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  1. If you have "Interstellar Fuel Switch" installed, try uninstalling it. I had the same issue several versions ago (1.1.3) and "IFS" was causing it.
  2. I am trying to setup an alternative launch site with KSCSwitcher (ver 0.7) but can not seem to get the config right. The location is on the southern slopes of Nevado Cayembe in Ecuador. It's 0.05 south of the equator and around 3900 meters above sea level. The problem is that there should be canyons to the east and west, there is a smallish plateau at that locale with the ground falling away to the east and west. However the site shows KSC in the bottom of a valley with mountains on all sides. this is the setup I have so far. Site { name = ec_cayembe displayName = EC - Cayembe description = Located almost exactly on the Equator (0.05s) in Ecuador, Nevado Cayembe has both the advantage of Equatorial launchs and an altitude of nearly 4000 meters. It also has the "advantage" of being an active volcano (last eruption was in 1786). What could possibly go wrong! PQSCity { KEYname = KSC latitude = -0.04 longitude = -77.975 repositionRadiusOffset = 3898 repositionToSphereSurface = false lodvisibleRangeMult = 10 reorientFinalAngle = -90 } PQSMod_MapDecalTangent { radius = 30000 heightMapDeformity = 10 absoluteOffset = 3898 absolute = true latitude = -0.04 longitude = -77.975 } } So if anyone can tell me where I am going wrong I would mucha appreciate it.
  3. I have used tweakscale repeatedly with EL builds with no problems. In fact, I would say that over 80% of the builds over the last 18 months have had the scaling tweaked to some extent on the majority of parts in the build.
  4. @betelphi In theory you should be able to change those details with an "MM" patch providing the ranges are exposed by @taniwha.This would be far better than modifing the source and recompiling (something you would have to do for every release)
  5. @cgwhite4 Have a look at Keriden Dynamics, there are 3 sizes of storage cans for each standard diameter that can be configured for scrapmetal. They wll keep you going in the interim.
  6. Keriden dynamics make storage tanks that take Scrap metal, they also have a 3D printer that makes rocket parts without Kerbals. One problem I found with modular fuel tanks is that it removes the single content life support canisters from TACs life support (only left with the "Food, Water, Oxygen" tank in four sizes) which is an issue if you already have vessels / stations / bases built using them
  7. Don't know if I am being particularly dense atm or are we missing storage for scrap metal for the latest upgrade. Just recycled a ship and got 500 scrapmetal for it
  8. Hmm, it would, possibly help a little if the link on the op lead to the download instead of to the message annoucing the update Hmm, it would, possibly help if I clicked on the download link and not the release notes link
  9. @Sharpy I have found, in the past that some contracts will not be accepted as complete until to I shift back to KSC or some other ship, then back to the contract vessel.
  10. Entirely normal. To put it simply, Bill is too stupid. Put in multi star engineers that have very low stupidity levels (I use kerbalstats and portrait stats mods to give me all the stats for each kerbal)
  11. EL does not handle background production very well, it seems that production max's out based on the level of the next lowest level of resource. i.e Item production depends on the volume of RP avail when EL goes out of (or possibly comes into) focus. RP production seems to be determined by the amount of metal on hand, and so on. This is only based on my observations not on any hard data Suggestion: If possible add more RP storage and fill it, see if that improves the construction rate
  12. Merry Xmas to everyone
  13. Re changing recycler output to scrap metal. I, for one am all for it. However I feel you should be able to opt in on an item by item basis. I currently have vessel in transfer orbits to the outer planets, they have been setup as seed ships working on the basis that recyclers produce metal. It would be a royal pain to have to rethink the strategy this late in the game. Ideally a scrap metal container becomes available with the mod using it if found other wise staying as it does now and at a later date changing it to only produce scrap metal. One option vis tanks is to have a generic tank that can be re configured for contents on the fly when empty. You could change colours depending on content or icons. One niggle I am having, not 100% sure that it is EL causing it, My stations keep changing the icon to base every time I put a ship thru the recycler. One thing I need to try is to see if the icon changes when I am in control of the ship being recycled or the ship doing the recycling.
  14. There is/was a bug in the previous version of EL in that Module manager was not applying the skill set patch, the bug was being hidden if you had kerbalstats installed. There is a PDF in the install folder that covers the skill side of it
  15. @Warezcrawler from the sound of it, something on your vessel is clipping the launchpad. If it has landing legs, retract them (after finalizing or in the VAB) before you release. If this is no the case then check to see what, if anything, is lower than the anchor point to the pad and try to redesign your way around it. @sardia There is the blue orbital pad (which you can use to build stuff on the surface with) and the folding launch pad (complete with built in rocket engines).