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  1. DarkOwl57

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    I see two and a half logical reasons why they'd cancel in that case. L1) They could be worried about either students like yours who have to make a trek in worse conditions, or about possible issues that could arise later in the day (Is there a second front coming around when school is about to dismiss? What about bus routes? etc.) L2) If there was water around the area before, it could have frozen over creating ice patches that could endanger safety. L2.5) L1 could also apply for teachers. If certain teachers live away from school and are unable to make it, then the school might not have enough teachers for the kids- in which case it's just a wasted day.
  2. DarkOwl57

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Just remember; just because it's puny (or vice versa) where you live doesn't mean it's the same either where the majority of students live or where the school itself is*. You also have to take into account ice, future forecasts for the time before school is scheduled to release, etc. etc. *- I live about 20 minutes away from my school and when it snows just a tad bit over where I live we get a bit antsy. The roads in the school's town are far from perfect, and even a small 5-minute rainshower means some houses get flooded. Long way of saying that there are multiple factors to consider.
  3. DarkOwl57

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    I've learned that Physics is my new favorite class. Today's discussion: - Our coach got to chill with President Bush in Crawford, Texas - How long would it take to go from one corner of the US to the other in a straight line - How much would it cost to uber from West Texas to Venice Beach, LA? (The answer: $2,197 if you take regular Uber, $4,200 if you take Uber XL) - How to do fingertip pushups if you don't have fingertips (the guy has them) - What's the difference between a passport and a visa? (Passport: ~2-week stay. Visa: Over two weeks) - Oh, and some mumbo-jumbo about sound waves...
  4. DarkOwl57

    The Saga of Emiko Station - Volume I - Complete

    WARNING! Do not attempt to reach through bars! Writers are liable to bite. NOT responsible for any bodily harm or injury caused by poking writers during work.
  5. DarkOwl57

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    *The girl who I asked to be quiet
  6. DarkOwl57

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    *Two people being stupid loud behind me in class talking about god knows what* "Excuse me could you stop?" "Uh, you're being really distracting to me and I'd like you to stop" HOLD ON WHAT NOW?!
  7. So hang on. There's sand on the solar panels, correct? Well, what would happen if some wind blew the dust off? Then the solar panels would get light, the rover would power up, and then Opportunity is alive!
  8. Gosh... I never really heard about the poor thing until a little while back... But that thing's been alive for... 93.75% of my life... Long Live Oppy!
  9. DarkOwl57

    The Saga of Emiko Station - Volume I - Complete

    Oh my, that was g- Wait... Over? OVER?!?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN "OVER"?!?!?!
  10. DarkOwl57

    Life At The Top (A KSP Racing Novel) (34. Basil)

    So the last chapter came last year. Let's get back into the swing of things, shall we? Time for Basil- the penultimate round. Again, sorry for the delay, but I do hope that this chapter makes up for it. Chapter 34: Basil 7:30 pm, 1 Week, 6 Days later. Practice for Round 9 of 10; The Basilian Grand Prix. Circuito Nacional da Basiléia. I blasted down out of Turn 17 and hopped over the curb, trying to catch Max on the timing sheets. I opened up the DRS out of Turn 18, and the car started speeding up. The suspension bounced over the bumps in the track and put sparks up into the air as I drove. The engine roared down the straight, and I broke hard for Turn 1. The left front locked up on braking and I went offline, and I shook my head. “Nothing we’re doing with the setup is working here. I’m either oversteering, or I can’t turn in. It’s awful, absolutely awful.” I slowed up to try another go- racing at around 75%. I ran over the inside curbing of Turn 2 and hung out offline. I went down low when I got a clear space and picked up some rubber. “So what happened there?” I sighed and turned into 4 and 5. “I just locked up the left front and ran wide. Don’t think I beat the tires up too bad though.” I waited for a few corners before gunning it out of Turn 10 and started getting ready to go at it again. The car felt good as I flew out of Turn 11, and I got ready to get into the