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  1. So what song is stuck in your head today?

    *When someone offends your nationality*
  2. World War K (Chapter 15: Goodbye)

    So Chapter 15. Never said this was gonna be easy, but here we go. Also, the music that's used is the following. Madden 18's Longshot Theme Song, and House of the Rising Sun by The Animals. Now, on to the last sad (for a while at least) chapter. Chapter 15 Goodbye Time: 9:55am, 1 Week later Location: KSC Jim quietly strummed the guitar, and scribbled down some lyrics on the paper. Tark was good.. Really, really good… Jim thought as he replayed the notes. As he strummed on the strings, he muttered some lyrics. Then, as he was writing some more stuff down, Val came in and knocked on the doorframe. “Come in,” Jim said, staying focused on his music. “Hey,” Val said, sitting on a chair. “You doing okay?” Jim sighed and stopped playing. “I.. I think. The music’s helping a lot. Wanna hear the song I'm finishing for Tark?” Val nodded, and Jim began playing; this song sounding upbeat, and a bit like a country song. “Trucking down the Midwest Highway Chasing down the city skyline Brothers in arms heading to the Combine As the day turns into night I always knew we’d be back here It’s gonna be different this time Forget about all our past years No more watching from the sidelines Clock ticks down one minute to play One last chance and I’m on my way It’s a long shot It’s a longshot ooooohh Yeah I’m ready for the big time ligh-“ He accidentally hit the wrong note, and he muttered a curse and set the guitar down. “Gahdangit. Been a while since I played this thing..” He flexed his hands and looked over the paper. “That’s beautiful. I wonder what he meant by "The Combine”…” Val racked her brain. I know I’ve heard that somewhere… “The Combine is kind of like a trial before the IFL Draft. College and some stud High School athletes test themselves in Celrepan in the hope that one of them are gonna get drafted. Tarkin was one of those studs. I swear he could catch passes better than some pros…” Jim trailed off, remembering their numerous games. “He had one heck of a future… He was special..” Val nodded, and the room was silent. “I’ve got one more; wanna hear it?” Val nodded, and Jim started strumming. There were a whole lot of chords making a fairly minor sound, but then Jim started singing. “There is a house Down in New Kerleans That they caaall the Rising Sun. And it’s been the ruin Of many-a poor boy. And Gods I know I’m one. My mother was a tailor She sewed my new blue jeans My father was a gamblin’ man. Down in new Kerleans.” Jim continued strumming an incredible guitar solo, and when he was done, he finally set the guitar down, and exhaled. “What do ya think?” He asked, looking at the music to make sure everything was good. “You ever consider a career as a musician?” Val joked, looking at the squiggly mass of notes and words and squiggles on the page. After about 5 seconds, she’d given up. “Any other songs?” Val asked. “Yeah. Talking about his inner demons and struggles. I’d play it, but this sheet music is really advanced.. And I’d need a piano. But I’ll get it.. Eventually.” Jim checked over the page, and Val looked around. “Funeral’s today, right?” Jim asked, finally setting the guitar and music down on the stand. “Yeah. I think we’re going to be forming a caravan down the highway on the way to the City. I know that me, Gene, Paddy, and I think Bryson are going to be doing it. Not sure about everyone else..” Val got up and started walking out. “I’m going to get dressed. See you there.” ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Time: 1:20am Location: Bahmuto City Cemetery, UK Val looked up at the sky, which was slate grey as far as the eye could see, and the threat for rain was almost definite. Thunder rumbled a bit in the distance, which basically summed up what everyone was feeling. After everyone had arrived, the entire occasion was somber at best. Off to the right was Tarkin’s family, while Christina’s was just behind them. A few whispered, but most just sat in the chairs, dabbing their eyes occasionally. A couple of musicians sat off to the side, and finally a pastor came up. He said a few words, and then invited everyone a chance to speak if they who wanted to. Val was the first to go up. As soon as she walked up, she saw a picture of Tarkin and Christina, together on a beach boardwalk. Oh why did I do this.. She mentally pushed down the fear, and went on. “Tarkin.. Tark was one heck of a kid. He never shied away from the dangers.. Always volunteering when no-one else would; even if he had just come off a mission or a 5 hour sim session. But as a kerbal.. he was 10 times better. Kind.. Sweet.. He was what all of us strived to be, and more. And the same goes for Christina. Even though I didn’t get as much of a chance to get to know her, every moment was a special one. Caring.. Wonderful.. She was the best pilot I’ve ever had the privilege of training, and watching her rise up. The world lost two great kerbals, and two even greater friends. I know I’m going to remember them for a long time.” Val stepped down, and sat down, trying to keep her emotions from exploding out. Jim walked up to the podium next. “Tarkin was one of a kind. He was selfless, caring, and a great friend; and one hell of a pilot to boot. Even when the going got tough as nails, he got tougher than all of us ever could. He was one of my biggest fans.. Amazing kid. He’s a hero. He sacrificed himself for me… And that’s a debt I’ll never be able to repay.” Jim looked down at the photo. “So long, buddy.” Everyone started speaking, and about an hour later, everyone felt thoroughly cried out. As the pastor began giving the final goodbyes, 4 kerbals skittered into the area. “Are we late?” Emiko asked, bending over and panting to get air. “Just.. Whew! Just wanted to say.. bye..” Piper added, flopping into a chair. After the minor interruption, and the final goodbyes said, the coffins were slowly lowered into the ground, side-by-side. As the ceremony ended, everyone went up to the head stones to place objects. Val put a fighter helmet on both stones first. Then, Jim gave a miniature guitar for Tarkin, and a flower for Christina. Piper went to Tarkin’s headstones, and placed an autographed photo. Bryson and Triop both gave a small diecast of a fighter jet. And finally, as if Mother Nature could feel the mood, thunder rumbled, before rain began sprinkling down. “We should get going..” Haydi said, grabbing an umbrella. “Same for us. I would ask if you guys want to come with us, but we’d prefer to be meeting under.. Happier conditions.” Piper shivered a bit as some wind made the rain extra-cold, and she walked over to Val. “You messed up the brakes,” Piper whispered. It took a while for the statement to register with Val. “What?” She asked. “Some knucklehead messed with the brake wires. Every time I brake, the horn goes off.” While the two tried to figure out what was happening, Angelo was off quietly laughing, bent over. Then, Piper looked at him. Her face switched from confused to absolutely furious. “ANGELO!!!” She shrieked, running after him; forgetting the rain. Realizing the dangers associated with sticking around and chatting, he sprinted for the parking lot; skidding and sending up gravel as he sprinted around corners and almost flattening a priest. “Well that was exciting,” Jim commented, walking up. “Yeah.. Let’s get home..” The tune of 10 V-6 engines lit up the parking lot, and the cars went out, on the way home.
  3. Gah! is it the same with KAS too? when I downloaded the 1.3 IR, I only got SM Marine parts in the folder (Note: I've got a mega mod which takes anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes to load, and it's got SM Marine in it)
  4. I'm thinking about going back to 1.2.2 for The Final Stand. Why? Because IR and KAS work with that version. I downloaded the 1.3 versions of those mods, and sure enough, no parts for IR were present, and all the good parts from 1.2 were missing (Read: Every IR part and the winches/hooks/anchors from KAS). I tried my best surgeon impression (Read: Copying the good parts from 1.2.2 over to the 1.3 file) and couldn't even get to the loading screen. Long story short, I'm probably going back to 1.2.2
  5. The Kurburgring Lap

