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  1. DarkOwl57

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Ding Ding Ding!!! The Estes D12 Rocket motor with a 5-second ejection charge (Estes D12-5)
  2. DarkOwl57

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    So today, we're starting rockets in physics. Easy. Freaking. Peasy. I go onto the design program we're using, make a basic PVC body, cardboard fins, and 3D printed nosecone with the provided engine, and go crazy. After tweaking, I managed to create a monster. 835m Apogee 177m/s max velocity But then, I ran into a problem. The motor we're using has a set charge time. We can't change parachute launch stats. *sigh* New stats: 644m Apogee 171m/s max velocity Errors: Chute is deploying at 47.8m/s. The apogee on the Raptor I is a stunning 2,112.9 feet. I think we might have to call the FAA. And get more durable chutes.
  3. DarkOwl57

    Weather Chat Megathread

    So it's been cold around here recently. And, today, it resulted in some little snow flurries. It's still kinda spitting flakes, but it's not cold enough to stick. Still, I think this is the earliest I've ever seen the first snow- especially in West Texas.
  4. DarkOwl57

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    I don't know what I did to my side, but it hurts so bad. On Friday night/Saturday morning (After a football game in like 30º weather), I had a tiny little stitch in my side. Nothing too bad- tiny bit sore when I stepped down with my left leg, but it was fine after some water and ibuprofen. Wake up Sunday; it's all gone. Last night, I had some trouble falling asleep, so I walked around my room. Bent over, and OHMYGOD OW. Go to bed after about 30 or 45 minutes (At 1:30 am) trying to keep off my spot. This morning, everything's fine as I wake up. Brush my teeth, take my shower, step out, and OW OW WHAT'S HAPPENING. It feels like someone's jamming a fist into the left side of my back every time I breathe in heavy, walk, or shift in the slightest way. And, since the football team lost on Friday, we're starting Basketball today. A sport that relies on movement. $@#!
  5. So, today is a very special day for me. I checked my basketball schedule from last year, and I remembered something. Today is the 9-month anniversary of me and my girlfriend first meeting each other. I remember everything. We had just gotten our butts handed to us in Overtime on JV, I changed, went to the concession stand for some popcorn, and then I hear a voice tell me "You might want to get some butter salt." I turn and see a gorgeous girl standing there behind the concession stand. I, in all my infinite wisdom, go out to the stands without getting much butter salt. It tastes like crap. I have to go back to the stand, and she smiles. We get to talking until it's time to leave- about 2 hours later. Fast-forward to today, 9-months later, she's my girlfriend. It's amazing how things can change in a few months.  

  6. DarkOwl57

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I got bored, decided to make a wiki over my A-10 replica- the A-11 Boar. No pictures as of yet, as it's unfinished. Wanna see it? Well too bad- you're seeing it.
  7. DarkOwl57

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    From the wonderful land of school: So in history, we typically have to take notes over the weekend. This week, we had nothing. As I was happy, I kept waiting for our teacher to end my happiness and throw my hopes of a stress-free weekend down the toilet. She didn't. Fast-forward to today; English class I'm working on some English work about Julius Ceaser, when I hear something about history. I ignore it, wondering about why the final 3 paragraphs were important. Until I hear, "She assigned us stuff for tomorrow!" I hurridly check the website, and, sure enough, work. 26 pages of the book to take notes on by tomorrow. Now that might not sound that bad. But when the text is this big, IT VERY MUCH IS A PROBLEM. So for now, I'd like to thank you, teacher. I'm fine with doing the work. But giving us pretty much 0 time to do it, that's when I have a problem. I have half a mind to say screw it and ignore the assignment and pull the "You didn't give us time" card.
  8. DarkOwl57

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    So prepare for a little tiny rant here. Context: I get migraine headaches extremely easy, and when I do, it's horrible. I have swimmy stuff at the edge of my vision, my head feels like someone's hammering a railroad spike into my forehead, and my stomach gets dizzy. Typically, throwing up once or twice as well as taking some Ibuprofen and an anti-nausea medicine helps me get better. ------ Rant: Yesterday, I was FaceTiming my girlfriend of 1 month, one week, and six days. I hadn't eaten much for lunch and was feeling the early signs of death migraines occurring (Trouble seeing the screen). I got off and had to go to a church youth group thing, where I just curled up in a ball and closed my eyes to keep it from getting worse. I took some ibuprofen as soon as I got home, and despite my pain (and the loss of some pizza from lunch), I hopped on the phone to call again. More context: I call her on my phone in the living room. Typically, I rest my phone up against a table leg, while I lay on my stomach with a pillow, so my arms don't die. Anyways, I call her. Throughout the call, I kinda curl up and lift my stomach off the ground. This gap in my stomach reminds me of how empty it is, which makes me hurt more, which makes me curl up, etc. Eventually, it's so bad I have to leave mid-sentence and dispell what's left in my stomach (Not going to go into the details). I head downstairs, and then, as soon as I'm about to say how much I love her (Which I bet would have just been so romantic coming from the dude who just threw up and who looks like crap), it's time for supper. I say that I'll be right back after a light breakfast of eggs and toast. I head to the kitchen, and it feels like the Hulk is pushing a flagpole into my forehead. I can't even eat the rest of the meal and just stagger upstairs to go to sleep. TL;DR: Felt terrible yesterday because I wanted to die, feel terrible today because I didn't give my girlfriend a goodbye.
