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  1. Kerbal Thunder this screenshot reminds me of War Thunder launcher art
  2. I love how you can apply and remove decals or flags to the sides of the airship parts If only there was an option to add or remove the sloping ramp part of the cargo lift though...
  3. Yes The War Thunder Forum even has KSP pinned in their offtopic section
  4. JSS-M1 I used sub-assemblies by raptor9 and it almost collided with the Sky Lab of raptor9, so I had to move it lower with HyperEdit.
  5. German style creations/recreations I made! 1. V-1 On Rail Launch System 2. V-1 On Arado 3.V-1 On Me-262 4. BfDf-2 Tiger IV (Hull by clubasquirrel) 5. Wisel-3 SPAAG (Hull By clubasquirrel) Download Here:
  6. So I was building a V-1 Buzz Bomb on a Me-262 and it flies like a normal plane but when I launch the V-1 the Pitch controls swap with the Yaw controls. I replaced the wings and stuff but it still does the same thing. I flew the V-1 without the Me-262 and I don't get the problem. Pls help meh ;~;
  7. The Mk. 1 cockpit is black and the engines don't have any effects.
  8. So I made a satellite to Jool called the J.O.O.L.O. 1 Done in: 1 year, 147 days, 5 hours, 59 minuets, 11 seconds Used 7 maneuvers and winged it.