The Owlian National Anthem (Hail to Owlia- a really happy and inspiring piece. Except for that little bit where it says people are going to die for their country) played over the speakers, and I sang along to it. When it ended, I grabbed the champagne at my feet and popped the cork open. Bubbly liquid sprayed out of the bottle, and confetti fell down. I aimed at Max, and he caught it right in the ear. Responding like any normal kerbal would to getting shot in the ear with a cold liquid substance, and he bent his neck to cover the ear before turning and aiming it at me. I laughed as the champagne slowly trickled out of the bottle, and decided to do what I’d never really done before. “Bottoms up!” I said as I tilted the really over-sized bottle up. I gagged as the remaining bit of the drink flooded into my mouth, and took a breather. It stung my tongue a bit, and almost instantly I felt a little woozy. “Ghack!” I coughed, sitting back down on the podium. “It gets better,” Max said as he downed the rest of his bottle. “Yeah, it’s kind of an acquired taste,” Nico agreed. Then, he had a kind of Ah ha! Moment, and got a bottle of water. “Drink up,” He said, tossing me the bottle. “Why?” I asked, nervously taking it. “It’ll really reduce the headache on the flight back,” Max said. I shrugged and got the bottle, drinking it dry. However, for some reason my mouth was insanely dry. I took my champagne bottle and drank some more. Kind of better, now, I thought to myself as the trophies were handed out to us. Still makes me feel awful… Right then, I felt like puking. The post-race interviews flew by, and after what felt like just a couple seconds, I was already in the car, heading to the airport. And that’s when, in all my glory, I passed out right there in the back seat. ————— “Holy krap,” I groaned as the plane flew thousands of feet above the ground. My vision was all swimmy, my head felt like someone was shoving a railroad spike into it, and it sounded like the plane was getting echoed through a PA system that was shoved up against my ears. So this is a hangover, I thought as I lifted off a cool wet rag from my forehead. Note to self: No celebrations. “How long was I out?” The setting sun I supposed looked beautiful, but right now it gave me a splitting headache. “Well, I’d say… about 45 minutes?” Andy said. He looked over at Alexis for conformation, and she nodded. What really caught my eye… Wait.. Was she blushing? “You were out of it from the second we took off. In the car on the way here, though, you were-“ He was interrupted by Alexis, who coughed loudly. “Excuse me,” She said, getting up and walking back to the rear of the plane. Andy smirked. “Well, on the ride over here, you were saying how you were the almighty, unbeatable Jeb, and you could vanquish any creature in the universe.” I leaned my head back and groaned. “So that’s what Alexi-“ I started to ask, before Andy interrupted with “Nonononono. She left because…. uh… weeeeeeeellll…..” He scoffed. “You kissed her. Right there in the car.” I groaned louder and punched the seat. “As in like… On the lips?? Are you kidding me?!” I asked in a half-scream, thoroughly peeving off my headache. “Nope,” Andy smiled. “You actually did kind of good. You seemed to be enjoying it at least.” I made a step towards him menacingly, and he chuckled. “You’re a kid,” I muttered, making him chuckle again. He was never going to live this down, was he?” 8:05am, 2 Days Later… OTechGP Headquarters; River City, Owlia “Yeah Paddy?” I asked as Alexis, Andy, and I walked in. “Ah, Jeb, please, sit down.” He stood up and gave me a handshake. He looked nervous. “Some Kinness?” He asked, before all 3 of us shouted “NO!” At the same time. He shrugged and sat down at his chair. “So, Jeb, are you happy?” Uh oh… I thought. “Uh.. Yeah. I’ve got a great team behind me, and I feel like I’m really being able to hone my skills. I’ve really had fun with the team so far this season.” He sighed sadly, and I noticed that there was an official-looking paper folder on his desk. “It has been a good half of the season, huh?” He asked solemnly, looking like he was about to cry. Then, he stood up. “I think that you’ll have a great second part of the season, Jeb,” He said, looking out the window. “However, the team.. Not so much.” My heart rate jacked up about 5 notches. There’s no way I’m getting fired… I wasn’t going down without a fight. I clenched my fists and my muscles tensed up. I wasn’t getting fired 2 times in 2 years