braking zone for the 12-13 chicane. I ran over the curbing and threw the car out of Turn 13. The rear tried to step out just a little bit, but I kept it under control as I went down the straight. I broke for Turn 14, and the rear tried to step out again. I hit the curbing for 15 and 16, before heading to 17. As soon as I started turning in, the rear stepped out big time. It hit the curb, and the rears lost whatever traction was left. Almost in slow motion, I started turning the wheel right. The car slowly turned back right, and my eyes widened as I tried to kick the car back to the left. The rears slid and pulled left. My vision changed from the wide-open track ahead to the hard concrete barrier on the outside of the turn. The tires started smoking, and I pulled my hands off the wheels- crossing my arms across my chest. I lifted my feet and closed my eyes as the car sped towards the wall. I heard nothing but the loud screeching of tires, followed by the swish of the car slipping over grass. Then, there was a loud crash as the nose pounded into the wall. My whole body was thrown forward, and I felt the car start to spin across the track. Debris flew off the car, and I kept my eyes closed before I felt the car come to a stop. My heart was racing, and I cautiously opened up my eyes. The front of the car was smashed in beyond recognition, and both of the front wheels were gone off the car. I put up the visor and sighed. “Jeb, are you alright? That was a really hard hit.” I keyed the radio button and started trying to get myself unbuckled as the hushed crowd waited. “Yeah, I’m good,” I sighed, tugging at my belts. I tried to pull my legs up, but I felt a pinching on my thighs. I looked down and saw that the chassis of the car had actually bent from the impact, and my legs were pinned to the holes on either side of the steering column. “Uh… Okay, maybe I’m not alright. I think I’m pinned in here.” I undid the wheel and put it up on the top of the nose as the emergency crews arrived. “Alright, just stay in there until the med crews arrive, just stay calm.” I undid the straps to the helmet and handed it to one of the marshals that got to me first. “Okay?” One of the marshals gave me a thumbs up with a thick accent, and I nodded before pointing to my legs. “Pinned,” I said simply, and the marshals looked confused. I sighed and pointed down to my leg again, but they didn’t get it. I extended my arm out and grabbed it with my right hand- squeezing tight while I tried to pull my left arm out away from my hand. They still didn’t get it, and I shook my head. “Legs pinned,” I desperately tried to explain. “Can’t get my legs out.” The marshals looked at me, confused. “Are you hurt?” I shook my head and pointed down to my legs while one marshal got back behind me to get a better look. As I turned and pointed to my legs, he nodded with what I assumed to be an “Ah-ha” moment. He fired off a fast string of Basilian, and the other marshals came over. There was some muttering before one started talking into the walkie-talkie on his belt. About a minute later, a couple more came over with a drill. Behind them, Andy was jogging up- along with a kerbal in a fancy-looking suit. By now I had all my headgear off and could talk freely as Andy kneeled with his hand on the sidepod. “You good, man?” Andy looked worried, but my nod seemed to ease him a bit. “Yeah, I’m good.” I held my hands up to give him a visualization. “When I hit the wall, I think the chassis got bent up, and I can’t get my legs up out of the box.” I pointed for him to look down and he saw, nodding. The kerbal in the suit started speaking Basilian, and there was some muttering from the marshals. Andy turned to the marshals. “Do y’all think you can maybe take out the seat? That might give Jeb some room to work with and maybe shimmy out.” I raised my eyebrow as who I assumed to be the translator started speaking again. “How do you think that’ll work?” Andy shifted over, and I tried to shimmy over. He pointed to some screws on the side of the cockpit. “We could unscrew this and see if that works- it’s got a little bit of cushion there that might give you the room you need.” I nodded, and the translator turned back to Andy. “Sounds like a plan,” Andy nodded. I looked at Andy before looking up at the translator and giving a nod of my own. The marshals got the drill and started drilling out the sides of the seat. The biggest challenge was trying to get the ones behind me. Andy had to get at the front and grab my hands- pulling me up and giving the team room to use the drill. Finally, after about 6 or 7 minutes of working, the team pulled the seat up and out of the cockpit. I sat back on the hard metal and immediately felt some