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  1. So of course there are those great geniuses in every class. The idiots who think that everything they do is hilarious and so decide to double down on their noise and annoying-ness. Well, they found something new to be stupid with. Apparently, it's just so funny to hum and stomp their feet like they've been haunted or possessed or something, doing it as loud as possible. Fun.
  2. 1) Possible 2) Impossible; there's only an elementary playground and no trees.
  3. So my physics class is in a building disconnected from the main campus. It's kind of a double-edged sword, since we don't have to deal with the elementary kids (our school is really small and the elementary is in the same building as the high school), but we have to walk across a field to get to the building (Which isn't that fun in the rain or cold). Today... It got worse. See, this building has separate restrooms, allowing us to "go" without having to go (if you understand my pun). Well, we get to class today, and I see this sign on the boys restroom. "Bathroom closed to Students." Apparently, some 280 IQ Genius decided to vandalize the place, so now the guys have 2 choices: Go across campus to the closest bathroom (Which is in the gym and hasn't been updated since what looks like the 1960's), or hold it for an hour and a half. *sigh* Now see, I get why people do punishment like this. But you don't raise the entire city's taxes just because one person decided to paint a bridge.
  4. So on Monday, I ran at Regionals for Cross Country in Lubbock. Last year, there was a massive crowd- over 150 runners and easily over 500 watching. Heat in the 70's (23ºC-ish), no wind, and dry. Didn't do too hot then, but I was expecting to do better this year. This year, you ask? 34º (1ºC) temperature, cloudy, kinda wet, windy, and a wind chill of 28º (-2ºC). 3 miles/5km. Needless to say I'm not going to State this year
  5. Sometimes you're just in that old song mood
  6. So I'm going to do this a bit different. I had big plans for the whole offseason, but after mulling it over, I realize: That's not what this story is about. So, we're having a terrible time skip forward to week 1. Good? Good
  7. So I ran my meet yesterday, and have great news! I'm going on to Regionals!!!
  8. I'm really sorry to say, but Denver is one of the busiest airports in America- right up there with DFW, JFK, and LAX; serving over 31 million people last year alone. My best suggestion would be to contact your bank and ID provider to try and get it back; this is a big forum, but the chances of getting your things back are slim to none. Good luck in finding it, though!
  9. I started feeling better around 10 or 11 this morning- it was probably some allergies. I went to a Cross Country Camp this summer, and learned an interesting fact: The night before a meet isn't when you need the most sleep. You actually need the sleep two days before. Weird but true! I'll definitely take the added Z's though. I'll have it with my pasta tonight. Does Gatorade count? Weighted blanket: Check. Quilt: Check. Warm, fluffy pajamas: Check Check. A cold front came through this weekend and it's been really cold since then. Hopefully my windows do a good job of keeping out the cold. Thanks! If I get in the top 10, I move onto Regionals (My second time in as many seasons)! I'll make sure to update y'all either tomorrow or Thursday.
  10. So I joined a sport-team related discord a couple weeks ago, and created a new game; "The Final Score" (™). Basically, we have to guess the final score of the upcoming game. 3rd closest gets 1 point, 2nd closest gets 2 points, and closest gets 4 points. If you get one half of the score dead-on, (Say you guessed a 10-14 score and the final score was 10-12), then you get 1 bonus point. If you get the full score right (10-14, 10-14), then you get TWO bonus points! Currently, the series is close, with the top 6 separated by just 2 points. The leader has managed to hang on to his one-point lead (a third-place in week 2 and a win in week 3) despite not scoring a single point in the last two weeks. My plan is that once the playoffs hit, we'll have an actual playoff bracket with the top 10 contestants going head-to-head with each other.
  11. Woke up at about 3:00am this morning feeling like death. Sore throat, stuffed nose, and horribly tired. Got a drink of water before going back to bed. Woke up at 6:30, felt way worse. Gargled some salt water, took an Allegra, etc. I'm really hoping I'm not sick- my district cross country meet is tomorrow.
  12. Nickell Robey-Coleman didn't commit Pass Interference against the Saints, he just made a great play on the ball. *runs*