at the age of only 19. No way. “Wh.. What do you mean?” I asked. Paddy sighed and handed me the folder. “You’ve been called back up.” There was stunned silence. No. Way. “What?” I asked. “The call came in yesterday. They want you back in River City, first thing tomorrow.” No. Way. “I- Is this a joke?!” I asked as I flung open the folder. There, I saw the OTech logo. “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” I screamed to no one, leaping up into the air. Alexis and Andy looked at the paper themselves as I jumped around screaming like a lunatic. “Oh my god…” Alexis muttered as she read it. “OHMYGOD, JEB!!” She jumped up and ran over to me, hugging me so tight I couldn’t hardly breathe. Andy ran over and almost tackled us, and we all laughed. Then, I saw Paddy, watching us sadly from his chair. While the other two celebrated, I walked over to him. For some reason, tears welled up as I walked. “I’m really going to miss this place,” I said as I gave Paddy a handshake. “Yeah,” He choked, looking like he was about to cry. His accent, which was usually happy as a bird, sounded soft and sad. “So many memories,” I whispered. Paddy stood up and gave me a big hug. “I’m gonna miss you,” Paddy sighed. “Same here buddy,” I said as I took the contract. “Don’t worry, though.” I closed the folder and smiled. “I’m sure we’ll see each other again soon.” Chapter 9.5: Downfall 7:50am; 15 minutes ago. OTech Race Team HQ; River City, Owlia “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” Ricklen roared with rage as he stood up, knocking over his chair flat onto its back. “THIS IS BULL!” Matty sighed and rubbed his eyes. “Sit down, Ri-“ He was interrupted by a defiant, “NO! I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE HE-“ Matty inhaled angrily, stormed up to a standing position and towered over the 18-year-old. “SIT DOWN!” He shouted, his eyes blazing with fury and making Ricklen almost trip over himself trying to right the chair and sit back down in it. Matty sighed and sat back down. “Now. You’re moving down to Formula. When you came into this program, do you remember what the expectations were?” Matty dug around in his desk as Ricklen answered, “To live up to the OTech name and continue the winning legacy. To do my best both out on the track and out in society.” Matty finally pulled out the paper he was looking for, and emerged with a nasty smirk. “Exactly. Now, let’s look at your form.” “Last season, you were projected to finish at least 6th in the drivers standings with over 100 points, and get at least 1 win. You were expected to keep a clean record on track, and to help your teammate both on-track and in the factory. You were expected to do what others have been able to do for their entire lives. Instead..” He looked at the paper. “You finished 9th in the standings, an average finishing position of a dismal 12th, you got only 23 points, and have led a horrible life off the track. You crashed Phil out 3 times last season, and drove OTech to lose the Constructors by 48 points.” Ricklen opened his mouth to protest, but Matty held up a finger for silence. “Then, this season, you’ve had an average finishing position of 17th, you’ve scored 0 points, and you were Black-Flagged in Tekkia! “We’ve given you chance after chance, and we’ve given it to you again!” Matty cried out, getting up. He closed his eyes and mentally counted to 10 before sitting back down. “I’m sorry. But we’ve got to let you go.” Ricklen clasped his hands together. “Please. One more chance. I’ll do anything. I promise, I’ll do everything you need me to do. Just one more chance.” Matty sighed and shook his head. “Your history with OTech Race Team is finished.” He sat down sadly. “You have until tomorrow to get all your things packed up.” Matty motioned to Claire. “Could you get him out of here?” He asked. Claire, looking furious, nodded. “PLEASE!!!” Ricklen shouted as he was shoved out through the hall. “I CAN’T BE DEMOTED!!!” The door closed loudly, and Matty sighed. “Oh, but you can…” — “THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT,” Ricklen steamed as they walked out of the office. Claire looked at him and tried to keep his temper in check. “Oh?” She asked, balling up her fists as rage built. “Yeah. If you could just get a setup right for once in your life, maybe I’d win a few-“ He was cut off by Claire grabbing his collar and slamming him against a wall. “Meep,” He squeaked as Clair got up in his face. “I AM SICK, AND TIRED OF YOUR