  9. "Yo, what's the wifi password again?"
  10. No problem, bud. You've been so much of an influence in the writing style, it's the least I could do Also, a couple of days ago I got bored. So, I made this: Famous Corners of K1 (And their real-life counterparts) KSC Turns 7 & 8: Sakhir Circuit, Bahrain; Turns 9/10 Turns 13 & 14: Silverstone Circuit, UK; Turns 10/11 Tekkia: None Solaria (Introduced: 2037) Turns 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6: Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Spain; Turns 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 Turn 7: Sochi Autodrome, Russia; Turn 3 Turn 20: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Turn 15 Owlia Turns 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Turns 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Turns 9, 10, 11: Circuit Spa de Francorchamps, Belgium; Turns 2, 3, 4 (Eau Rouge/Radillon Turn 12: Daytona Beach, Florida, USA; Turn 1, 2, 3, or 4 Turn 14: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Turn 15 New Baskay Turns 1-19: Monaco/Monte Carlo, France; The whole circuit Aquaria (Introduced: 2037) Turns 1 & 2: Suzuka Circuit, Japan; Turns 1/2 Turn 3 straight: Suzuka bridge Turn 9: Nagyar-Nagydij, Hungary; Turn 1 Turns 12 & 13: Sakhir Circuit, Bahrain; Turns 1/2 Turns 15 & 16: Circuit Spa de Francorchamps, Belgium; Turns 3/4 (Radillon) Turns 19, 20, 21: Mexico City Circuit, Mexico; Turns 13, 14, 15 Turn 25: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Turn 15 The Temple: None Halco Turns 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6b, 7, 8: Circuit of the Americas, Austin, Texas, USA; Turns 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Turns 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21: Circuit of the Americas, Austin, Texas, USA; Turns 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 Basil (Removed: 2038) Turns 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11: Autódromo José Carlos Pace, Sao Palo, Brazil; Turn 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Fegeland (Introduced: 2038) Turns 1/2: Magny-Cours Circuit, France; Turns 1, 2, & 3 Turn 10: Magny-Cours Circuit, France; Turn 9 Turns 11/12: Nürburgring GP circuit, Germany; Turns 8/9 Turns 12, 13, & 14: Baku City Circuit, Azerbaijan; Turns 13, 14, & 15 Turns 15, 16, & 17: Magny-Cours Circuit, France; Turns 15, 16, and 17 If you want pics of the real-life turns, just use google I guess. I've not got the time (or get around) to make the circuits in KSP using KerbalKonstructs, so I've got my work cut out for me this summer I guess. A few more ideas are floating around in my head... I can't wait to show y'all
  11. I'm sorry for the kind of slow-down in chapter releases as of late. I've just not had the free time I typically do, and it's reflecting in my release times a bit. I hope y'all are still into it though- I know I am. Here's Chapter 31- the actual race part of the Aquarian GP. Hope everyone enjoys! Chapter 31: The Aquarian Grand Prix 12:30 pm, 3 days later. Round 6 of 10: Aquaria. Circuito internacional de Acuario; Nomlas, Aquaria. “2037 has been a year of nothing but excitement, as we get set for the Aquarian Grand Prix. After victory in Baskay, Max Kerman and OTech are looking to start where they left off- on top. However, after a blistering qualifying lap yesterday, fellow OTech driver Jebediah is looking to end those chances. As the stars of K1- and the world- prepare for the start of this race, so do we. This incredible 3.7-kilometer circuit has seen the lap-times go from fast to even faster, and now it’s time for the start. So, as the teams get ready for the start, we ask you to sit back, relax, and enjoy! After a month of waiting, it’s time for the start of the Aquarian Grand Prix. … I stepped onto the tarmac and put on my sunglasses in the bright sunlight. There was barely a cloud in the sky, and I looked around at the teams all getting set up with various reporters around the place. I walked to the car and talked with Andy for a few moments before the national anthem started playing. As it finished with a little bounce, fighter jets blasted overhead- shrieking through the sky with blue, yellow, and white smoke. The crowd roared with approval, and the cameras clicked and rustled as we got prepared for the start of the race. I could feel the anticipation in the air- everyone waiting to see the cars out on track again after the impossibly long summer break. Max and Claire were talking about something over in their second-place grid slot, and I walked up to Andy. “Anything I should know about,” I asked, sipping water. Andy removed his headphones and looked at the car briefly, making sure everything was okay. “Nothing really. One-stop, same as before… As usual, just get a good start and we’ll work from there.” I nodded, and smiled before stepping up to the sidepod and grabbing my helmet. Just before I put it on, I heard Alexis shout, “Good luck,” making me smile and wave back before stepping up into the car. The car was quiet as the team worked on last-minute checks- monitoring telemetry and tire pressures before I got buckled in. Finally, the engine roared to life- rumbling and yelping as I blipped on the gas pedal. “Everything’s