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. If a painted F1 car wasn't allowed, chances are a hovercraft won't. just saying
  6. Er.... as a fighter jet pilot, I don't really have that many tough decisions. I guess the hardest one for me was whether or not to head to Minmus with the little dV I had left in my Mun Lander's fuel tanks (Yes, I did land on the Mun; forgot to tell everyone). I chose to head back to Kerbin because 1) I was tired, and 2) Mom was shouting at me to do the laundry. Other then that, I guess my desicions have been "Should I build this plane now, or after lunch?" #LifeOfTheMostUnderAveragePersonOnTheForums
  7. So what song is stuck in your head today?

  8. So everyone, I know how you're wanting to hear more from WWK. However, as some of you might know, I had another story planned before WWK. The Final Stand. Well, here are a few brief excerpts that I wrote over the summer. Enjoy!



        As I looked out on the desolate terrain, somehow everything smelled like home. Or at least, as much smell as a barren, grey dust-covered rock without an atmosphere can give. Walking up out of my crater, I gave a sly smile looking out at the trading outpost and saw a transport ship slowly hovering down; likely filled with tons of stuff. Hopefully Johnny had come through again. When I had finally felt the dust had settled enough, I started walking over.


        “Well well well, look what we have here boys!” I whipped my head around and looked at 3 rough looking figures; all 3 of which were carrying pretty darn heavy weaponry. “Uh… Hi.. There.. Do you guys know where the Quartermaster is?” They gave me an evil sounding laugh and I got the feeling they were anything but the Quartermaster. “Oh, he’ll be along.. Eventually. But we get first pick. So move out of the way or get blown out of the way, kid.” The leader raised his gun, which I recognized immediately. “Bolt 9000… Only ISM Troops are supposed to have that!” I whispered in surprise, my hands up. “Well who says I didn’t steal it? Move it!” I stood my ground; half wanting to defend my ship and half petrified. “Fine then..” He raised up the Bolt, and I felt it warming up; a deep rumbling in my gut that kept on growing and growing. Then, just as he was about to pull the trigger, a loud POW! Noise filled the chamber, and the gun shattered in half. “What the?!” The leader exclaimed, dropping the gun and waving his hand as a bit of hot metal brushed his arm.
        “Causing trouble Buster?” A lone figure asked, slinging his rifle over his shoulder. He had a confident smirk on his face, and I felt like somehow, I recognized him. He slowly jetted down using his RCS pack, and when he was on the ground, he began walking towards the gang group. “You get out of here, Symp,” The leader, Buster, snarled. “I think not," The figure smiled, grabbing two small pistols that looked extremely old. “See, I’ve got 3 guns. And you’ve got none. So skedaddle. Go on.” He waved his hands in a “Shoo” motion. “I’ll get you for this,” Buster muttered, before walking out; his two henchkerbs trudging behind him. My savior sighed, and shook my hand.
        “Thank you, sir,” I breathed, feeling like I might pass out from the adrenaline rush. “What’s your name?” He cocked his head and muttered. “You know, no-one’s ever asked me that before.. Call me the Lone Ranger.” Again, I felt like I had heard that somewhere before. “Well, let’s see what we’ve got. I’m supposed to get a shipment of food either this Kerbol cycle or next.” He went into the cargo hold, and I resisted the urge to tell him it was restricted. After all, he had just saved my life. “Let’s see here.. Guns.. Ammo… More Guns.. Geezum you’d think we’re at war here! Ah here we go. Food.” He lifted up a large package and balanced it on his shoulders.
        “Follow me. Unless of course you want those goons to come back and blow your brains out.” He began walking out, and I trotted after him.

        “Welcome to my humble abode,” The Ranger said, waving to his “House”. It was pretty darn good for a makeshift outpost; it had an oxygen compressor, Water Regeneration, Solar Panels, and a working ox seal. However, everything was extremely old; at least 40 or 50 years. Inside, it was a bit less luxurious; similar to a one-room apartment. The Ranger set down the box and began opening it; pulling out package upon package of food. “Nirvana,” He said, throwing me a package like a frisbee. Due to the low gravity of Dres, the package floated into my hands.
        “So. What’s a kid like you doing in a rat hole like this?" Ranger asked with a smirk, biting into a burger. “The main pilot got reassigned to the Jool System. I’m just a lowly Lieutenant, so they threw me into the ICT850 and told me where to go.” My cheeks reddened in embarrassment, and Ranger chuckled. “Ah poor kid. I remember back in my first days at the KSC.. Everyone thought us lowly privates and corporals were the most expendable beings known to kerbal-kind.” The KSC.. Surely he doesn’t mean the ISP.. Right? The KSC had been shuttered years ago, and in its place the International Space Port was born. I only just remembered it from my history books. As Ranger threw the package in a composter, I saw the tag it was addressed to. I caught a JE, but then his hand covered it up. Curiosity got the better of me, but before I could ask, my radio crackled. “Danny! Where are you? Come in Danny!” The Quartermaster’s voice shouted loudly at me, and I got up from my chair.
        “I’ve got to go,” I told Ranger. “Fine. But before you return to Kerbin, tell everyone you know the news.” I cocked my head. “What news?” I asked, my heart rate speeding up. “Tell them: ‘Jebediah Kerman, General of the NSKAF and Captain of the ISF Reliant in the Battle of Kerbin sends a message. I have returned.’”

  9. Might I make a suggestion? Yes? Coolio. So if you're a F1 fan, you'll know of the team Red Bull Racing. Dominant from 2009 to 2013 (Winning 4 straight Drivers and Constructors championships), RBR was the dominant force in F1. In 2014, they unleashed a new livery for testing. The Dazzlecamo. A white and black collection of horizontal trapezoids and random lines, attempting to distract competitors and hide key aerodynamic parts on their car. This is my suggestion. A Dazzlecam livery.
  10. Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Whoozit? I doubt it, but maybe @Just Jim frequents these parts..
  11. Who is the most significant person on the forum to you?

    Mainly @Just Jim and @adsii1970 for helping me with my writing. Without y'all, I probably wouldn't be on my 5th story
  13. Formula 1 2017

    NO NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (You can tell my feelings on that flip flop I'm sure)