LITTLE WHINING ATTITUDE! I HAVE DONE EXACTLY WHAT YOU’VE ASKED ME TO DO, I’VE STUCK BY YOU, AND I’VE BEEN THE ONE KEEPING YOU IN A SEAT FOR AS LONG AS I HAVE! I AM TIRED OF YOUR CONSTANT ABUSE NOT JUST TO ME, BUT ALSO TO THE TEAM!” She dropped him and he crumpled to the ground. “I quit.” She started walking off. “Huh. I really need y- I mean, SERVES YA RIGHT!” Immediately, Claire stormed over, got back in Ricklen’s face, and slapped him so hard he spun around a couple of times. Then, she lifted her knee up and it went straight between Ricklen’s legs at terminal velocity. “Ow,” He squeaked in a tone that was about 3 octaves above his normal speaking voice as he fell to the ground. 8:30 am- The Next Day. OTech Race Team Headquarters; River City, Owlia I whistled as I opened up the door to the main building. It looked just like I remembered it, with pure white marble, blue and white walls, and glass sculptures in the main foyer. “Honey,” I whispered. “I’m home.” We (Me, Alexis, and Andy- the Terrific Trio) went up the elevator to our new offices. We stopped by Andy’s first, and I was shocked. We had our own floor. As in, there was the bottom floor, the middle floor, and the top floor. I had my own floor. Andy’s office was filled with computers, a huge marker board, and a massive bay window that looked out over the North River and the Test Track. “Holy mother…” Andy whispered, setting his bags down in surprise. “Look at this!” He shouted, running around the office like a kid on Khristmas Morning. “All this data.. All this stuff!” He ran around the whole room, desperate to check everything out. “We could get so much data from this! I-…” He turned and looked at Alexis and I, a bit embarrassed. “Could.. Could I have a minute?” He asked quietly. I laughed. “Sure, buddy.” Alexis and I walked out and over to Alexis’s new office. Her office was just a little bit larger, and was beautifully lit. Another massive window illuminated everything in the room. There was a nice little sitting area, a tiny counter with a coffee machine, and her desk had a modern phone, the latest computer, and it was all laid out in a perfectly organized system. “Oh. My. God. This is unbelievable!! Look at this space!! And the lounge! Andthedeskandthechairandthewindowandthebalconyandthecoffeemachineand-“ I carefully walked out and quietly closed the door behind myself, walking out to my new office. Down the hall aways, the hallway ended, and there was a single door. A corner office… I carefully opened up the door, and peeked in. There was a massive window, which illuminated the entire office regardless of the light switch. Lights ringed the upper outside part of the wall- It’s called trim, my editor tells me- and the floor was a brilliant marble tile. I had a great couch, with a flatscreen that was at least a 50 inch. On my desk, there was a large computer, and next to the computer there was a laptop that glowed blue. I saw the ITech logo on the back, and I smiled. I got my bag (Filled with my 2034 Formula K trophy, all my race winners trophies (Including my seconds and thirds), my helmet, and my lucky gloves), and stepped in. As soon as my right foot entered the room, I saw a kerbal pop up from behind the desk. His hair was a mess, he looked slightly crazy, there were coffee stains on his shirt, and there was a red mark that looked suspiciously like a hand on his left cheek. I tried to keep from laughing as I waved. “I can see why you liked it so much,” I said, ignoring the fact that he was probably not all that sane. “Beautiful view.” I could see out at the parking lot and over towards Greater Baskay Bay. If I squinted, I could just barely see the plains of Baskay Island. Some coastal towns below bustled with life. “What are you doing here?” Ricklen asked, sounding both angry and terrified at the same time. “Didn’t they tell you?” I asked, setting my helmet on the stand. “This is my office now!” He made a quiet, squeaking whimper that sounded like a squeaky toy getting run over by a dump truck. “Y-…. You?!” He whispered. I nodded, and extended my hand for a shake. “Better kerb won?” I asked, just like he had a year and a half ago. His eyes bugged out to the size of about a dinner plate, and he stormed out of the room. I held my arm out for another second, before running over to the couch and falling down on it. Oh yeah, I thought to myself. This is the life! … I laid down on the couch and sighed. Then, a knock sounded at the door. “Anyone in here?” A familiar