of the pressure relieved off my thighs. “That feels better,” I nodded as Andy got back to my side. I put my arms on the side of the cockpit and gently tried to slide my legs out of the box. I managed to get all the way up, and the crowd started clapping. I stood up and waved to the crowd- getting more cheers as I stepped out. I leaned in towards Andy and tried to talk over the noise. “You think we’re going to be able to get the car all fixed up for quali tomorrow?” He nodded, and we started walking back to the paddock. I had a quick thought and turned around to the translator. “How do you say ‘Thank You?’” I asked as the marshals started getting the debris picked up. The translator turned to me before responding. “Obrigado,” he responded, and I nodded. I went to every marshal who was working on the car, shook their hands, and said thanks to everyone who helped out with the car. One marshal handed me my helmet, and I thanked her twice. Finally, after everyone was properly acknowledged, I jogged back to Andy and waved to the crowd again- drawing a massive roar from everyone. Max met us out at the start of the pit lane, and he gave me a clap on the back. “You good, bud?” I looked at him and rolled my eyes as he put his hand on my shoulder. “Come on guys, y’all act like I’m made of glass or something! I’m fine, trust me.” We walked into the garage, and he sat down on a stack of tires as I leaned back in a chair. Andy handed me a tablet and sat down next to me as I pulled up a replay. They both pulled up a plastic chair and sat around me. “I just lost it, plain and simple,” I sighed as they both started watching the slow-mo. I saw the car bounce over the curbing, and I paused it just as I turned in for Turn 17. “Right there,” I said, pointing at the rear of the car that was just a small bit offline from the front of the car. “The rear is just way too loose on the fast direction changes… It’s trying to be more of a drift car than a K1 car.” I restarted the replay and saw myself try to correct the car before the rears whipped around. I watched the front end crush the wall and start spinning. Sparks flew off the nose as the front suspension collapsed- the right front shooting out underneath the nose before flying out away from the car. The car came to a stop, and I paused it again. The front of the nose was tilted downward and had lifted the main chassis body off the tarmac. I hit the rewind button and saw the crash again- this time in full speed. “Geez,” Max said as the car spun around as the camera shook with a concussive thud over the speakers. “That was rough.” Andy shook his head. “We could try to tighten up the rear roll bar and soften the suspension…” I could practically see his brain working as he put his hand under his chin. “That way we wouldn’t sacrifice high-speed cornering but can go over the curbs more aggressively. We’re also going to work on the brake bias some- we can run sims tomorrow morning before quali.” He stood up and started tapping on his phone- jotting down the notes as he started walking to the computer. He looked back at us and waved. “Jeb, you’re good to go- we’re done for the day. Get some food, get some rest.” I nodded as Claire looked up at the timing screens. She shook her head and turned back to Max. “You’re good, Max,” she said, closing up her laptop and putting it in her bag. “There’s not enough time to get another run in.” I put my cap on and shrugged off my firesuit- putting it in a small portable locker at the side of the garage. The clock ticked down before finally expiring just as the wrecked car was pulled into the pit lane by the flatbed. I grimaced and turned away from the scratched and scraped paint- not wanting to look at the mistake that I had caused. Quali was going to be difficult. But the race was going to be even harder. 6:45 pm, The next day. Round 9 of 10: The Basilian Grand Prix. Basil International Raceway, Basil (Circuito Nacional da Basiléia) “Since the dawn of motorsport, Baskay has been the home of racing. Tonight, the world of K1 heads into Basil- the penultimate round in the championship. “The pressure is on for Jebediah Kerman, after a tough string of luck. A close loss last race in Halco and a brutal crash last night has left the 2035 series champ with a lot to get ready for in tonight’s showdown. Meanwhile, it’s been all-smiles from the other half of the garage, as Max Kerman took a commanding lead in qualifying- looking to bring the championship down to the series finale in three weeks time. Who will take victory in this race that goes from dusk to dark? It’s time to find out. This is the Basilian Grand Prix. … Three small jets tore through the humid air, and the crowd cheered the green, red, and