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  1. I downloaded MKS from the GitHub download, which says it's the 1.3 version. And my configuration problem is that when I click on Next to cycle through the configs, it doesn't change. Do I need USI-LS to run this? And here are my pictures:
  2. I've been having trouble downloading and getting this mod working. Firstly, I have been having trouble installing, the mod either crashes the game or doesn't work properly with my game. When it doesn't crash the game, I have problems changing the configuration on my modules in the assembly buildings. I click on the B1 Next/B1 Prev and nothing changes. For some I can't even set the configuration, it just says ???.
  3. Thanks, It was just something I thought of after reading this. Before I found this I was seriously considering making my own based on my modded planetary system
  4. @ShotgunNinja That ocean/atmospheric thing explains it... It's Asclepius, a modded planet. Has both an oxygenated atmosphere and an ocean, but the atmosphere is very thin. I don't think those factors would affect the radiation absorption in real life, so you should base the calculation on the given planet's atmospheric curve. That would be much more realistic and accurate. I could also just make a radiation profile for the rest of the planets adding atmosphere stuff. And yeah, I don't think the calculations are not correct at all. Kerbin has a 70km atmosphere plus oceans and oxygen, but absorbs 99% of radiation, while Asclepius absorbs all radiation.
  5. Sorry about this, but the gamma absorption makes no sense. I have a planet with a 80km, 4atm thick atmosphere absorbing 30% of gamma radiation, but a planet with a 22km, 1 atm thick atmosphere absorbing all of the gamma radiation. Can you make these settable so I can release new patches including the atmosphere settings?
  6. So I just finished the science definitions for all the NH bodies according to the current radiation model. Here's the link to the file: http://www.filedropper.com/newhorizonsrad
  7. You know what would be really cool? If the computer code in Kerbalism was similar to real life Python or C so you could create complex scripts. Things like the print() function could be used to display a message when a condition is met. And instead of the message that pops up when you run out of oxygen, for example, being a background process, it would be a script added by default into the computer, and could be edited. Also, when I used 1.1.2, my ship's energy levels rapidly depleted. It happened one by one from the oldest to the newest ships I launched. Once the previous one was completely depleted the next one lost all power within 10 seconds
  8. Would there be any issue with adding 2 radiation models to one body? I want to add an atmosphere profile that will give planet surfaces a high amount of protection if they possess an atmosphere, which is meant to symbolise radiation being absorbed by the atmosphere, but don't want to remove the existing radiation profiles. EDIT: Also, first post on page 100! Monumental moment for this mod
  9. So I should delete the experimental file? And the KSP wiki says that Vall is Europa. I know that Europa looks nothing like Vall, but it's the best they got. Laythe is the Io analogue, even though they are nothing alike. The developers of KSP wanted to make Laythe more hellish like Io, but people liked the present Laythe to much to change it.
  10. So I just decided to make detailed radiation profiles for every planet pack I use: http://www.filedropper.com/radiationarkas http://www.filedropper.com/radiationasclepius http://www.filedropper.com/radiationextrasolar http://www.filedropper.com/radiationkplus http://www.filedropper.com/radiationnh_1 http://www.filedropper.com/radiationopm Yeah, I have a lot of planet packs XD. You should use the new version of NH it's better and more realistic than the other ones. And I made a way more detailed OPM patch. I'll be working on updated science definitions and new science definitions. Also, I looked at the 1.1.1 changelog, and Vall isn't meant to represent Io, it's meant to represent Europa. There is no actual Io representation in the game. And whats this science experimental patch in configs and what does it do?
  11. Oh alright then, so you use Kittopia to create a planet texture? I thought you meant just colouring the planet based on height. Thank you for clearing that up. I'll go and try to do that to my planets now. Thanks, now I can finally make good planets!
  12. @ShotgunNinja The levels of radiation based on the mangnetopause is very small, often around 0.008. This number is to small to be displayed in the Alt+N menu popup, so it displays that the planet has no magnetosphere. The radiation indicator doesn't seem to wan't to display radiation levels in the ten-thousandth level.
  13. I think you need to change the display for the magnetopause, because they are such low numbers it doesn't display them in the map/tracking station
  14. So I just decided to make detailed radiation profiles for every planet pack I use: Yeah, I have a lot of planet packs XD. You should use the new version of NH it's better
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