muffled voice asked from behind the door. “Shoot.” I leaped up and sprinted to my desk, attempting to look like I was doing something. As soon as I sat down, I opened up my laptop and called out, “Come in!” The door opened and I inhaled. “Hey, kiddo,” Phil Kerman, 4-time K1 World Champion, #1 OTech Driver, said as he walked in. He was wearing a zip-up jacket and some jeans, boots, and a massive cowboy hat. I was his biggest fan when I was like 13. “Oh…. Uh….. Hi there Mister Ph-“ I started, before he waved his hand. “Just Phil. No ‘Mister’ for me,” He said. “Oh, okay..” There was an awkward silence, before I said, “I’m sorry, but I’m a massive fan.” He smiled. “I remember the time I was watching you on TV when I was in like the 7th grade. KSC, 2029. You-“ I stopped as he put a hand over his heart and groaned. “Trying to make me feel old?” He joked. I laughed, and he smiled warmly- like a father. “Just wanted to check in on you,” He said as he left the office. “I know you’re going to do amazing in K1.” He closed the door, and I fell back into my chair.
  2. What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Well for one, I saw them. Two, I'm in the middle of a 2000 population town, so I don't have much of a pool to choose from. Three, considering that I couldn't keep y eyes off of them, yeah- they were the hottest.
  3. What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Oh yeah; There's a girl who's like a foot shorter than me but can still ball out like Steph Curry
  4. What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Hhhmmm... You know, I don't really know- I spent most of the time trying to pick my jaw up off the floor
  5. What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    So I was in basketball practice, and the coach says "Hey, subs! Follow Coach M to the girls court!" So me, my friend from like the third grade, and some other guy who I don't know the name of head out to the girls court. And I got the surprise of the lifetime. I got to scrimmage against the 12 hottest girls in my entire school.
  6. Name the Series!

    Harry Potter? 4 Guys who are too smart for society hang out in an apartment and try to fall in love with the girl across the hall. (I'm on season 4 so if I missed something don't kill me)
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    *Wonders if this entire page falls under Guideline 3.3*
  8. Thriller....! Dum dum de dada I don't know the words to this song It is a Thrillah!!!
  9. What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    You know what I love about West Texas? Not the people. Not the hospitality. Not even the brisket. It's the fact it can be -2 outside and not a single flake of snow in sight.
  10. I'm working on some certain things (Cars, team members, certain vehicles), and I think that over Christmas will be the first instance of picture chapters in LATT. Anyways, now Chapter 8. Wanna guess how long this chapter is? Wanna guess? 3,696 words. Three-Thousand, Six-Hundred, Ninety Six words. That's how you know if you've got way too much free time on your hands. *sigh* Anyways, let's begin. Oh god this chapter is going to be horrible to format Enjoy!!! Chapter 8: Wild Weather and Wild(er) Teams 2 Weeks Later. Round 2 of 8: Port Vargo, Tekkia “What’s going to happen with the weather?” A reporter asked me. I gritted my teeth and resisted saying “Oh, gee, get your phone out and CHECK!”, thinking that would put a slight damper on my reputation of being an open, reporter-friendly guy to be around. “We don’t really know,” I replied, telling the truth. “If our reports are correct, the rain could hit anywhere from 20 minutes ago to next week. The RADAR's not really telling the guys back in River City what’s happening, so we really can’t get accurate readings. My personal guess would be anywhere from the 25% mark all the way out to after the race. All depends on the wind, though.” The reporter thanked me, and I went on my way. Port Vargo, Tekkia is pretty close to the equator. It’s normally pretty warm, but the coastal winds tended to dial down the heat factor a tad. The nice, salty fresh spray getting blown in tended to make things bearable, as opposed to say…. The Temple, where it felt like your face was melting. Today though, the weather was freakishly cold. The wind was still here, but dark grey clouds had rolled in before Practice 1 started, and they’d stayed. They completely blanked out the sun, and it was so dark that the officials were considering