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  1. Will we have reputation in 0.24? Any new parts coming soon? What will the currency be called?
  2. I don't know much about career, but this is what I consider "essential" (or maybe not essential, but just cool to have) on a space station: - A command module, preferably a Cupola capsule - Solar array(s) - Lots of Hitchhiker Modules - A big fuel tank - All sizes of docking ports - Escape module(s) with parachutes and a way to de-orbit - Communications module with antennas and finally... - A MASS RELAY Maybe I shouldn't have learned everything I know about KSP by watching Danny2462.
  3. I finished the Whack-a-moon tour, and visited the Mun and Minmus in one mission. No orbital assembly or docking, because I'm lazy- I MEAN... "I LIKE CHALLENGES". Turns out it actually wasn't that hard with the nuclear engines...
  4. I mostly just use Revert Flight as a convenience - when testing planes and things, it takes too long to recover it and do another launch.
  5. I've been wondering for a while... in the KSP game world, is "your" space program the only one out there? I know that there's no sign of life other than the KSC, but we still have some evidence. In the description of the Command Pod Mk1: So, does this mean that there are other rocket scientists out there, and that this pod has been used before for other missions? This would also explain how Kerbals respawn when they die in space. Imagine the other space programs going out and rescuing your kerbals...
  6. 0.24 update: new and improved KSC location
  7. How about debris dropped from a rocket is still simulated even when it leaves the loading range? That way we could recover boosters and things. EDIT: Kasuha already posted this. Oops.
  8. Wait a second... when in (translation) docking mode, will ASAS try to rotate your ship? I suppose it doesn't matter anyways, I gave up on the docking and returned to Kerbin. Who needs this, I'm just going to make a huge lander
  9. The transfer ship doesn't have any way to control it, it's just a fuel tank and an LV-N. Maybe I should have thought this out a little more... ah well, I'll try my best, I guess. The ship has enough fuel to get back home but I don't want to repeat the whole mission. Aaaagh.
  10. So, almost every docking tutorial I've seen says to put the RCS thrusters on the center of mass. This is very helpful, I personally can't dock at all without it. Unfortunately, I messed up the RCS thrusters on my Mun lander and now I can't dock to the transfer ship, because the freaking lander won't stop rotating (sorry, had to rage a little bit there). Does anyone have any advise?
  11. Since I like making elaborate predictions or whatever, this is how I think Discovery would work: - All current planets would stay the way they are - But wait! There's a Gas Planet 2! - It has randomly generated moons orbiting it, which are named like asteroids, you can assign them better names - In the Tracking Station, you can see the unknown moons orbiting gas planets two and three. Depending on how big they are and how far away they are, you can either see a little icon, a grey fuzzy moon with no texture, or a moon with low-resolution textures - Putting telescopes in orbit and viewing the moon will give you science and a better view of the object! - Exploring the object close-up will make it high-resolution like the existing planets. I love elaborate predictions.
  12. I hope 0.24 doesn't break my current save. It sounds like an awesome update!
  13. I think my nearest debris pass was at something like 2km, but flying by pretty fast. However, last time I delivered a new module to my space station, I decoupled the transfer stage and... realized there wasn't any way to control the transfer stage... I'm an idiot
  14. I was also wondering where the heck the new tracking station came from
  15. They are some of the lucky few kerbals that I feel bad about killing. Jeb is a brave all-around explorer and pilot. He is in all the first-time missions (except for the... "permanent research base" ones) Bill is an airplane pilot. He likes to buzz the space center buildings. Bob is the scientist, so I keep him aboard space stations and things.
  16. Cleverbot is truly amazing. Once, I convinced it it was a human and I was the computer. Then I started imitating a self destruct countdown. The conversation went something like this...
  17. Seems like a cool idea! I'd like to see this! Also, FAR + DRE + Life Support? Is this like the triangle of hardmode KSP?
  18. I think they're yellowish-greenish. Compromise.
  19. The point of the game is to send Kerbals into space, not to return them, not to do it comfortably. Kerbal Space Program. Duh. All rockets should be built resembling a giant cone - a very small, sharp point at the top with the largest engines at the bottom. Rocket not going far enough? Add more boosters to the side. Rocket too wide? Add another stage below it. KSP is a game, so the aerodynamics are really exaggerated. Make sure your ships are extremely pointy, aerodynamics is the number one cause of failures. Once you unlock the atomic rocket motor, use it for everything. Launch stage, boosters, transfer stage, landing. How could it not be good for everything, it's freaking nuclear powered! Struts are useless. If your ship is falling apart then you are a terrible pilot and you should be ashamed of yourself To get into orbit, burn straight up until you're going really fast. This is what they call "orbital velocity", duh. To get to a target, point toward it and keep burning toward it, eventually you will get closer. And finally, the hardest part of space travel is always... aliens. They're everywhere! Whenever you land on another planet, be sure to heavily weaponize your ship! "Sepratrons" are good bullets. "Solid Fuel Boosters" make wonderful missiles. And if you just need to destroy the whole planet because there are too many aliens, drop a couple of nuclear engines. Anything that has a trefoil on it is good.
  20. On board the Apsis Point Space Station (Is that a stupid name?) with Bob and several other crew members. Unfortunately, he's been there for several years thanks to time warp, but every single crew member is smiling like crazy. Everything is good! they also might have gone slightly insane
  21. Maybe the "lower the better" part should be removed, since everyone has different opinions...
  22. I wish we could get some moving parts. Just with a robotic hinge, we could make so many things!
  23. This does seem pretty cool, and it would make science collection more realistic, but once funds (and reputation?) are implemented won't there be too many things to watch? New players might be overwhelmed if the R&D facility becomes filled with four different point counters.
  24. Huh? We do have a description feature. When you're naming a rocket in the VAB, you click on the title, and then type in the little box that scrolls out underneath the title. Augh, I suck at explaining, could anyone else explain this?
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