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  1. Haha someone gets it! Well in behind the scenes deals, I'd like to think that Gene told the government that they were developing a new concept multirole fighter (Also, when you think about it, how many planes did Gene wreck during Civil War? 2? 3?) Ringa ding ding ding!! Victory to the Starfish clan!
  2. Ah sorry. Life has been.... Hectic. At best. I'm getting almost no sleep, Football is a mess, the weather is deciding that since we're outside for 4 extra hours, it needs to be 100 degrees and sunny, and on top of THAT, my KSP's bugging out. I know I'm gonna sound like a whiny little brat for saying this, but I just want to have time to do what I want! Anyways, you guys don't want to here about my life. Here it is.. Chapter 6. (Note: No pics again; KSP got waaaaaay too laggy and I didn't have the time to fix it.) Thanks to @Azimech for making the Lambo Mashup, without which, this chapter probably wouldn't have a main focus point. (Authors note: I based a lot of the stats off of the 2018 McLaren 720S, but the Azimech creation is the exterior.) (Authors note #2: If anyone guesses what song Val's singing in the car, tell me and you'll either get a character in the story, or a cookie.) (Authors note #3: If anyone wants to see a real corkscrew flip with an all-fours landing, go here) Chapter 6 The Lambo Time: 2 Months, 1 Week later Valentina grunted as she landed from what seemed to be the thousandth chin-up. "That felt good," She said as she clapped her hands, heading over to the treadmill. "You really shouldn't be trying thi-" The instructor warned, before Val muttered "Shut up," and started up the machine. The brace scratched a bit when she moved her arms down, but the pain seemed to be abating for the most part. Whether it was her determination, or some stellar genetics, the rib that was supposed to take 4 to 5 months of healing took only 2, and Val had started rehab 5 days before. "Heyoo," Jim walked in as Val put on a sweatshirt. "I've got Christina's replacement here." A young kerbal walked in. He was a little bit taller than Christina. Really muscular too. Slender, but not thin. Definitely did athletics in school. "Ben, meet the unofficial queen of the KSC, Valentina Kerman." Jim gave an extravagant wave, like those people on the game shows. (And here before you is your brand new car! *Cue wave*) "Hi," Ben gave a polite smile as he shook Val's hand. "Welcome to the KSC! I'm normally in a plane, but gravity got angry with my car," Val joked, before pointing menacingly at Jim. "Call me Valentina again and I'll smack you," She warned. The 3 chatted around, before Gene walked in. He opened his mouth, and his face contorted as if he had just bit into a lemon. "Oh gods! Who's the onion?" He exclaimed, pinching his nose. "Gee, thanks," Val muttered. "Ah.. Well that's a problem," Gene said, biting his lip. "What's up?" Gene hesitated, but continued on. "Well, our tech guys have been working on modifying a vehicle. And you're the only one who can test this individual model." A vehicle? Me? With the injury? Oh please let it be a car! A million thoughts raced through Val's head. "Is it a car?" She blurted out first. Gene smiled. "Yes, it's a car. More specifically, it's the 77l LamboX. We've made some.. Minor tweaks." The LamboX was one of, if not the most sought-after cars on the market. It was worth over 1.7 million funds, and even then, only 500 were ever produced before the war. "I'll be back in 20 minutes!" Val squealed in delight, before sprinting out so fast, it was almost like a cartoon where you could see the dust cloud pop up. "I think she's excited," Jim laughed. .......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Val walked out of the Astronaut Complex, and saw Gene standing at the crosswalk to the flagpole. "Ah good, you've arrived," Gene smirked. "Ready to begin?" Val rolled her eyes, and, with an exasperated "Duh," walked over. Gene hit a button on a tiny little chip, and Val heard the almost-silent sound of an engine starting up. Before she could ask, the re-designed "X" rolled up in front of them. "It's self-driving?!" Val asked in shock. "Partially. We recommend using the self-driving feature for a maximum of 500 feet. After that it gets a bit.... Interesting," Gene replied. "It's really good if you want to either make a show at a party, or not walk in a parking lot." "Anyways. This is the 77l LamboX, recreated by us here at the KSC. On the outside, it's practically the same, except for that front splitter," Gene pointed to the new lip at the grinning mouth of the super-car. "However, the real change is on the inside. Step in," Gene said, walking around to the other side of the car. The doors opened up like a bird raising it's wings, and Val smiled at how quiet it was. Glancing