turning on the lights for the second half of the race. I looked out at the ocean, which was looking choppier by the minute. In the skies, it was clouds as far as the eye could see. I saw some rain bands way off in the distance, where the clouds were even darker. Through the clouds, I saw some flashes of lightning waaaaaaaaaaaaay off. “Might want to get ready,” Andy put his hand on my shoulder as he walked up, scaring the living daylights out of me. I stifled a yelp, and turned to him. “Yeah.. Yeah, I guess.” I started walking, and I heard some thunder way off. Uh oh… ——— I hit the gas again and felt the rears skitter a bit as I launched out of Turn 14 on the formation lap. The clouds looked more and more dicy as the time went on, and I knew everyone else was equally nervous. Before I’d set off, I had seen at least 5 drivers and a massive amount of crew members staring up into the clouds. The crowd cheered me on, and I responded by wiggling the rear for them. Then, we went down the backstraight. I went into the final corner, and I saw a bright flashing off in the distance. Was it getting closer? The final cars slotted into the grid space, and I got ready. One Light turned on. No pressure. Two. Just a normal day at the office. Three. It’s just a bit cold, that’s all. Four. Why are you worrying about this? Five. OH CRAP! THE RACE!!! I had forgotten to get Rich revs ready, and as soon as the lights went out I was a sitting duck on the grid. Max, Sammy, Lolli, and Nico all blasted past me on the grid before I had gotten up to speed. I had gone from 1st to 5th in the space of 100 feet! I shook my head and beard down, preparing to enter the corners. I went into Turn 1, and slid past Nico, who had to brake from Lolli slamming on the brakes ahead. Then into Turn 2, I had caught up to the tail end of Lolli, but she was just able to keep me from slipping around on the outside. The cars snaked through Turns 3 and 4, but now we were onto the backstraight. I blasted past Lolli with ease, and Nico followed me past. Into the 6/7 chicane, I held back and a large chunk of debris flew across the track. I shot down to the inside of the track to avoid it, but I heard a loud crack as the right side of my wing clouted the thing. In 8, Sammy went way wide, and I took the advantage- slipping up the inside to P2. Max was already way ahead, and by Turn 9 he was almost a full second ahead. “Come on….” I weaved the car through the City Section, and through 14, disaster struck Max. When I went through the turn, I saw a huge streak of smoke, dirt and grass flying across the track. Max had spun out and had clear cut the track, and he was facing backwards in Turn 15. From my angle, I saw chunks of rubber strewn across the outside portion of the braking zone, and Max’s right rear tire was in pieces. I easily went past, and as I clipped the apex for 14 I got rewarded with a mud clod to the face visor. Still turning at about 70 miles an hour, I ripped the tear-off from the visor and threw it out the side area of the cockpit. Now, I was clear ahead with nothing to stop me from taking this easy win. Onto Lap 5, I saw a droplet smash into my visor. Wtheck? I went through the city section, and there it was again- another splash. Then another. “It’s sprinkling in Sector 2,” I radioed in, letting the team know. Entering Turn 16, it happened again! By the time I was out of Turn 19, it was a steady rain. Still not bad enough for any stoppage, though. “Is the grip bad?” Andy asked. “It’s fine for now, but the slicks are going to go off in a bit. When do you think we should get the wets?” “I’d say in about 2, maybe 3 laps. I don’t think it’s wet enough for the full wets though- maybe Inters?” As soon as he said that, I had a heart-attack moment out of Turn 3. The car lost all grip through the corner, and I sawed the wheel to regain control. I managed to hold onto it, thou only just. “Boxing this lap,” I said quickly. As soon as I turned in for 4, the car again lost it, but this time I couldn’t save it. The car spun around once, twice, and then a third time, before it half-spun into the runoff road’s grass patch. The car rumbled over the grass with a monstrously loud BUMPBUMPBUMPBUMP, before it slid to a stop on the actual access road. Even though I was running slick tires, water splashed up into the cockpit. GOOD GRAVY THAT’S COLD! My leg shouted at me as I got back onto the track. That lap was utter torture, and I had only completed 4 corners. I got back onto the racing