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  1. I noticed an oddity yesterday. I have a space hotel, and I completed a contract to bring some tourists to it, which generated the follow-on contract to bring the tourists back home. So I brought the tourists home, but after landing and recovering two of the three spacecraft they were in, I realized I'd forgotten to actually accept that second contract. The contract was still available, and when I accepted it, all its "recover kerbal" objectives showed as "incomplete" even though most of the tourists were sitting on Kerbin, available for another launch. I fixed the situation by putting thos
  2. I wouldn't necessarily blame Arch, though; it's just as likely to be a Unity bug that a glibc upgrade has exposed. That sort of thing happens sometimes — I remember a prominent instance years ago where a glibc change broke a bunch of programs (notably, the Adobe Flash player) that were inadvertently relying on an implementation quirk in the "memcpy" function that wasn't guaranteed by the C standard. The change in glibc was entirely legitimate and not a bug, and the programs that broke had really been buggy all along; they just happened to work anyway until glibc changed the thing they'd been
  3. I play KSP in Debian and I haven't had any problems with AVC. The stack trace in your log indicates that the crash occurred in glibc while trying to do a DNS lookup, which means it's not an AVC bug, and probably not even a KSP bug; it's either a glibc bug, or a Unity bug in how it calls glibc's getaddrinfo function. AVC is just the thing trying to make network connections that necessitate DNS lookups. I tried to reproduce your problem by running KSP (with AVC installed) with my computer disconnected from the network, and with it connected to the network but with an empty /etc/resolv
  4. It looks like the stock feature will replicate what KIS does for small-ish parts, but it's less clear whether it'll be usable for large ones. KIS allows multiple kerbals to work together to lift heavy things, and I've assembled surface bases that way (using MKS Ranger parts). I'm hoping stock has the same capability. @IgorZ, weren't you already working on a rewrite that integrates better with the stock inventory system? I hope the 1.11 news doesn't mean you've wasted your time on that.
  5. No rush — I know it's very minor. Anyway, main point was that satellite bus parts are cool. Thanks for making those. :-)
  6. Have I mentioned that I like the NFEx bus parts? They make for nice-looking satellites: I noticed a small cosmetic thing, though: the material's ambient parameter seems to vary between parts. The CYL probecore is lighter than the other two parts, and although it's not as obvious, the ADPT bus is slightly lighter than the CYL bus. (Hardly counts as a bug since it doesn't really affect anything, but I noticed so I figured I might as well point it out.)
  7. I'm pretty sure I've discovered this in the past too, so I think you're right. All of Squad's deprecated parts have "entryCost = 0" (in addition to "TechHidden = True"), presumably for this reason. Deprecated mod parts ought to be doing the same thing. @Nertea, I checked and MH+ has "entryCost = 0" for the deprecated Mallet, Striker, and Anvil SRBs, but not for the 1.875m nosecone, mini claw, or MakingHistoryPartHiding patch. It's a pretty simple fix, so I'll submit a pull request.
  8. What parts are you looking for? This mod doesn't add any parts by itself. It just adds more nodes to the tech tree, which other mods can put parts into.
  9. It doesn't apply any limits to thrusters on its own, but it shows you the torque you'll get from unbalanced thrust, which helps you adjust the thrust sliders to eliminate it.
  10. A little show & tell: here's my 65-kerbal space hotel for the Tourism Plus contract pack, built mostly from SSPXR and Near Future parts. (Plus a few stock parts, and two Universal Storage octo-cores holding batteries and life-support recyclers.) The big 3.75m storage containers hold Supplies (the USI life-support resource), and the smaller containers attached to the greenhouses hold Fertilizer (used by greenhouses to make more Supplies). Greenhouses and recyclers draw a lot of power, so there's a nuclear reactor at the very bottom. This was built in orbit by launching segm
  11. I'm a little puzzled by the positioning of two of the NFE reactors in the (community) tech tree: the 2.5m MX-2S "Prometheus" reactor is in "Improved Nuclear Power", and the 1.25m MX-1 "Garnet" reactor is one step above it in "High-Energy Nuclear Power", alongside the 2.5m MX-2L "Excalibur". It seems weird that the MX-2S is between the MX-0 and MX-1 in the tech progression, and also a little weird that the MX-2S is at a tech level below the MX-2L, when the 3.75m MX-3S and MX-3L are together in the same tech node. But on the other hand, the MX-3S reactor's description mentions refurbishing "ol
  12. IIRC, it's a known problem that non-English versions of the game can cause problems with USI stuff. The mod isn't localized, so it looks for English strings specifically.
  13. Based on what you've said, I can't promise I'll come up with something better than the status quo, but I am interested in trying. Where can I find that spreadsheet?
  14. The thread title says 1.8.x-1.10.x — I take it that's still true of this new build? (Just checking since I'm sticking with 1.9 until ReStock updates.) (On a related note, please consider adding a .version file to the zip download.)
  15. I'd be interested in a rebalancing patch to fix this, maybe as an optional "extras" thing. Similar to how NF Propulsion nerfs the stock Dawn to make the other ion engines more relevant. (Actually, I'd be willing to write such a patch myself — but I don't know enough about antenna physics or part balancing to figure out what the new numbers ought to be. If I had a good sense of that, though, writing the actual MM code should be pretty straightforward.)
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