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  1. If you're starting a new career, it'll probably be awhile before you have the tech to build space stations anyway. But Nertea recently mentioned that he's "probably out for awhile due to RL stuff", and he's also said that the update with these new parts will be a separate mod that won't break compatibility with the current version, so it wouldn't hurt to install the current version and then switch over to the new version whenever it ends up being finished.
  2. Colliders are part of the model (the .mu file), and I don't think you can add new colliders with a .cfg patch. The "right" way to do it involves editing the original Unity scene that the .mu was made from, but AFAIK only RoverDude has that (it's not part of the GitHub repo). It should be possible to convert the .mu to a Blender file, add colliders, and convert back, but there are complications and it may not be allowed from a copyright standpoint. The wheel symmetry, however, can probably be done with a .cfg patch: there's a stackSymmetry option, used in the mk2 bicoupler for example, that enables it. It's not entirely clear how it determines which nodes are eligible for symmetry, though.
  3. Just to make sure we're on the same page, this is what I mean: The Akita is upside-down, so the axle appears in front of the flatbed part (where the collider is). When the mouse is over the axle's attachment point, it's also over the collider, so KIS recognizes that the mouse is pointing at the part. (It's also necessary to press 'R' once to tell KIS to use the wheel's attachment node.)
  4. I just discovered that I was running an outdated version of [x] Science: I had v5.7, while v5.10 was available. Strangely, KSP-AVC didn't notify me about this — even though it works fine for other mods, and this one does have a .version file. The AVC checking didn't report anything unusual in my log KSP.log: [LOG 22:09:10.342] KSP-AVC -> /home/wyzard/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Kerbal Space Program/GameData/[x] Science!/[x] Science!.version NAME: [x] Science! URL: https://themoose.co.uk/ksp/%5Bx%5D%20Science!.version DOWNLOAD: https://themoose.co.uk/ksp/downloads.html GITHUB: NULL VERSION: 5.7 KSP_VERSION: 1.3 KSP_VERSION_MIN: NULL KSP_VERSION_MAX: NULL CompatibleKspVersion: True CompatibleKspVersionMin: True CompatibleKspVersionMax: True CompatibleGitHubVersion: True [LOG 22:09:10.346] KSP-AVC -> Identical remote version found: Using remote version information only. (Note, I don't know whether the "identical remote version" line pertains to this mod, or the one that was checked after it. The line after that one is the .version file URL for another mod.) As a total guess on my part, maybe the encoded characters in the URL are causing some sort of problem with retrieving it, causing AVC to not know what version is current?
  5. That's because of Konstruction issue #43: the axles lack colliders, so KIS doesn't snap to them. This is also why the axles fall through the ground when you drop the parts. Look at the screenshot on that issue page and note the areas that have yellow boxes around them. If you rotate your view so that one of those areas is "behind" the axle attachment point, the wheel attachment should work. (It helps to turn the Akita upside-down for this.) Pinging @RoverDude as a reminder since this is probably a pretty quick and easy fix.
  6. The only folder you can point to is the UmbraSpaceIndustries one, because :NEEDS looks at those but doesn't look at subfolders. But :NEEDS[UmbraSpaceIndustries] generally isn't useful, since that just tells you that at least one USI mod installed, but not specifically which one(s). Instead, you'll have to rely on :FOR markings that USI provides. Various subfolders under UmbraSpaceIndustries have patches that contain things like :FOR[MKS] and :FOR[FTT]. But there's no :FOR[Konstruction], so it looks like there's no way to write a :NEEDS that checks whether Konstruction is installed. Fortunately, in this case you don't need to. It's not an error to have an MM patch for a part that doesn't exist. You can just write @PART[PAL_Crane]:NEEDS[KIS], and MM will patch the crane if it exists, or ignore the patch if it doesn't.
  7. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    I'm curious about the labels above the entrances (e.g. "airlock", "cargo bay") — are they fixed, or can they be configured? I watched you do some of the modeling in your Twitch stream so I know that the large or small entrances will appear depending on which attachment node you connect to, and I think you've made it so that the small ones are always labeled "airlock" and the large ones are always "cargo bay". Is that right, or will there be five different labels for the five positions around the circle? Or do you plan to provide alternate labels that can be switched with something like a "repaint" button? The domes look nice, btw.