white display. I put my hat back on and walked back to my car- giving Max a handshake as I walked. Basil was his favorite circuit, and he had dominated the track throughout his K1 career. “We good?” I gave Andy a high five and set my hat on the table next to his computer. The team had done a great job getting the car fixed before qualifying, and it was somehow able to get me into second place on the grid. “Everything’s looking good…” He tapped away on his laptop, and I put on the head sock before grabbing the helmet. The helmet had some nice flame decals on the sides, and I ran my hand over it before sliding it on. I stepped up into the cockpit and sat down into the seat- feeling the cushion back in the cockpit after the crash last night. I slid into the familiar cockpit padding and clicked the wheel in as a couple of engineers started buckling me in. The crowd was cheering and clapping as the rest of the drivers made their way down the grid. “Comm check,” Andy said over the radio as I put the gloves on. I smiled and raised the visor to let in some cool air. “Loud and clear,” I replied with a thumbs-up. I saw a tv camera pointed at me a little ways away, and I waved. “Beautiful night for a race. Hope the fans are going to enjoy the race here- it’s gonna be a fun one.” The team put the tires on as the final light came on the pylon. I turned the wheel a couple of times and watched the front tires roll. The light turned off, and I launched out of the grid slot behind Max. The tires smoked a little bit as I got the wheels spinning to get some heat into them and Andy came on over the radio. “It’s a nice cool 70º here in Basil. Tiny 3mph wind out of the West, so we’re going to get a tailwind down the 3-4 straight. Be ready for anything here in Turn 1; the other teams behind are probably going to try something on us down there.” I rolled down out of the hill and let the car coast a bit before weaving down the straight. “Absolutely beautiful night…” I looked up through my darkened visor at the stars that peaked through the dim sunset. “Let’s be smart tonight, guys. Thirty laps ahead of us here- long race to get the job done. Good luck and be safe down there in the pits.” I weaved through the corners and brushed over the curbing in 4 and 5- drawing a small buzz from the tires as I went over the rumble strip. We didn’t have any car updates this go around- we were using the same wing designs as we used in Owlia and Aquaria. We had also done our best to get the maximum output out of the front wing- using a small connector that gave us just that little bit extra downforce. It went from the back of the bottom front wing to the front of the top front wing, which not only made the car a bit grippier but it also made the car have this cool look from the front. After rolling through the formation lap and getting the tires warmed up, it was go-time. I flew through Turn 18 and started getting the car ready for the launch over the bumpy course. The engine toned down and I felt the crowd’s energy radiating off of the stands as the rest of the grid filed in. I put the car down into neutral and sat waiting with the visor up and the air blowing onto my face. I sighed as the engine sat in idle before the final car slotted into line. A single light came on. I closed the visor and bounced my legs up and down in the car. A second. I put the car up into Rich and the engine toned up a bit. My heart was racing in anticipation for the start. The third light. I pushed the clutch in and started revving the engine up. Four. The revs grew as I heard the engine tone go from a rumble to a yell. Five. All 20 engines on the grid were screaming as we waited for the lights to go out. The cars were all lined up correctly, and I waited for the lights to shut off. The lights finally went out, and I dropped the clutch. The revs went down, and the tires got their grip- or so I thought. The tires spun, and I got a horrible start off the line. The rears had a tiny bit of smoke, and I struggled to get the car together. The revs finally balanced out but not before Max had gotten well clear- cutting down to the inside to cover the run to Turn 1. The Monsters of Micheal and Louie got on either side of me, and I moved up to get some room into Turn 1 as we entered the turn. I had Micheal on my left and Louie on my right, and we went into Turn 1 three-wide. I turned in, but Micheal squeezed me as Louie cut down with his left rear in front of me. My eyes widened, and I braced for impact. My right front hit the side of Louie’s left-rear tire, and he was sent spinning across in front of me- right into the path of Micheal. Louie’s car slammed into the nose of Micheal and took off the front wing as Micheal slammed into