line, and in my mirror I saw a flash of orange. Nico had done the same thing I had- backing into the Turn 4 runoff road at huge speed. I tried not to laugh, realizing that I too had looked that stupid about 10 seconds ago. I cautiously turned into Turn 5- going about 20 miles per hour slower than I would have, when my steering wheel lights turned scarlet red. Well then… “Alright Jeb, Red Flag. Field is frozen; come into the pits. Please don’t tear up the car on the way in.” I pulled off to the right side of the road and turned off Rich Revs; instead opting for Ultra-Lean, a mixture which used about 1/8th of the torque of Standard Revs. Nico was right behind me, and his car looked muddier than a pig exiting 5. After much cursing, sliding, and going around the track at almost 25 miles per hour, I finally slid my way into the pit lane. The team had an umbrella set up for me, and I got out as they lifted the car up onto a jack. I hopped off of the car, took the umbrella, and walked back along the lane to talk with Nico. “4’s a right B Wort, eh?” Nico asked as he too got out. “Yeah, I-“ I tried to reply, before I busted out laughing. “Was?” Nico asked, before I pointed at his car’s rear. “Look at your car!” He went to the back and shouted, “WAS IN DER WELT GESCHIEHT ZU MEINEM AUTO?!?!?!?!?!?!” And he put his hands on his head in shock. His once bright-orange, juice-sponsored Flavormobile (As we all joked with him about) was covered in a hideous brown smear covering the bottom half of the car. I was bent over laughing, trying to catch my breath. Then, he pointed at my car, and started laughing. I turned and saw my once beautiful matte-finished Blue and White speed demon was covered in ugly dark brown streaks all over the rear, front, and sides of the entire surface. “What the cr-“ I was interrupted by a slow noise coming over the intercom. It sounded a bit too quiet to be the intercom though.. I turned around and saw Max holding one of those portable speakers, which he set on the ground. “Come on, Jeb!” He challenged me. “Dance-off!” By now all the crews were out in the pit lane, and were watching. I popped my collar out and walked over, making the OTech crew guys cheer for me. Immediately I twisted down and planted my hand and spun around on it. I stayed like that for a while- transferring the weight between my left and right hand. Finally, I pushed off my hands and braced my feet below. I leaped up, and the team cheered me on. Max was about to go, but then Lolli put her hand on Max’s chest and nodded, as if to say “Hang on- I got this.” She took Max’s phone and played some different music. The music felt really happy- I’d guess Kirish, maybe Keltic. We all clapped in time to the beat, and then she smiled. Lolli clapped twice, in time to the music, and she began hopping around. I looked down at her feet, and they were a bouncing flurry of clicks and clacks. She went on for a couple minutes, before finally stopping. She was panting for air, and gave a curtsy. We all cheered and clapped, and she gave one final bow before joining everyone else on the side. Max shook his head, and stepped out of the ring. Everyone cheered, and I held Lolli’s fist up- like those wrestlers on TV. “The Winner!” I shouted, and the entire Redwind Team clapped and applauded. Max fiddled with his phone, and played some slow music. “Pick a partner!” He shouted. Suddenly, I swear to you, Alexis just materialized right next to me. She tapped my shoulder, and I smiled. “May I have this dance?” I asked. Alexis extended her hand. “Of course,” She said. I took her hand and we led ourselves to the center. It was a nice slow dance- a waltz by the sound of it. We spun and danced around, and the other crews were also dancing around. Finally, the song ended, and my face was literally like an inch from Alexis’s. Some rain hit down on us, but I didn’t notice it. I felt an electric feeling in the air, and a huge, crackling boom, and a brilliant flash of light blinded me for a brief second. The boom almost deafened me as it crackled and rumbled. As soon as the light stopped, a huge crack split the air, and everyone dove to the ground. Just about 500 feet in front of me, a lightning rod sparked, and a couple bricks fell off of the roof of an apartment building across the road. “Whooooaaahhhohoho!!!!” I said, staring at the building. We split apart in surprise, and a couple people slowly got up. “That was close!” Max shouted as we started running to cover. “Too close,” Alexis