good up in here,” I called out to Andy as the team lowered the car down to the ground- holding the blankets on the tires before I had to get out. Finally, we were released onto the formation lap, and I leaped out of my spot. The rears gripped into the track, and I got a perfect launch on the run down to Turn 1. The crowd roared as we drove past, and I tried to keep my focus. I weaved down the straight to get some heat up, and went up through the gears to save the engine wear. I went down to Turn 1 and darted to the inside- laying down a rubber stripe on the track right next to the grass. I opened up the visor just a bit and got hit by a wall of cold air. I started going through a mental pre-race warmup throughout the lap- waving my hands inside the cockpit and weaving around. After my warmup, the car dropped through 23 before leveling out in 24. I watched the track ahead of me and dove into the final turn at max speed- testing the limit of the tires. I went into Launch mode and waited in my grid spot. The rest of the field pulled in behind me. Finally, it was time to go. One. Breathe. You got this. Two. I pushed in the clutch- my heart racing. Three. The revs started to build- growing louder and louder as-… Four. Exhale. The car was yelling as the rev lights blinked on my wheel. Five. The lights went out, and I blasted out of the grid slot. There was a tiny puff of smoke as the wheels spun just a bit, but I kept the car under control as I got away fairly clean. Max was getting a good launch, and I cut down to cover the inside down into Turn 1. He tried to look around the outside, but slotted in before we started going through the fade. I went into Turn 1 at maximum speed, and felt the car bounce over the track before 2. I heard a shout from the crowd as we passed, but I ignored them- flying over the curb at Turn 2. The car felt light as I went over the crest, but stayed planted to the ground on corner exit and on the run down the hill. Max was right in line with me, and we both stayed right with each other through Turn 3. I flew into the tunnel and through Turn 4- wiggling the car a bit as the rear lost grip on the tarmac. The car gripped amazingly into Turn 5, and I went just a little wide over the white line before cutting down. We went through the chicane, and Max was still right on top of me down the straight to Turn 9. Max darted to the inside, and I dove down to block off the attack. He feinted left before going back to the right- getting up my inside. I squeezed him all the way down right next to the grass, and the crowd roared. I looked in my mirror and saw a Monster fast approaching on my outside, and I went up the track to give Max space as we broke for the hairpin. The Monster behind us tried to look up my inside, but was too far back as we pulled around the apex. Max was through up the inside, but I held behind him through the quick Turns 10 and 11. The tires were on the absolute limit of grip in the mid-corner, and we both seemed to scream through the turn. Max got a stellar run over the Turn 12 apex, which sent him flying away from me. I got up just a little bit out of Turn 14, and used the slipstream to get right up close to him. He went over the grass just a little bit in Turn 15, and I followed- spitting up a couple blades with a puff of dust. The cars bottomed out at the bottom of the hill, but I kept the car together as we crested over the top of the hill. The car got light before I hit the brakes- the tires regaining the grip as I slowed right behind Max. We got down to a near-crawl as we drove over the tight double-apexes of Turns 17 and 18. The crowd roared as we went through the stadium that surrounded us on both sides. The right rear slid over the Turn 21 hairpin’s curb, and I saw Max struggle to put down the power. I tried to catch up, but I had to spend the time re-connecting the car- leaving us about level where we were. We went down a small hill before braking again for Turn 22- a tight 90º right-hander. We flew down the Turn 23 hill and Max’s car sparked on the ground as we went down the straight. Micheal was still hovering at around a second back- looking anxious as we fought. I keyed the radio. “Just to let you know, Micheal’s getting a little close for comfort.” Max was a little slow to respond, and we pulled out of Turn 25 before I got a reply. The car yelled as I put the power down and came out of the apex. “Copy,” He replied as he started getting away from me a little bit down the straight. I held in the slipstream down the long straight- keeping within the little window and closing in. I darted to the inside of Max and he came down to block- making me go up the track to attempt a move around the outside. I got right next to him into Turn 1, and out broke him into 2. I swooped around the outside and ran clean over the curbing- keeping the car under control without a lockup. The crowd roared as we passed, but Micheal was still right in our mirrors. We blasted down the hill at maximum speed down into Turn 3- the car throwing sparks into the air as it bottomed out. Max looked up my inside, but I dove onto the curb. The car bounced a little bit as I sliced him off, and we flew out of the turn. We went under the tunnel