me. My car jumped up into the air and spun around in front of the field. My vision was nothing but the other vehicles as my own vehicle rolled backward- finally coasting off to the runoff of the course. I hit the brakes and shifted down to first before jamming the gas and spinning the car around with a yell from the engine and a cloud of smoke from the tires. I got back on track and saw Micheal off to the side (facing backward) without a front wing and some nose damage, while Louie had a shattered and destroyed left rear suspension- facing back and out of the race. I went down into Turn 2 and hit the radio. “WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!” I screamed into the radio and felt a lack of turning grip in Turn 3. “Micheal forced me up the track and Louie pinched me! IDIOTS! Box, I think I have front wing damage.” I paused for a moment before shouting out an unprintable curse and shook my head. I felt a big lack of turning in the car through Turns 4 and 5, while Micheal was slow behind me. “Copy bud, we’ll report it to Charlie. Bear down and keep focused- we’re ready for you to box in.” I sighed and raced through down into the Turn 6/7 double-apex with as much speed as I could carry before braking for 8. The car was in terrible shape, and I was steamed from the crash as I went through the 12-13 kink section. I shifted down out of launch revs and started focusing on my new race plan- charging up through the field and minimizing the mistakes to come back and get into a position to challenge. The field flew through the chicane with myself hot on their heels- trying to get as much time back as I could before taking the pit stop. As soon as I got into the pit entry, I saw the lights on the steering wheel and the steward’s boards go yellow, and I gave a sigh of relief. “Alright, Safety Car bud, Safety Car. This is our shot here.” I nodded and pulled into the pit stall- ready to get the service. Except when I got there, the team stayed stock still. The timer ran and they didn’t even lift the car up. “Let’s go!” I waved my hands for them to move but they didn’t even flinch until what I guessed to be around five or six seconds had passed. When they finally lifted me up, I punched the side of the cockpit. “WHAT THE HECK GUYS?!” Andy was silent as they took the tires off and fitted on a new front wing. “They gave us the penalty,” Andy sighed as I was released just in front of Micheal. “WHAT?!” I was furious as I flew out down the exit road onto the track as the field had bunched up behind the Safety Car. “THEY HIT ME! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO AVOID THAT?!” Andy sighed again and I caught up to the back of the line. “It’s unfair but there’s nothing we can do about it now. Just bear down and stay focused.” I shook my head and keyed the radio again. “But that’s bull! There was no way I was ever-“ Andy cut me off. “Jeb!” I paused. “Listen to me. We can’t change it. Yes it was stupid, yes we deserved to have the penalty on Micheal, but it’s not. Screaming into the radio ain’t going to change the steward’s call. Just get focused and charge up through the field, okay?” I groaned and started weaving into Turns 6 and 7. “Alright. Maybe we can salvage something out of this race if we get lucky.” I was furious as I saw Micheal rolling up on me as the Safety Car started nearing its end. He kept a good ways back (for a good reason might I add) before the restart. On Lap 5 the race went back green and I launched away- timing my restart to perfection and blazing past a couple of backmarkers. I flew around the left side of a RedWing and Fire Energy car before Turn 1 and got up to 14th by the apex. I didn’t have the help of blue flags and the other drivers knew it- defending as if their lives depended on it. I just smiled and cut past around the outside of Turn 4 and finally getting around the three by Turn 5. I kept methodically slicing through the field as the competition got steadily got faster and faster. I dove up the inside of a LakeFront into Turn 12 on Lap 6, flew around a ProGen’s outside in Turn 3 (Lap 8), and simply stormed past a TT with the help of DRS on the front straight on Lap 12. I was up to P7 by Lap 14 when I caught up to the next gaggle of cars in front of me. There was a single LakeFront, a RedWing, and, somehow, a Lion car all ahead of me. I tried to get past down the front straight but got blocked despite my DRS. “Where’s Max,” I asked as we all raced down through Turn 2 and 3. There was some pause and I got in the slipstream before Andy answered me. “Turn 10,” He answered almost dejectedly. I shook my head and got ready to pass in Turn 4. As soon as I broke for Turn 5, however, there was a puff of smoke in front. My