agreed. “Who’s up for a round of Kadden?” I asked. Immediately, at least 15 hands shot up. At least we’d have something to do. 2 Hours into the Rain Delay “Third down and a mile,” The commentator said. “Fans” cheered through the speakers, and I looked up. They were jumping and waving their arms in a looped animation. “Defense looking for one last stop here.” I selected the play. “Looking to avoid a 4th down after that incomplete pass.” The offense lined up. “No chance,” Andy smirked from behind me. “It’s all over,” Alexis agreed. “Might as well throw the game.” I was down by 4 points with 40 seconds left on the clock. I was 43 yard line, and I had made a couple stupid mistakes. Now it was all or nothing. “READY!” The quarterback- Dak Kerman shouted. “BLUE! BLUE 43, BLUE 43! SEEEEETT… HIKE!” The ball was snapped, and Dak caught it. He looked. Throw Fake. Then, I saw a wide-open hole on the left- right between the tackle and guard. I jammed Right Trigger, and Dak sprinted through the pocket. First down was at the 26. He sprinted through, and went straight along the right sideline. “No!” Max shouted, switching characters to get Dak. He kept on running. A Corner was coming up on me. I waited until the last moment, and juked left, sending Max’s character shooting past me. I grinned. 20! 15! 10! 5! TOUCH- A linebacker flew out of nowhere and slammed into Dak at maximum velocity, and he went flying out of bounds. “GAH DANGIT!” I shouted, throwing the controller down on the couch. I called a timeout with 1 second left on the game clock. “Haha!!” Max cheered. “1st and Goal from the 1!” I shook my head and gritted my teeth. I selected the play- a pass fake. “1st down and goal, one play left in this drive,” The commentator said as the team lined up. “RED 29! RED 29! SET.. HUT! HIKE!” The ball was snapped and the receivers scrambled. My running back went out wide and I tossed it to him. “Come on…” He faced one defender, and lined up. The corner was short, and I jumped right over him, right into the endzone. “TOUCHDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWNNNNN!!!!!” I shouted, leaping up and dancing around. “Cowkerbs 29, Eagles 27!!!” I got the snap and expertly put the kick through the uprights, and the game ended; Cowkerbs 30, Eagles 27. “Good game,” Max said, getting up as I celebrated. “Ah, yeah, good game man,” I said as rain continued to fall on the home. I looked outside and saw the rain slightly slowing down. Maybe we’d get to race soon. 3 Hours into the Rain Delay “Attention,” An announcement said over the PA system as we did Kerbal Bowling. “The race will be resumed in 30 minutes. The race will be resumed in 30 minutes.” Everyone cheered, and got back into formation. “Ready?” I asked the 10 kerbals about 50 feet away from me. “Ready!” Another shouted. I curled up into a ball and Max ran up behind me. He made a motion like he was rolling a bowling ball, and I began rolling forward. I went straight to the middle of the group of 10, and they all fell to the ground, acting like bowling pins. “Heeeeey!” Max cheered as he ran over to congratulate me. “The bowling king!” I gave Max a high five and slapped him on the back. “Now let’s go finish this race.” About 40 minutes later… The water splashed up from the Safety Car’s rear wheels as we went through Turn 17. The car felt confident on the Full Wet tires, and I weaved through the city streets as I warmed up for the restart. By now the storm had kind of stopped. Rain still fell down onto the track and wind still blew through the canyons of skyscrapers, but it wasn’t bad enough to warrant a red flag. The car’s shadow repeated over and over again as it went past the spotlights- the sky so dark we couldn’t see anything without them. I slowed the pack down and watched the car retreat off down the long Turn 18-19 stretch, and it turned right off the track about 10 seconds later. The engine quietly hummed, waiting to be unleashed. I warmed it up, and looked at the light boards next to the track. A green light flashed, telling me it was okay to go. I held back just a bit, and kept the field backed up. Then, on exit of Turn 19, I unleashed. Full throttle, Rich Revs, EPB- all going as I shot out of the corner. I flung forward and left everyone else struggling through the corner- trying to figure out how to get up to speed. I slowed easy into Turn 20, and then blasted through the 21/22 chicane. On lap 18, I pulled into the pits. The rain reflected the bright lights, and I watched