and Micheal tried a run up the inside of Max- getting his nose in through Turn 4. Max gave space on the exit, but Micheal locked up into 5- running into the side of Max with a puff of smoke. A chunk of debris blasted up into the air with a spark as Micheal’s car hit the left-rear and Max flew wide with a hop, while the Monster spun off the track backward in a cloud of smoke. Max went way off track but just got back before the chicane. His line was heavily compromised entering the corner, and I took advantage. The left sidepod had a nasty mark on it, with a huge scrape along the back edge. The tire markings were faded on the left-rear, and the entire left-rear looked pretty scuffed up. “Max has some damage on the left-rear,” I said into the radio as I got onto the straight. “SL/FR flap might have some damage- something flew up when they hit. Just thought you’d like to know.” The radio was silent as I blasted down into Turn 9- turning into the apex just right. The car felt like it was on rails, and I could throw it into the corners like the car was glued to the ground. The rears stayed planted in Turns 10 and 11, despite me not slowing down. The tires were right in their sweet spot, and I could put all my confidence into the car. Max was still behind me, and wasn’t appearing to suffer from any kind of grip problems. In fact, he appeared to be going faster on the straights. I came out of Turn 17 and flew into the Stadium. The car flew over the curbing and Max was still with me- looming behind like a storm cloud. He was still behind down into Turn 25- looming, but not a threat… yet. “DRS active this lap,” Andy said as I flew past the start line. The speed climbed- 150. 160. 170. 180. 190. We flew into Turn 1 and flowed straight into 2- Max staying right behind me on exit. We stayed that way for the next 7 laps- Max right behind me until Lap 9, when I pulled in for my pit stop. I broke hard for the pit entry, and just managed to slow it down for the speed limiter. I drove past the rows of pit boxes, and went around the pit hairpin before heading to the OTech box. The team was perfectly on cue, and I was lifted up the millisecond I stopped. 4 tires on, 4 off- Fuel in. We waited for the 10-second timer to count down, and I blasted out of the stall in a trail of smoke. Louie blazed past on the track, and I got out of the pit lane- accelerating up to speed. “Great stop, guys,” I said before braking for Turn 1- getting behind the black Monster and applying the pressure into 2. The cold tires made me skitter a bit into the corner, but I was able to keep in through the apex and get right on top of the car- scooting past up the inside of Turn 3. I flew into every corner and braking zone- trying to make sure Max didn’t complete the over-cut to perfection. As I came through Turn 22, Max had just pulled into the pit lane and I pushed as hard as I could. The aero shoved the car down into the ground and I pushed like crazy- sparks flying off the rear in a beautiful trail. The car turned into the final corner with amazing ease while the crowd roared as I passed. Max had just gotten out of the pit lane, and I got right along-side him down the straight. As soon as the white line ended, Max started pushing me up the track- forcing me farther up the line as we neared Turn 1. I hit the brakes hard and switched over to the inside- sticking my nose in and forcing Max a little bit wide on the apex of the corner. I went for the gap and stormed up the inside into Turn 2- keeping ahead by a slim margin. I went down the hill to Turn 3, and Andy’s voice came over the radio. “Jeb, be careful,” He warned as I went over the apex. “We don’t want contact here- stay calm.” I almost went wide over the exit curbing and popped over the grass- sending a tiny puff of brown dust into the air as Max closed. “Don’t talk,” I said before heading under the bridges. “I almost wrecked in Turn 3 right there- no talking in the corners.” There was silence from the other end and I kept on-track through Turn 4 with Max hanging with me. He gained a ton through Turn 5, and I was put under a ton of pressure in the chicane. With the slipstream down the straight, Max gained a ton. I went up into Rich mixture to defend, but there was no chance as he closed. I darted inside to defend and he followed me down almost to the grass before I swept up to get a run into the corner. I thought he was going to follow me, but Max stayed right on the track’s border and shot up my inside. The outside car wavered with the intense braking and he flew up the track- almost hitting me as I avoided. I got back up the inside through 9, but he was along my left- the inside for Turn 10. I was grinning beneath my helmet as we dueled- Left and right practically glued together through the flat-out turns. Max got past in the tight Turn 12. I tried to catch up through the high-speed Turn 14 and down the back straight- DRS helping me get a run. I flew through 15 and 16 practically on the tail of Max as we blasted under the trees and past the fans with dirt getting thrown up from us being so close to the edge of the track. We went up the hill and I tried to get a hole into Turn 17, but the car felt too light and I didn’t want to risk a spin. Max and