eyes widened and I saw the orange LakeFront go into a spin in front of me. The LakeFront slammed into the Lion, with the RedWing going way wide off to the outside. I went to the inside and the Lion went with me before getting slammed by the LakeFront. I felt a big crash on the right side of my car and both cars went off the track- right in front of the RedWing who had pretty much stopped to avoid the crash entirely. “WOO BOY!” I pulled out of the corner with the tires laying down two lines of rubber on the track before my wheel went yellow. “HOW THE HECK DID I MISS THAT?!” Andy laughed before telling me that the Safety Car was out. I thought for a second, and Andy came back on the radio. “We can pit now. Box in!” I gunned the gas and started rushing back to the pits before catching up to P3- a PhantomTech. I muttered under my breath and tapped my fingers on the back of the wheel before Andy came back. “Max is in… We’ll have time to avoid double-stacking.” “Copy,” I replied anxiously- weaving behind the yellow and black car. The PhantomTech car pulled into the pits as well, and I got into the pit stall with the team lifting me up on cue. Four tires came off, and four came back on as the fuel was topped off. Finally, after the 10-second timer was up, I was dropped and had flown out of the pit stall with a trail of smoke and a squeal from the tires. I had gotten out just behind the PhantomTech car, but beneath my helmet I was grinning. I had gone from P17 on the grid to P4. I weaved behind the three other cars and saw Max’s tail just in front of me. I anxiously waited behind and started getting the tires hot. Finally, the Safety Car started pulling away and Max backed up the field. I flicked the engine up into Rich and got ready for the restart. Suddenly, Max jumped and we all went- the engines roaring in unison as we shifted up to get up to speed. I got on the inside of the PhantomTech and put the pressure on down the straight. We crossed the start/finish line and I managed to get a good run down into the corner. A bright pink Racing Point K1 car was in P2, and I held behind him in Turns 2 and 3. I used a bit of the EPB and started shooting down out of the corner- flying off the corner and right onto the rear end of the car. The other car went left to defend the inside but I held in the slipstream before quickly darting out right. I got next to the right-rear tire of the other car before braking for Turn 5, and I had to give him room and get back down inside to the racing line. I had to stay behind before cutting out of the slipstream entering Turn 6. I squeezed my way up the inside and the car gave me the room before I slipped up the inside in 7 up the hill. Max was close ahead- braking for Turn 8 about half a second before I did. I went on maximum attack and started pushing to catch up- flying over the curbing through Turns 8 and 9. I was in the maximum attack mode and fought for every last inch down into Turn 10 as Max locked up into the hairpin turn. I tried to get up the inside but he cut back down just in time, and I had to hit the brakes hard to keep from running into the back of him. I flew off the high-speed turn 11 corner and stormed over the outside curb. I used some more EPB and caught up a little bit before braking for Turn 12. I dashed down inside but didn’t try a dive- just letting Max know I was right on top of him. We both rumbled over the curbs and I stayed in the rubber line with him. I was about to dive up the inside in Turn 14 but Max predicted it just in time- slicing down the track and cutting off my run. The suspension flexed over the chicane’s curbs, and I felt the car smoothly handle the bumps. We flew down the start/finish line out of Turn 18 and went up a tiny hill before crossing the line to start Lap 21. “10 to go,” Andy said over the radio before I broke for Turn 1. Max was just far enough ahead to where I couldn’t get past by slipstream, and I had to wait as we raced through Turn 2 and 3. I faked outside before sweeping inside, but Max didn’t take the bait down the straight. I broke hard for Turns 4 and 5 as Max locked up a little bit- distracting me and forcing me wide. The crowd cheered loudly as we passed and I tried to get back to the inside. I got my nose up the inside in the hairpin and wheeled past. As I put the power down, I lost a little bit of grip and fishtailed a tiny bit, but Max stayed behind me. Then, I realized my mistake. Max, who hadn’t cleared me yet, was going to have the inside for Turn 6 and 7. I tried to get past using a mix of EPB and Rich, but Max was able to keep up with me and fly past around the inside. We shot up the hill and I had to regroup myself before turning down the engine. I tried another