  8. This mod is useful, but I've noticed that it interferes with clicking the Staging Mode, Docking Mode and Orbital Map buttons in flight — with trim zeroed, only the top few pixels of the docking button, and the bottom few pixels of the map button, are clickable. With trim moved up or down, different parts of the buttons are obstructed. Since those buttons are right next to the pitch indicator where the vertical trim number appears, I'm guessing the trim label is extending out from the pitch indicator and partially covering the buttons, intercepting clicks despite being transparent. (Workaround is to use the Insert/Delete/M keyboard shortcuts.)
  9. [1.3]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.4

    PNG compresses better, but the tradeoff is that you can't directly access arbitrary pixels in the compressed data: you have to start at the beginning of the file and decompress everything until you get to the pixel you want. That means it's not suitable for use with a GPU, which needs to be able to quickly access arbitrary pixels within a texture during rendering. So PNG can give you a small file on disk, but you have to decompress it into memory in order to actually use the texture. DDS (really, S3TC) doesn't compress as well, but it can stay compressed when loaded into memory, because the GPU is able to directly use it in its compressed form. On disk, the DDS may be bigger, but in RAM, it's one-sixth the size of the uncompressed image that you'd get from the PNG.
  10. [1.3]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.4

    DDS uses S3 texture compression, which has a fixed compression ratio; there's no slider to adjust quality and size like there is with JPEG. For an image with no alpha channel, each 4x4 block of pixels is converted to a 64-bit number, regardless of whether those pixels are solid color, random noise, or something in between. (That makes it possible to decompress each block independently of others, which allows the GPU to store compressed textures in memory and decompress portions "on the fly" while rendering.) A better encoder may be able to provide better visual fidelity for that same compression ratio, though, so it's worth trying different conversion tools.
  11. Here's a slight adjustment to my earlier patch for allowing science transfers on all parts: // Add in-vessel transfer support to all parts that can hold science, unless // explicitly disabled by the part. This is the same ability that the stock // Experiment Storage Unit has; it doesn't really make sense for it to be // limited to just the that part. // Author: Wyzard @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleScienceContainer],!MODULE[KerbalEVA]] { // Allow "Container: Collect All" and "Container: Transfer Data" by // default. @MODULE[ModuleScienceContainer]:HAS[~canTransferInVessel[]] { canTransferInVessel = True } // Allow targeting by "Container: Transfer Data" on other parts by // default. @MODULE[ModuleScienceContainer]:HAS[~canBeTransferredToInVessel[]] { canBeTransferredToInVessel = True } } The only difference is that KerbalEVA is excluded from the patch, because kerbal spacesuits are never connected to other parts so it's useless to have science transfer buttons on a kerbal.
  12. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    I put in two issues: #1324 for kolonists not getting their hiring discount, and #1325 for the hiring cost being affected by invisible courage/stupidity sliders when "customized kerbonauts" is turned off.
  13. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Is there still a known issue with kolonist hiring costs? I see that the fix for bug #1297 has been merged, but with MKS v0.52.2.0 (latest version), I'm still getting the same hiring cost for all kerbal types, core and kolonist. Also, the cost doesn't match the settings: I have "alternate core kerbonaut costs" turned on with a cost of 50k, and "alternate kolonist costs" turned on with a cost of 1000, but the cost shown for all kerbal types in the AC is 75k. Possibly related: I have "customized kerbonauts" turned off, but if I turn it on, adjust the courage/stupidity sliders in the AC, and then turn "customized kerbonauts" off again, the cost in the AC still reflects the modified courage/stupidity values even though those settings are no longer shown. Quitting and restarting KSP puts the cost back to its default when "customized kerbonauts" is turned off. Looks like something isn't being reinitialized as it should when that setting is toggled from on to off.
  14. You can open them from the tracking station; no need to travel to each one. In the tracking station, click the KK toolbar button to show the KK controls near the top of the screen. Then click the second and third of those control buttons, to show stations that are closed, including tracking ground stations. Click on the icons for the ground stations and you can enable them. (There's a fee for each.)
  15. FWIW, I wrote my directions from memory of how I did it previously, and I re-downloaded all the mods I mentioned and checked that the folders are in the places I said they were, but I didn't have time to actually redo the installation with a clean install of the game. Since a few people have mentioned that it didn't work for them, I'll try doing that later just to make sure I didn't forget anything. Has anyone successfully installed the mod using the step-by-step that I wrote?