I drove over a couple skid marks from past incidents (Practice likely) and went through the tight turns of the Stadium Section. I was still on top of him throughout the collection of corners, and rumbled over the curbing out of Turn 21. I kept up the pressure through 22, and the cars sparked as we dropped on the ground out of 24. I opened up DRS and darted to the inside down the straight. The car flew past Max on the inside of the track, and I managed to get it slowed down in time for the apex of Turn 25. Max tried to cut back to the inside, but I was there on the apex- defending the line to perfection. He had DRS down the front-straight again, though, and I was helpless as he flew past around the outside down the hill to Turn 1. The crowd was loving the fight, and yelled as we passed. I slotted into line with Max through the double-apex, and we raced through the turn. I could feel the energy as the laps ticked down. I tried an attack throughout the lap- the chicane, the Stadium- everywhere. I put the pressure on Max into every braking zone and every apex on the track; trying to force a mistake. On Lap 15- 4 to go- we encountered traffic in the worst possible spot- the Stadium. “Lap cars ahead,” Andy called out to me in Turn 14 as I opened up DRS. The engine yelled as I gained the speed up the hill- sparking off the dip at over 160 miles per hour on the rubber tire tracks. I was about to cut to the inside, but saw a bright red car in the way. I had to dart back to behind Max before I hit, and we both drive around the outside in Turn 17 and 18. “That was close,” I said as we went through 20 and 21. “That hill’s just blind heading up; I almost ran right into the back of that car. Blue flags or something.” Max was stuck behind a LakeFront through the tight hairpins, and I managed to close in to right on his diffuser before the slow car moved out of the way. Max waved his arm out at the orange and white car- expressing his anger as we got past. This little slow-down allowed me to resume the attack on Max throughout the next couple of laps. I was able to put the pressure on Max throughout the laps, and with just 2 to go, I was right there. I got in the slipstream down into Turn 1, and tried to dart outside. Max saw the move just as I made it, and closed the door into the braking zone. I shook my head and bared down. The cars dropped down the hill before lifting up, and I could feel the forces on my body as we went up and down. Max got a little bit of wheelspin on the exit, and I was right on top of him down the straight. I almost hit the diffuser, but we avoided contact. I made a little hole up the inside into Turn 3, but Max didn’t leave enough room for me to get there. Instead, we both missed the apex and backed each other up before I faked a move right. Max took the bait and blocked, before I swung around to the left. Max wasn’t able to get there in time, and we went side-by-side through Turns 4 and 5. The crowd was loving it, and Max got by in Turn 6 at the chicane. I was still there in Turn 7, and we ended up about equal out of 8- going down the straight at max speed. Max had DRS but I had the better run out of the turn, and we were level down the entirety of the straight. I tried to get the braking down into Turn 9, but accidentally out-broke myself and ran a bit wide- allowing Max to get a window up the inside. I defended in Turn 10, but he swept up the inside through the high-speed Turn 11. I let him go and didn’t risk a crash into Turn 12, but I was right back on top of him down the backstraight- aided by DRS and slipstream. I cut inside but I did it too late as Max went into Turn 15 and 16, and I had to wait up the hill. We didn’t dare risk anything too crazy as we went into Turns 17 or 18, and the circuit was too tight for a move in 19, 20, or 21. The crowd roared as we passed by them, and I could feel the energy with each passing second. I darted inside down the run to Turn 22 and got by clean around the inside, but Max blasted past on the straight with the help of some DRS. I tried an attack into Turn 25 but locked up just a bit- keeping me behind before the apex. We crossed the finish line to start the final lap. “Andy, don’t talk,” I asked as politely as I could as we blazed down the straight. I had DRS and slipstream down the straight, and Max started chasing me up the track to the left. By the braking zone, we had apparently decided the racing line didn’t exist as we were practically on the grass. I slammed the brakes early, and Max flew past me on the inside with a massive lockup that obscured the racing line. The apex was covered in smoke, and I had to trust myself to turn in at the right moment. I flew through the massive cloud and ran over the curbing- whips of smoke trailing off the wings and wheels in a beautiful loop off the rear end of the car. I flew out of the corner and went into Turn 2- leaving Max high and dry on the outside into the tight hairpin-like corner. I simply held my line around the corner, and left Max to run himself wide on corner exit and into the runoff before turning back down behind me. Max fought hard behind me, but I made the rear as wide as possible through Turns 4 and 5- stopping any kind of attack in the sweeping