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  1. And at the cost of wasting propellant, the system could be used from a "cold start" by initially opening the RCS nozzles in balanced pairs that oppose each other, to carry heat away from the reactor (into space) while exerting no net force on the spacecraft. Once there's enough propellant flow, perform the maneuver, then switch back to balanced flow for cooling while the reactor shuts down. But yeah, nuclear RCS would be weird. I suspect the above would probably waste more propellant in ramp-up and ramp-down than it would use productively for maneuvers.
  2. It does with Metal, just not with OpenGL. (This Apple developer page has a section titled "Compressed BC Pixel Formats" that lists BC1 through BC7.)
  3. I've noticed this too, though I didn't realize it was caused by [x]Science. But yeah: experiment won't run (even from the PAW), says the module is full, but an EVA scientist has no "take data" or "restore" option..
  4. There are 584 .png files, all 120x32. Even stored as uncompressed 32bpp (4 bytes per pixel), that's less than 9 megabytes total. I doubt the ribbons are the problem.
  5. Apple doesn't support OpenGL versions past 4.1 (released in 2010; current is 4.6). They don't support Vulkan either; they want applications to use their proprietary Metal API instead. But Unity supports using Metal in Mac builds of a game (though I don't know whether KSP currently does). Anyway, that's not a problem for RLA; it doesn't use any BPTC textures. Neither does any other mod I've seen.
  6. NFE patches the MKS reactors so they work like the NFE ones. Assuming you mean the USI "Kontainer" tanks that come with MKS: yes, they have boiloff when CryoTanks is installed. CryoTanks itself doesn't directly patch the USI kontainers since they already have a fuel switcher, but USI includes a patch of its own that does the same thing for the kontainer tanks specifically. If you're interested in the specifics, the files to look at are NearFutureElectrical/Patches/NFElectricalUSIReactors.cfg and UmbraSpaceIndustries/Kontainers/CryoTanks.cfg.
  7. Glad to see that there's a new release! I'll be trying it out later today. (I'm still on 1.7, though.) And I see that the xmitDataScalar fixes are included — thanks for that. However, I want to repost two small compatibility patches that I posted earlier and that I think might have been overlooked:
  8. It's good that there's documentation for this. However, having to edit the patch file means the customization will be lost when upgrading to a newer version of ReStock. As a variant of @Eridan's suggestion, it'd be handy to have a condition on each of the patches, that can be used to disable it — e.g. @PART[liquidEngine3_v2]:NEEDS[!ReStockDisableTerrier], so that someone who wants to use the stock model can make a little patch with :FOR[ReStockDisableTerrier], and ReStock's patch will turn off without having to edit the file. That'd make it upgrade-friendly.
  9. I'd always wondered about the actual distinctions between these categories. This is helpful to know.
  10. I'm confused as to why this mod calls MusicLogic.SetVolume at all — how is that related to science? Is it some sort of weird bug workaround?
  11. So, the news reporting about NASA's recent all-female spacewalk includes a photo of them holding a type of tool that should be familiar to KIS users. (That's from this NBC report. And this article has an image of Jessica using the tool on Earth.)
  12. MKS just uses Firespitter for resource switching in kontainer tanks, doesn't it? It may be worth looking at B9PartSwitch as an alternative — that's what most mods use (when the stock switcher isn't enough), and its UI is nicer than FSFuelSwitch. (Switching to B9 would have a backward-compatibility impact for spacecraft that've already been launched, though. But a major update like 1.8 seems like a reasonable time for that to happen.)
  13. @SQUAD, you may want to un-sticky and/or lock this thread. It's about a graphics bug in KSP 1.3 that was fixed in 1.4, and people are reading advice for that bug from two years ago and thinking it's relevant to launch issues in KSP 1.7/1.8 today.
  14. Speaking of settings XML files, here's an oddity. Using KER in KSP 1.7.3, I tried to open the KER settings in the VAB, but when I clicked the settings button, the KER window disappeared except for a tiny gray square near the top-left of where the settings window should've been. I figured it might be something wrong with the settings files, so I moved my whole Settings directory aside to make KER regenerate the defaults, which fixed the problem. Then I tested moving individual files back to see which one made the problem reappear. It turns out that the problem was caused by having this in my GeneralSettings.xml file: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <ArrayOfSettingItem xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"> <SettingItem> <Name>FlightAppLauncher_IsHoverActivated</Name> <Value xsi:type="ArrayOfXmlNode"> <XmlNode xsi:type="ArrayOfXmlNode" /> <XmlNode> <XmlNode xsi:type="ArrayOfXmlNode" /> </XmlNode> <XmlNode> <XmlNode> <XmlNode xsi:type="ArrayOfXmlNode" /> </XmlNode> </XmlNode> <XmlNode> <XmlNode> <XmlNode> <XmlNode xsi:type="ArrayOfXmlNode" /> </XmlNode> </XmlNode> </XmlNode> <XmlNode> <XmlNode> <XmlNode> <XmlNode> <XmlNode xsi:type="ArrayOfXmlNode" /> </XmlNode> </XmlNode> </XmlNode> </XmlNode> <XmlNode> <XmlNode> <XmlNode> <XmlNode> <XmlNode> <XmlNode xsi:type="ArrayOfXmlNode" /> </XmlNode> </XmlNode> </XmlNode> </XmlNode> </XmlNode> <XmlNode> <XmlNode> <XmlNode> <XmlNode> <XmlNode> <XmlNode> <XmlNode xsi:type="ArrayOfXmlNode" /> </XmlNode> </XmlNode> </XmlNode> </XmlNode> </XmlNode> </XmlNode> <XmlNode> <XmlNode> <XmlNode> <XmlNode> <XmlNode> <XmlNode> <XmlNode> <XmlNode xsi:type="ArrayOfXmlNode" /> </XmlNode> </XmlNode> </XmlNode> </XmlNode> </XmlNode> </XmlNode> </XmlNode> </Value> </SettingItem> </ArrayOfSettingItem> So, a weird bogus value for the FlightAppLauncher_IsHoverActivated setting. Notably, the reason why I wanted to open the KER settings in the first place was to check on that option, because it had stopped doing the "hover activated" thing a few days ago when I accidentally clicked the Revert button in KSP's own settings (the screen you get to from the game's main menu). I thought maybe the "hover activated" option value was somehow stored in KSP's settings data instead of KER's, and that my revert had changed it back to its default. Instead, it appears that reverting the KSP settings may have somehow corrupted this KER setting. Edit: Actually, it might not be the KSP settings revert that did it. When 1.8 came out, Steam updated my installation, and I launched it just to see how much would work (since most previous game updates haven't broken lots of stuff). It turned out that I couldn't even click on stuff at the game's main menu, so I quit with Alt-F4 and told Steam to revert back to 1.7.3. I didn't load my save or enter the VAB or even the space center in 1.8, but if KER does any writing to its settings files as part of just booting the game, that could be what did it.
  15. I notice that the 1.8 update of KER includes a subdirectory called "temp", containing some settings XML files. Is that intentional?