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  1. So I feel like y'all deserve to know what's been up recently. What Happened? To make a very long story short, I burned out. Plain and simple. I got caught up in a KSP group (not the forums, don't worry) that really wasn't that fun. I wasn't enjoying my time, I was stressing out, and I didn't want to turn on the computer to play Kerbal Space Program. The problem got so severe that I ended up not hating KSP, but having a strong dislike. After a little over two and a half years, I left the group in late March. This was both good and catastrophically bad, for differing reasons. On t
  2. So I've been feeling kinda down-ish lately. Nothing too bad, just a bit tired, not interested in very much, etc. This started about a month or so ago, and I just assumed that it would just pass. "Ah, I just didn't get enough sleep," I thought to myself. Well, it's not. I've found myself set off by the easiest of things, especially on Discord- the live chat messaging site I've frequented pretty much every day for the last 2-3 years. A simple joke, a sarcastic comment- I just lose it. I've been alienating my good friends and ignoring everyone else. Track started this last week, and I was lo
  3. So on Sunday I played some Flag Football. Dominated as usual, a few catches and lots of touchdowns in a winning effort for my team. The usual. Get absolutely no sleep (about 3 hours) that night, wake up at 6:30 yesterday. It felt like someone had bludgeoned me with a rolling pin, from my neck all the way down to my thigh on my right side (For some reason it's just the right and not the left). Ache through the day, get ready for a new day. Woke up today, it's even worse. I feel like I've just lifted weights, which I haven't had to do since October. I can't move my right shoulder much past
  4. In 2038 Arcazon moved up from Formula K to K1. However, I am hoping to expand in the future to different series as it's needed for the story.
  5. I said I'd get it out by the end of the week, didn't I? Chapter 38: Back in Action 6:00 PM, March. Round 1 of 13: The KSC. The KSC. “And welcome, everyone, to the first race of the 2038 K1 Season! My name’s Jim Kerman, and I’m delighted to bring you this race alongside my good friend, Jeremy Kerman. Jer,’ glad to see the old suit still fits.” “Wh-… Wait a compliment?” “Yeah…?” “Nothing, just kind of threw me off there. Anyways, this is the KSC Circuit. Formerly home to the world’s first space agency, the KSC has been repurposed into one of the mo
  6. Nah man I need the poke. I've been going really slow as of late (Working with school and getting frequently side-tracked). I've got big plans for the '38 season though, so I'm anxious to get back into it. Currently nearing the end of the KSC GP, just need to finish the race and fix the issues in Grammarly and I'm all set! Expect the chapter by the end of the week I promise.
  7. Herman had been out late the night before, so decided to take a quick nap after checking the code on the new probe that would be sent off later that week. Only it wasn't later that week. It was today. At least he got his nap time in I guess, eh? Georgia Kerman: Shot down
  8. So of course there are those great geniuses in every class. The idiots who think that everything they do is hilarious and so decide to double down on their noise and annoying-ness. Well, they found something new to be stupid with. Apparently, it's just so funny to hum and stomp their feet like they've been haunted or possessed or something, doing it as loud as possible. Fun.
  9. 1) Possible 2) Impossible; there's only an elementary playground and no trees.
  10. So my physics class is in a building disconnected from the main campus. It's kind of a double-edged sword, since we don't have to deal with the elementary kids (our school is really small and the elementary is in the same building as the high school), but we have to walk across a field to get to the building (Which isn't that fun in the rain or cold). Today... It got worse. See, this building has separate restrooms, allowing us to "go" without having to go (if you understand my pun). Well, we get to class today, and I see this sign on the boys restroom. "Bathroom closed to Students." Apparentl
  11. So on Monday, I ran at Regionals for Cross Country in Lubbock. Last year, there was a massive crowd- over 150 runners and easily over 500 watching. Heat in the 70's (23ºC-ish), no wind, and dry. Didn't do too hot then, but I was expecting to do better this year. This year, you ask? 34º (1ºC) temperature, cloudy, kinda wet, windy, and a wind chill of 28º (-2ºC). 3 miles/5km. Needless to say I'm not going to State this year
  12. So I'm going to do this a bit different. I had big plans for the whole offseason, but after mulling it over, I realize: That's not what this story is about. So, we're having a terrible time skip forward to week 1. Good? Good
  13. So I ran my meet yesterday, and have great news! I'm going on to Regionals!!!
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