inside, Val saw beautiful, hand-crafted leather seats, a digital dashboard, and a steering wheel similar to a Formula K race car. She sat down, and the seat seemed to cradle her back and sides, and the console had 2 cup-holders, an array of different buttons, and, of course, the infamous seat warmer controls. Above the console was the touchscreen panel, which could show everything from a map to the radio station you were on. The dash was similar, with the speed, fuel, temps, remaining miles, current MPG, direction, and weather reports for the next 45 minutes. Then there was the steering wheel, which was filled with loads of buttons. In about 10 seconds, Val read a dial that changed the suspension modes (Sport, Regular, Sport+, GP, and Track), Windshield Wiper controls, toggles for the dash and touchscreen panel, and an ominous orange button. In other words, it looked really expensive. "Wow.." Val breathed, making Gene smile. "6.2 Litres, Turbocharger, almost 650 Kermpower, 8-gear transmission, Paddle-shifters on the wheel, V12, Electric and fuel-driven, Over 60 meters per se- Hey!" Gene rattled off stats, before Val accidentally bumped the radio button. Deciding to make lemonade out of lemons, she began singing along. "You break me down, you made me a b-" She sang along, before Gene muted the radio. "As I was saying. 60 m/s before the test driver backed out out of it." Val was impressed. "Where did they test it?" She asked. "The USK's sand flats," Gene replied. "Wuss," Val scoffed, turning her eyes back to the dash. There's so much stuff! "Let's drive around for a bit. I'd recommend the R&D complex for now; plenty of tight corners to mimic the city," Gene said. Val turned on the headlights, which had a blue tinge to them. "Xenon?" Val asked with a smile, while Gene nodded yes. They drove under the bridge, and then went around the really tight left-hander that was almost impossible to hit in a race car. However, in Sport mode, the steering was nice and responsive. As they turned the corner, a drone started shooting at the car with two .50cal turrets. "Whoah!" Val exclaimed, shifting the car down into reverse and got under cover. "Wait... I'm not.." She muttered. "Dead? Don't worry; it's bulletproof glass," Gene explained. "Hit the orange button," He said, pointing to the ominous button under the horn. Val tapped it, and a computerized voice said "System Armed," While the dash showed a 20mm Vulcan Turret. "No. Way." Val cautiously drove up, and a bright orange glow of pure evil and destruction shot out of the front, just under the windshield base. The "target" got obliterated, and the system shut down. "Oh my gosh this is amazing!" Val grinned, driving forward. As she was thinking about the pure awesomeness of the car, a flash of yellow lit up the car, and a huge BOOOM!!! sounded, making the car rock on it's suspension. "What in the?!" Val exclaimed, shutting down the engine and getting out. The left side had a hole the size of a watch face in it, but other than that, it was perfectly clean and streamlined. "Kitanium," Gene explained. "Stands up to 10,000 degrees and up to 2000 meters per second of impact." What the actual heck?! Over the next hour, Val accidentally shot an interns car, found the call button, launched a rocket, bumped the front nose on a building, and pushed the car so hard on her impromptu race course that she did two spins and a corckscrew flip, landing on all fours. Eventually, they went back to the Astronaut Complex and got out. "Wait.. Is this mine?" Val asked. "100%," Gene said. "Here's the key." He tossed her a square chip about the size of her palm. Val did a little happy dance, spinning around. Then, an idea struck her. "I've got a favor to ask..." .......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... 3 Days later Piper shivered as she stepped out of the cab, decked out in winter apparel; Scarf, wool-knit sweater, boots, gloves, tiny hat- the works. She held a tiny steaming cup of coffee, which was doing a marvelous job of warming her hands. Winter's definitely here, she thought as she saw a couple flakes of sleet floating down to the ground. Not paying attention, she began walking to the set. Then, she bumped into something very solid. "Ow!" She bounced back in shock, looking at what was occupying her parking space. It was a sleek supercar, and it looked more fit for a road course than the actual road. It had a large front splitter, and it's front cover was slanted for extra downforce. What's it doing in my space? Piper ran to the front and saw the note. "Call me. -Val." There was a tiny little chip and an arrow pointing to it with the word "Key" at the base. Piper whipped out her phone and started the call. . . . . . Val was blasting down the highway when the touchscreen alerted her that there was a call