lunge into Turn 10 but Max had me cut off easily before the apex. After that, I felt the tires starting to go as I had pushed too hard. A lockup into Turn 5, a traction loss out of Turn 13, a snap of oversteer in Turn 3. Max slowly started getting away. The laps ticked down, but as the final lap began, I was still on top of Max. Now, I had to attack. “Andy, how much can I push,” I asked as I came out of Turn 18 to begin the final lap. There was some silence before Andy simply replied with three words. “Go for it.” I flicked the car up into Rich and felt the car lurch forward a little bit more as I gunned the gas down the straight. I broke hard for Turn 1 and clipped the apex perfectly- throwing up a tiny bit of grass from the inside of the curb as I went over the rumble strip. We raced down the hill to Turn 2 and I felt the G-forces pull at me through the high-speed turns. I opened DRS out of Turn 3 and cut into the slipstream of Max- gaining a lot down the straight. I caught up to Max, before darting inside. I went down and got along-side Max on braking for Turn 4, and I out-broke him in Turn 5. I rolled past on the inside and actually managed to get clear- leading for the first time all night. I cut Max off as I flew up to the outside, and I managed to hold him off into Turn 6/7. The cars sparked off the ground when we bounced up the hill, and Max tried a lunge into Turn 8. He got up the inside but I had the better line for Turn 9. I got past as the crowd roared loud enough that I could hear them through my helmet and the noise from the cars. I held the lead through Turn 10 and swept wide up to the outer limits of the track out of Turn 11. I hit the brakes hard for Turn 12, but the tires had had enough. The right-front locked up in a massive plume of white smoke, and the car went straight on before I managed to get it slowed down. Max easily went by the inside as I had to go over the raised curbing and cut the corner, and flew past me. I cursed in my helmet- punching the steering wheel as the crowd roared. I tried to catch back up down into Turn 14, but the right front had a horrible blister on about half of the tire. I felt a vibration every time the patch hit the ground. I broke hard for Turn 14 and the car understeered horribly, allowing Max to get away more. I went down into Lean and sighed as we pulled through the chicane. We raced through Turn 18 and Max started weaving down the straight- hand up in victory as the crowd roared at us down the front straight. I watched the white wording on the wall (Obrigado Basil!) flash by on the green background before the fireworks blasted up into the air. Yellow balls of light blew up in the sky with percussive thuds- illuminating the track a little bit more through the circuit lighting. I crossed the line and went up the track to get in line for Turn 1 as the crowd thundered around us. I shook my head and opened up the visor just a bit as we rolled through 2. The warm, humid air felt not that different from inside the helmet, but I felt it cooling me just a little bit as I hit the radio. “Dang,” I muttered, almost breathless but still a bit angry with myself. “I’m sorry about that, guys,” I replied. “That’s my fault. 110% my fault there. Y’all worked your butts off and I just…” I sighed and shook my head. “Jeb,” Andy replied quietly as I got alongside Max down the back straight. “It’s okay. We just had a lot of stuff go wrong there- nothing you could have done. You fought like heck and the world’s going to remember that. Obviously, we’re going to go over everything in the debrief, but great job tonight.” I looked at Max waving to the crowd with his visor open- a beaming smile on his face through the helmet. “‘Great’ job would be a victory. This is a good job at best.” Andy didn’t try to fight me and I just bent my head down as we rolled through the rest of the lap in victory formation. The crowd whistled and cheered at us in our two-wide formation. I pulled into the station for P2 and shut the engine off while the team clapped and cheered behind us along with the fans. I heard the rustling of reporter’s cameras as I stepped out of the car, and kept the visor almost shut- not wanting the cameras to catch how truly furious I was with myself. Max was giving high-fives to his crew but I just nodded in Andy’s direction before briskly walking back behind the door to head up to the cool-down room. There wasn’t anyone in the stairwell to the lounge and I paused for a brief bit before shouting as loud as I could beneath my helmet- letting out all the rage I could. Before I knew what was happening my fist flew out and slammed into the wall- cracking the drywall and making my hand hurt like crazy. I shook my head, panting, and