corners. Max flew wide on the exit of 5 and used the momentum to get up my inside into 6. He locked up the right-front (again), and we both missed the apex. I turned in a little too early and we collided. A tiny puff of smoke popped up into the air as the tires hit and a bang shook the entire car. The Shark Fin shook from the contact and we both tried to get each other through 7- neither wanting to give in. The crowd roared while we passed them down the 8-9 straight while we dueled for the lead. Max had DRS but had a horrible run out of 8, and only just managed to keep the hole open for Turn 9. I swung around the outside of the corner and managed to get a wheel past before Turn 10, and swooped past Max in the high-speed turn. He tried to lunge up the inside through 11, but I was far enough ahead that the challenge wasn’t effective. I went into Turn 12 with Max right behind, and lost a little bit of time off of some nasty wheelspin off the curbing. Max caught up and I felt a bump from behind before the car lifted up a little bit. The engine yelped like a dog and I had to wheel the car around- managing the torque to keep it from spinning around. In my mirror, I saw Max’s nose had a little bit of damage on the frontal intake without any real damage to the front wing assembly. We went through Turn 14 and Max tried a move with DRS, but couldn’t manage a look into Turns 15, 16, or 17. My heart was racing as we flew into the Stadium for the final time. The crowd screamed and yelled while Max looked everywhere- going as far as diving up the inside of Turn 20. We made more contact and the car jumped up into the air with a loud smash. I looked and saw a piece of aerodynamic sidepod fall down to the ground, while Max had a nasty black scuff on his car and a chunk of bargeboard missing from the right front. “I think I have left-side damage,” I said as we flew down the hill out of Turn 24. “I think the SL Flap is gone, but I’m feeling okay at the moment.” Max was far behind but was hell-bent on making an overtake- flying through the slipstream. I darted inside and he cut right, trying to sweep around the outside. I held the defensive all the way through the hairpin turn, and Max was stuck behind me on exit. I sighed as he fell back. 100 meters. Almost in slow-motion, the crowd began to rise and cheer loud enough that I could hear them through the helmet. 75. The team got up on the wall and started pumping their fists in celebration. 50. The checkered flag started waving as Max coasted to the line- not mounting a challenge. 25. I started weaving in celebration- sticking my fist into the air and getting right next to the wall with the team. 0. Fireworks blasted into the air and the crowd roared- becoming a sea of jumping fans. I pumped my fist a few times and flipped up the visor- letting the cool air hit my face. “WOOOOOOHOOO! YES, GUYS! Oooh gosh, that was one heck of a final lap. Amazing strategy all day long- thanks for the car y’all gave me this week.” Andy chuckled over the radio as loud claps sounded from behind him. “Great drive there, Jeb; stellar work. You kinda had us all going through that final lap. Next time let’s try to avoid the contact?” I couldn’t help but laugh while I waved to the fans. “I’ll see what I can do,” I chuckled. “That was one heck of a race.” The crowd was a sea of every color imaginable, and as we pulled into the Stadium for the Podium, I felt the energy just flowing off the stands. The rest of the cars drove around the track, but we pulled off into the massive runoff space and stopped. I got myself unbuckled and stood up to a roar from the crowd. I got up onto the nose and leaped off the front with another cheer- air horns joining in the mix as the crowd celebrated with me. Max got up and dropped off of his car before running at me. He practically body-slammed me and I started trying to get free before he broke off- laughing under the helmet. “What the heck, man,” He grinned as we walked to the cooldown room- waving to the crowd on our way. I laughed while we went up the steps to the room- Micheal following us up. “What’re you talking about,” I asked back. “You’re the one who hit me!” Max waved his hand and got a water bottle before sitting down on the couch. “I wouldn’t have hit you if you hadn’t gone so slow! You were blocking me like crazy the whole last lap!” We joked around for a little before Micheal walked in- a scowl on his face. “Damn,” He muttered before leaning up on a wall and getting his hat. “What was that all about?” Max looked up at him and shrugged. “Dunno,” he sighed before drinking some more water. “You tell me.” “I had the line and you just turned in on me like I wasn’t even there!” Micheal’s voice rose a little bit in either anger, annoyance, or a mix of both. “No no no, buddy, I gave you room! You went for the hole and ran right into the side of me! I don’t see why you’re mad at me for your mistake.” Max made a little recreation with his hands as he spoke- his left hand slamming the side of his right and throwing both up into the air. “My car’s not on rails, Max, you’ve got to give more room! If it didn’t happen on the apex, you would have squeezed me on corner exit and the same thing would have happened. I tried