as the car got partially refueled. The jack dropped and I powered out of the pit stall with ease. Re-entering the track was… weird. Port Vargo’s got an interesting pit lane, where you make a 90 degree turn into the pit lane, and go around a building. Then, you exit out of that area, and make another 90 degree turn. It’s all really confusing, but with practice I was able to make it work kind of okay. Now, I had a smooth open gap to extend. The rain had all-but stopped now, and the “Rooster Tail” formed by the tires and the aerodynamics was slowly going away. However, the car still had a lot of grip. On lap 23 the car had it’s first little oversteer moment- the rear slipping just a bit when I tried to flat-line Turn 20. It didn’t matter though, and I muscled my way out of it. And, because I'm feeling generous, I’m going to give you a track lap, describing what a lap around Port Vargo, Tekkia looks like. It’s a really short front straight- about 5 or 6 hundred meters. The actual finish line is halfway between the chicane, but we still call it Turn 22. Into Turn 1, brake nice and late into the corner. You’ve got to be really confident going in, because the corner tightens up immensely through the braking zone. Turn 1 itself is wide. It’s a long, sweeping turn that has a lot of grip. On the exit, hold as right as possible. Of course you want to carry over the momentum from mid-corner, but you’ve got to set yourself up for Turn 2. Turn 2 is tighter than 1. Grass on the inside and the outside mean that you’ve got to slow down for the corner. If you are unfortunate enough to hit the grass or curbing, you could end up spinning off into the wall or the outside grass. Turn 3 is a lot like Turn 1. Make sure not to get too greedy with the curbing, though, as clipping just a bit too much could snap off your Right Front. 4 is eerily similar to 2. Ultra tight entry and exit are compounded by a simple grassy runoff (The same place I spun out earlier). Then you head down a moderately long straight, which is surrounded by buildings that echo the car noises around. Then, you head into Turn 5. A scarily tight corner, 5 is a straight 90. Run too far inside and you’ll hit a building. Run too far outside and you’ll get eaten by a sand trap, which is naturally formed by the desert. The second-longest straight on the track is between 5 and 6. It’s fairly open, but the desert's sand trap can cause troubles if you spin. Now the 6/7 Chicane. Try to be moderate with the curbing- too much and you’ll either spin or at least get up on 2 wheels. Next you head through Turn 8. A 90 degree right-hander takes you around the “Frying Pan” of the track. Then you’re into 9, which is just like 8- a tight 90 degree righty. 10 and 11 is a double-apex turn that starts the City Section. The corner drastically tightens up through Turn 11, and has little room for a runoff. Turn 12 is the start of the “Official” City Section, which is almost a carbon-copy of the KSC’s R&D section. A short straight takes you under a bridge, and then it’s onto 13 and 14. 13 starts out ultra wide, but drastically closes up in 14- a left-handed hairpin. 15 is right after 14, and you should try to straight-line the two corners as best you can. 15 is another tight turn, and then you head into the almost straight Turn 16. Turn 17 starts the Uber-fast final few turns. 17 is a tight right-hander, with a slight grass runoff to the side. Then you go onto another medium-length straight, and go into 18. Turn 18 is a hard left-hander that will absolutely eat your lunch if you aren’t careful. You go down the longest straight on the circuit. The straight is surrounded by buildings on either side, and the noise is incredible. Turn 19 is a massive long sweeper, which you can try to take flat-out if you’re feeling like it. Next is Turn 20. The straight for Turn 20 is really thin, so you’re going from almost 75 meters per second down to almost 35. Then it’s the Chicane. The two are incredibly fast, and it’s pretty normal to see drivers take it flat-out. I blasted out of 22 and punched my fist up into the air. “WOOOHHHOOOOOOOO!!!” I shouted as I passed the flag stand. Some flares popped up into the air, and I weaved down the straight as the team cheered me on. “Get in!!” Andy exclaimed. “Excellent job, mate- absolute masterclass.” I went into Turn 2 and did some celebratory doughnuts on the outside portion of the track. Definitely an improvement over last year.
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