resumed the trek up the stairwell to the lounge. I finally made the call to take off my helmet and set it on the table along with the HANS device. I grabbed a towel and a bottle of water before pouring some water on the towel and laying down on the couch. I put the towel over my face and immediately felt it start to cool me down. “I just look in my mirror as I-“ I heard Max’s voice chatting with someone as they walked up the stairwell. “And all of a sudden, I see-“ Max’s voice paused as he muttered something. There was a brief hush before they continued walking back up to the room. The door creaked open and I stayed still on the couch. “Anyways, I see one car sideways, one car going around, and one car in the air. After that, I just did my best to get out and away.” I felt a tap on my leg before what sounded like a camera crew came in. Max and the other driver continued talking as I just stayed perfectly still. After what felt like an eternity, I finally heard the PA announcer come on. I sighed, took the towel off my face, sat up, and grabbed my towel. The third-place driver wore the bright and distinct PhantomTech firesuit, and I saw a bright yellow “55” on the back of the suit. I thought for a moment before realizing it was Chris- one of the drivers who had joined the series a couple of years before I had. “Em terceiro lugar, para a PhantomTech, número cinquenta e cinco, Chris Kerman!” He jogged out to the podium and there were some cheers from the crowd. I put on the second-place cap and sighed as I waited for the announcer to call my name. “Em segundo lugar, para a OTech Race Team, número treze, dois mil e trinta e seis campeão K1 Jebediah Kerman!” There was a massive cheer from the crowd and I walked out with a scowl on my face before waving to the crowd on the second step of the podium. Without the walls to cover the insane amount of noise, the PA system and crowd were right in my ears. Finally, it was time for Max. “E os seus dois mil e trinta e sete vencedores do Grande Prêmio da Basiléia, para a OTech Race Team, número trinta e três - Max Kerman!” The crowd roared and I was almost blown back by the insane amount of raw noise. Max jogged out with a massive smile on his face and his hand up in the air to wave to the crowd. He stopped in front of the podium and leaned over the railing with his fists up to the crowd, and looked like he yelled something to the crowd before running back up to the podium- beaming from ear to ear. He took his hat off and wiped his forehead on his sleeve before putting it back on, and the anthem started playing. The anthem finally ended and I took the trophy with what I hoped looked like a smile. I sat down on the podium and just waited as Max and Chris sprayed the champagne over the cars over the railing. Max laughed before turning back to me, and his smile dropped. He walked over to me and bent down to talk to me. “Hey-“ Before he could even start, I shook my head and muttered. “Shove off,” I muttered, bowing my head. “Jeb, lis-“ I stood up and pushed Max away, and he staggered back before regaining his balance- almost falling back into Chris. His face looked shocked and he held his hands out in a “What did I do,” look. Chris turned around and his smile kind of dipped for a moment before he turned back to his team. I was breathing heavily and dropped my hands from a fighting position. “Sorry,” I sighed before sitting back onto the podium. The crowd was noticeably quieter than before and I just shook my head. Another thought flashed through my mind and I put my head in my hands. I could have sealed the championship up tonight if I had beat Max. But I didn’t. And I had no one to blame but myself.
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    Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    Granted. There's now two of you and both are used for research on human cloning. I wish that it was track season already.
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    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Today during physics:
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    Confuse the Next Poster!

    I'm not even epileptic and I almost had a seizure, geez
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    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Only highlight of the Super Bowl
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    Thread to complain bout stuff

    There's no way! NFL100 was by far the best. Seeing Tom Brady handing Baker his rings and watching Odell... Odell, it was amazing! Maybe that's just the football in me though. Amazon Alexa was pretty good though No problem, I play a lot of FIFA and that was the biggest stretch I could make lol