to avoid you but there’s only so much grip in the world.” I shook my head as the crowd outside cheered as loud as ever. Finally, it was time for the podium. Max and Micheal were still bickering as the announcer’s voice boomed over the speakers. “Hola a todos, ¡y bienvenidos al podio para el Gran Premio de Aquarian de 2037! Desde Monster Race Team y el tercer lugar en el podio, ¡bienvenido, Michael Kerman!” The crowd cheered as Micheal walked out. “En segundo lugar, para OTech Race Team, Max Kerman!” Max winked at me before jogging out to the podium to cheers and whistles from the crowd. “iY, con el primer lugar en el Gran Premio de Acuario de 2038, ¡Jebediah Kerman!” I jogged out to the podium and the crowd roared- the noise blasting through me as I bounced up onto the podium. I saw clouds of blue smoke as the fans waved ginormous flags- bearing everything from the Aquarian national flag to the OTech logo. The massive crowd hushed only for a second, when it was time for the national anthem. However, as soon as the anthem ended, they were cheering again as we sprayed the champagne. “Aquí para dar el podio a las entrevistas de hoy; ¡El ex piloto de K1 y 2 veces campeón del mundo Juan Kerman!” There was an even louder cheer as Juan walked up to us with a smile as the champagne spray finally eased up. He picked up a mic and turned to the crowd. “Hola, Aquaria! ¿Cómo están todos hoy?” The crowd cheered and whistled as Juan addressed them. “Qué carrera acabamos de ver, qué carrera. ¿Qué pensaron todos ustedes de eso?” Now, the crowd roared as the air horns came back out. After recovering from the massive amount of noise, he turned to me. “So, Jebediah, first off, amazing race! How do you feel capturing your fourth race win of the season?” “Well, it was really tough,” I replied truthfully. “Max put up one heck of a fight all race long, but I hope y’all enjoyed it as much as we did.” Juan turned to the crowd. “¿Disfrutaron del espectáculo?” The crowd roared, and I continued after a brief pause. “This track, it’s just so much fun to drive on. It really makes you work for every last second of time. Honestly, this was probably the most physical and tiring final lap I think I’ve ever had in my entire career.” “And what was your favorite part about the race here today?” “Definitely the fans,” I chuckled as the crowd cheered. “They’re just so passionate, loud, and loyal, I couldn’t ask for anything better. It’s just so cool to see this massive sea of color entering Turn 1 at 200 miles an hour.” I turned to the fans to deliver a little message to the fans. “Muchas gracias a todos los fans aquí hoy. Es genial tenerlos a todos aquí y hacer un espectáculo para todos ustedes. Tuvimos una carrera increíble todo el día, y me encanta cómo nos apoyas.” The crowd roared insanely loud this time, and I laughed. Before each race weekend, we’re given little pre-made messages like that one to say to the fans- this one was a little bit more challenging since it wasn’t Standard. I think I did pretty good though. “And what about your next race- the Temple?” I grinned. “I can’t wait.” 8:00 pm. Aeropuerto Internacional Nomlas, Aquaria. The terminal was filled with chatter as we walked down to our gate- a couple eager fans trailing Max and I as we went to maybe get an autograph or a photo. The occasional PSA message disrupted me from my music. “Por favor, avise a la seguridad de cualquier paquete desconocido o sospechoso. Gracias.” “Es ilegal fumar dentro o alrededor de la terminal en cualquier momento.” “Todas las mascotas deben ser reportadas a los oficiales de vuelo antes de la salida. Gracias por tu cooperación.” I signed another autograph and looked for our gate- A10. I finally saw it and we sat down with about two or 3 minutes left before boarding. Honestly, I was surprised that we had gotten here on time. The metal trophies typically made transport a massive fit, but it was apparently okay this time. “I’m going to miss you,” Max muttered to Maria as I took a selfie with a fan. “We will be able to call each other,” Maria said back as the rest of the team got seated around us. “It is not that far of a distance- maybe we can visit.” Max nodded. “All OTech Race Team members, the flight deck is now open for boarding. Please make your way to the jet bridge.” As we stood up, the fans gathered on the sides of the path- snapping pictures and handing us notepads to sign before we left. Except for Max, who was still talking to Maria. “Max!” I turned as we entered. “Max, get over here!” He ignored me. I rolled my eyes and walked over to him. “Buddy, it’s time to go. Come on!” They kept on talking. Finally, I had enough and grabbed the back of his jacket and basically lifted him up out of the seat. “It’s been really nice to meet you,” I nodded to Maria as Max struggled. “Hey!” I ignored his protests and waved to Maria. As we walked down the bridge, I let him go- a crucial mistake. He bolted in the opposite direction, and he almost got away before my fingertips grasped at the back of his jacket- throwing me forward and almost knocking us both to the ground. Following the little incident, I had to lead Max down the bridge like a prisoner. Once we got inside the plane, I was finally able to let Max