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  1. Just wanna say thanks @leomike, your performance fix boosted my framerate quite a bit! Now to the sky!
  2. I'll test it later today. Just browsing quickly in the file, what's going on with the scrubber and CO2? Isn't that quite high?
  3. Thanks for the writing! That cleared up some engines which i never dared to use because of the unknown effects
  4. I have PBS and i have the greenhouse. I'm running CTT and i have it under "Hydroponics" (in the research tree)
  5. Thanks for the update and thanks for the mod! I'm quite enjoying it
  6. I'm quite impressed by the boost in performance! My KSP is much faster now. Thanks for the optimization!
  7. Shielding is a Resource which with a slider on every inhabited section (Like EC, MonoPropellant, etc..) if you right click on the command pod you will see you can slide it up or down. The Kerbalism tab in the VAB will show you how much life expectancy your kerbals have with the set level of shielding. Usually for Mun/Minmus you don't need it.
  8. First, thanks for the detailed answer! I'm not proficient with Unity nor with gaming in general, so my questions might sound silly (i really never had to program something that was in 3d!). Why should i use the static calls to get the boundaries more than once? I mean once i have the shape of it, why do i need to keep calling it? Can't all the movement from here be handled just by knowing the position of the CoM?
  9. I'm starting now, therefore I have no previous experience with modding. How would i go to calculate if two parts are touching each other? First thing i thought was to calculate their distance, however: how do i get the CoM? I checked the API in the Part class but i got really confused. Then how would i go to check the boundaries? And see if they are touching? Would collision be a better way? How would i go for that? Thanks in advance
  10. The compatibility section of Kerbalism lists PlanetaryBaseSystem as a compatible mod. If i recall correctly from the discussion going on in this thread, this is due to the fact that new parts introduced are flagged to be consuming EC in the background. From a food production prospective however, I'm not sure. I'm currently in a career mode with this two modes installed: i haven't built a base yet but i'll update on my findings.
  11. For handling malfunctions over a probe I was thinking about a component (like a robotic hand) which does the same thing as the engineer but with quite a few drawbacks: it costs a lot, needs to be touching the broken part in order to repair it(so you probably have to play a lot with infernal robotics mod in order to create an arm which can cover the whole probe) and require a huge amount of EC when activated (needs to charge before? capacitors?). I'm not familiar with Unity or KSP modding but i might look into something like this in the future
  12. I cannot clearly view that from mobile, please tell me it's a geiger counter! This is getting more and more epic
  13. I still haven't visited yet all the planets in the stock system (well actually only 3 ) but the sights of this mod makes my fingers itching already! Is it a problem to install this in an already going career mode? Just making sure before i proceed Thanks for the great work!