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  1. Any recommendations on a LS mod to use with this? TAC used to work with the EC generators in the background, but it no longer does. Do people know of any of them that do work with KSPI?
  2. I'm getting the same NRE spam that @Apaseall is getting. Logs --> https://www.dropbox.com/s/59apmlkzi4aeh71/AmpYear Resource NRE Log.zip?dl=0 Reproduction Steps: 1. Create a vehicle with A Drill-o-Matic and a Convert-o-Tron 250. 2. Deploy drill and start LFO conversion. 3. Wait about 15-30 seconds. The second test took longer to start spamming. It began when I highlighted a different part of the vessel. I originally thought it was a glitch introduced by one of my many, many other add-ons, but it persists with a clean install with just AmpYear.
  3. @HunterForce You need to get the dev build. Any addons which change timewarp have to be fixed/recompiled.
  4. Has anyone had issues with NRE spam when trying to adjust timewarp? I know other mods are having issues since 1.1.3, and I wonder if this one has the same problem.
  5. Getting NRE spam on 1.1.3. Same as what's happening on KAC. (Filename: Line: -1) MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'TimeWarp.SetRate'. at RemoteTech.FlightComputer.FlightComputer.OnUpdate () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at RemoteTech.Modules.ModuleSPU.Update () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
  6. @leomike Sad, but totally understandable. The power generation in KSPIe is horribly complex. Unfortunately that kills this mod for me in this playthru. I'll have to revisit it in my next one.
  7. I finally got to the point in my career save where I'm landing my first mining lander and I found that the KSPIe reactors are not generating any EC in the background. Is KSPIe supported?
  8. I absolutely love this mod, but I'm running into a problem that is quickly making it unplayable. The background processing does not seem to scale well with larger numbers of vessels. I have 44 flights in progress and I'm getting about a 2.5:1 slowdown. I'm not certain that it's just Kerbalism causing the problem, but I do see that the background processing loops through every part on every ship in every update. Is anyone else having similar problems, or is this just me?
  9. The second one. I haven't encountered the mass increasing bug yet. That FAR problem was due to incorrect mass calculations.
  10. Same issue as @TMS, also believe this is causing NRE spam for me. Never mind that. NRE spam is caused by something else. Trying to trace it now.
  11. OK, thanks. I've run into this big with tweakscale and FAR recently so I was wondering if it was a problem with this addon as well. Thanks for all your hard work.
  12. Has the issue with modifying the part mass been fixed yet? Just wondering if it is still a problem.
  13. Another Idea perhaps is to cap the about they can change the lifespan based on research. Allow none at the start and then +-10% after x node and so forth. That way late game you could buy off the penalty after you've reached a point that you'll be launching decade+ missions.
  14. I compiled the changes to test on my testing install and it seems to be working fine. Still takes longer than stock to load, but that is to be expected. Nowhere near the 2-5 minute load times on simple ships I saw before.
  15. Perhaps an idea for the malfunction issue would be to add a tweakable that'd increase the lifespan of a part for a cost. You could even allow the player to shorten the lifespan from default to save money too. My opinion is that it shouldn't be a 1:1 scaling however. Like 3x the cost increases the lifespan 2x, and 1/2 the cost reduces the lifespan to 1/3. It'd be nice to allow short life probes and missions to cost less, but allow longer missions to avoid malfunctions for a cost.
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