go. “Get your head in the game, man,” I muttered to him as we sat down. “If you don’t, I swear; it’ll cost both of us in the end.” 5:25 pm, 1 Week later. K1 Race Hub Studios; Bradley, Owlia. I sat in the studio- waiting for the show to get away from the commercial break. Max and I were both sitting at the chairs in the studio, waiting for the interviews to get back going. Finally, I heard the music kick back off. “And welcome back to K1 Race Hub- joining me here today are OTech drivers Jebediah Kerman and Max Kerman getting ready for the start of the Temple Grand Prix. Thank you both for being here today.” I nodded and Max smiled before the anchor continued on. “So our first question is for Jeb- Congratulations on the win in Aquaria by the way.” “Thanks. Max really put up a fight there at the end, but we managed to hang on.” “So, Jeb, as we all know, this is going to be the first race at the Temple since 2036 in the race that almost cost you your life. What kind of emotions are going on right now heading into a race that’s not only important to the championship, but also your own mental state?” “Well first off,” I smirked as Max tried not to laugh. “Nothing’s wrong with my mental state. But I’d be lying through my teeth if I said I wasn’t a little bit nervous with the race. Kerenna is probably going to be a lot faster than it was last year, which is going to make it a lot more exciting- but also more dangerous if something goes wrong. I’ve got faith in my team, though, that an incident like last year won’t happen again. Honestly, it was just an accident. Plain and simple.” On the screen that showed the live feed, I saw my car from last year explode in a massive shower of carbon fiber before looping around and slamming into the wall with a cloud of dust. The camera shook from the force of the impact, and I swallowed a little bit. “We know a lot more about the car and the track this year over last, but it’s still going to fall down to simple practice. We’ve got to get confident in the car, get confident with the track, and just try to build it up all over again.” “And Max, what about you? Despite not really having much in the way of injuries from the accident last year, there’s still got to be a little bit of nerves floating around in there.” “I must admit, I am a little bit anxious. Even though I wasn’t the one directly involved in the wreck, I still was involved. It just kinda goes to show how fast this sport reaches out and grabs you.” I nodded. I thought back to the accident- watching the car spin around from the cockpit in my mind all over again, and I shuddered a little. “Jeb, you’ve got a 10 point gap with four races left in the season. Are you feeling any pressure from Max, or is it just smooth sailing?” I chuckled as Max rolled his eyes. “Honestly, I’m just taking it one race at a time. Focusing on the future just puts more stuff in my head and doesn’t leave room for my job. But if I had to choose one, I’d say that Max is definitely putting some pressure on me to perform.” Max smiled. “And do you think the race at the Temple is going to be close?” Max and I both responded at the same time, with “No,” before laughing. “Who do you think will win?” Max and I both raised our hands. At the exact same time.
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    So I realized that besides the trebuchet, I hadn't posted much here. Time to change that. Sep. 30: My first date. I was pumped up (For a date), and it was our first time seeing each other since the football game (She goes to a different school, but she's in the band, and our schools played each other). I had asked her out a week beforehand (With a cheesy paperclip ring), and she said yes. It wasn't that bad; Pizza Hut is always a win. And the best thing is how amazing we are. Her passcode for her phone is the day I asked her to be my girlfriend. If that's not true love, I don't know what is right there. ------ Oct. 8: District Track Meet. It had rained the night before, so the course was wet and muddy. However, I ran it okay (Besides almost doing a backflip as they do in the cartoons when someone slips on a banana peel). Final result: Pretty good. Me: 6th, Freshman #1 (T): 9th, Freshman #2 (A): 10th. WE'RE GOING TO REGIONALS!!! We leave on the 21st (Sunday), get to Lubbock that night, carb load, run the 22nd (Monday afternoon). ---- Oct. 19: Our school is facing off against the big scary in the district. A school that's almost 3A, we're not favored in our second home game of the district schedule (We were supposed to play there, but it's been raining for about four days, and their grass field is worse for wear compared to our fancy astroturf). But I won't be there. Coach told me not to do anything to get myself sick, hurt, or in any other way damaged, and I don't think that sitting at a football game- at night, in the rain, in cold temperatures, in a West Texas wind- would necessarily help out with keeping myself from getting sick.
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    Still raining. Still cloudy. Still cold. Still bored.
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    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    No ballistias. Trebuchets or Catapults only