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  1. So apparently no progress on anything regarding an update for 1.7.2 anytime in our future(?)
  2. Any update or status when this will be compatible/updated for KSP rev 1.7.2?
  3. yup...i have 1.7.2 and the new expansion loaded up
  4. Hello, Im currently running this on KSP 1.7.2...it does seem to run ok however...when I RIGHT CLICK on a Kerbal during EVA a 'duplicate' set of controls are visible on his/her menu. i.e. another same set of descriptions/settings. Can this be corrected? Thanks!
  5. Looks like the Game Data file got duplicated and that's what caused all the wonkyness...too many late evenings
  6. The only Mod I'm experiencing difficulty with is Kopernicus...others seem to work ok. I would imagine Kopernicus will get an update to take 1.7.2 into account.
  7. Has it been confirmed that this works with KSP 1.7.1??
  8. Kopernicus has been updated and I've tried out the OPM....everything works fine now in KSP 1.7.1
  9. THANK YOU FOR THE UPDATE! I instantly loaded this and the Outer Planet Mod work just fine...no problems! Many Thanks!
  10. Will there be a Kopernicus update sometime in our future for KSP 1.7.1?
  11. Any G2 when Kopernicus is to be updated to run in 1.7.1? Missing my OPM Mod Regards With Thanks!
  12. Any G2 yet as far when Kopernicus is slated to be updated to 1.7.1? Really miss my OPM Mod
  13. I've been using this Mod with my Career Game...LOVE IT! Adds a whole new dimension having everything being Credit(Currency) Driven...(Just like the Real World LOL) Excellent Playing with it! Recommend Highly.