coming in. She waited for a few seconds, and then hit the green accept button. "Hel-" She started, but a high-pitched screaming noise filled the car, through the small yet really high-powered speakers. Val waited for what felt like a full minute, and the screaming stopped. "I think you like it," she laughed as Piper gasped for air. "Are you kidding?! It's amazing! How'd you get it?" Piper demanded. "Well, long-story-short, I basically badgered Gene into making another one," Val slyly explained. "You shouldn't have!" Piper said. "Well-" Val tried to argue, but Piper interrupted. "No, really. I'm never going to learn all of these buttons!" "Oh, don't worry about the big orange button; we got the Machine gun out of there. And I'm 90% sure they took the ejector seat out yesterday," Val said. "Machine.. Gun.... Ejector Seat?" Piper asked in an uncertain tone. "Yeah. Just don't tug the steering wheel too hard." "Uh.. Okay. I'll make sure to stay away from that wheel," Piper joked, before hanging up. Val chuckled as she thought about how jealous Angelo would be. As she was thinking about that, Val felt her stomach drop out from under her, and the Anti-Lift system kicked in. Val slammed onto the brake, and the wheels locked up and the car slowly skidded to a stop. She stepped out, and looked around. There, on the ground, there was a long trail that looked like someone had dropped a shovel on the ground and gone 200 miles per hour. Then, a few hundred feet after that, there was a spaghetti trail of black tracks, stopping at a dirty brown puddle. The crash site.. As she remembered the crash, a low rumbling passed overhead. Either an M-13, or a K-1, escorting mission, she thought, before looking up. There, she saw 3 of the old but trusted fighters, escorting a large bomber. These mental games were fun. It was always keeping her on her toes. Then, she heard thunder in the distance. Amazing how much thunder sounds like artillery, Val thought as she got in the car. However, halfway across the world, artillery was all they were hearing....
  3. Ah god sorry for not posting. I have the roster made. However, what I'm lacking is time. I've got a gestapo agent for a mom, who says that if I use the computer after 7pm, it "Keeps me from sleeping" or something baseless and stupid like that. THEN, school started last Thursday, which means Football. I'm ending school at 4, only to stay in football to around 6:30-45. Then, we go home, and it's 7 before I can even get on. Unfortunately, that means I have literally 2 days to get my story, this, and my life all sorted out. AND NOT EVEN 2! Because my mom signed me up for this stupid tutoring thing (Which I don't need in the slightest), which is on Saturday, in the town 45 minutes away. So that takes up basically all of Saturday morning, and then most of the afternoon, so I only have 2 hours to do everything I need to do. Rant. Over.
  4. I was driving a rover, and it rolled. My kerbal died.. Run over by your own car... What a brutal way to go
  5. Well that would seem likely. In their eyes, you violated their rules, and you're going to try to sue them for enforcing them.
  6. *Sees notification* Oh god... I'VE MADE A MOD MAD. RED ALERT! RED ALE- Oh he's cool. Where you have gone.. There is no help... Only trumpets. And tacos. Lots of tacos.
  8. Notice to everyone: I'm working on the screenshots for Chapter 6. I would have been working earlier today, but Football just started up, so I'm gonna be waking up at around 4:45 in the morning, working out until 11:30am-ish, and then throwing my tired-a body at a computer for however many hours I have left in the day. But for now... I.... need.... a...... na-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  9. (I couldn't snip it! it's so dern cute!) KITTY!!!!!!!!!
  10. I edited a config file and am working on SM Marine boats. Before that I was just playing F1 2016. I hate monaco on a keyboard.
  11. Ah. I was running one engine. I'll test it with 2 and see if anything breaks
  12. One interesting glitch I've found; When you use the SM GoFast with that outboard tilt-engine thing, the kraken tends to have a feast. The engine steers it right just a tad, and then all things just... die. The ship goes into a spinny-lag cyclone, and the entire thing wrecks. No matter what I do I can't fix it. Help?
  13. hahahahaha. Don't worry. Plenty of warring to come. As for the car, it'll have Kitanium. (Basically structural plates with edited .cfg files)
  14. Alright, back from good old CO, and now back on the writing. Time to reveal my ADHD million-track mind! So I was playing Need for Speed and driving the Ford GT, so I thought "Hey! I'm like an American James Bond!" And then I thought about how cool it would be to add into the story, so boom. Valentina's gonna get a James Bond car. #DealWithIt