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  1. Glad they're taking their time, wouldn't want a fallout 76 happen with ksp2
  2. Hello all, I've been a pc player my entire life but i do have a xbox controller and i wish to use it when flying (i still prefer building with mouse and keyboard) so is there a way i can link my controller as like a joystick or something? I'm willing to install mods if needed im a modded player after all. Thanks!
  3. Yes, there's been a memorial challenge from a few years ago and here's my shot at it. One of my proudest missions tbh
  4. Not gonna lie this sounds like a challenge that needs a beefy computer...
  5. Sub has been constructed and tested. will record the whole trip to eve soon and make it into a vid
  6. I've got the mission planned I'll fly it when i get home from school
  7. @Jonda there's great tutorials on youtube by scott manley and other people who'll help you. i suggest you get the basic of the game (orbiting, rendezvous, docking and interplanetary stuff before you attempt these more complex structures. Having a good foundation of knowledge is they key to expanding to other, more complex stuff like this.
  8. well for the BFR there wouldn't be a second stage. there'd be a booster and the BFS which is a ship in itself (like the dragon) but that doesn't really matter because the BFR is so big that if they don't recover it, the cost could turn the BFR into the Apollo program where the cost of producing a new first and second stage every time it launched would overwhelm SpaceX or any company in general.
  9. source: https://www.adelaidenow.com.au/technology/science/sorry-elon-science-just-crushed-your-dream/news-story/f7d50a0da6bdf8189f82112b5e3753fd Elon has recently spoken out about how carbon could be trapped in the actual soil and mars can still be terraformed. what do you guys think?
  10. you gotta consider if the second stage is even worth recovering because i'm not sure if recovering the second stage is even worth it. are they landing it?
  11. this challenge looks too easy to be true, add some challenges in it such as go to eeloo or something or no srbs or something like that
  12. Me(@everydayrocketry on instagram) and along with a bunch of other big instagram space accounts are teaming up to host a livestream for CRS-15 on youtube! We will start at around t-30 min and hopefully see quite some of you guys roll up! See you there! Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM80NHpUrMzpps_AJDQpI-w
  13. hey the rocket worked! need to learn off spacex with my ksp skills
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