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  1. I got it, i just did what Kerbart told me, and it works 100% fine here. Maybe you can put his hint in the Beguinners Guide.
  2. Hey, im really noob in this thinks so, i can't install the client, i tried three ways. In the first one i typed "pip.exe install krpc" in the CMD and it returns an error: 'pip.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. In the second try i typed: "C:\Python36-32\Scripts pip.exe install krpc" and it returns the same error. And in the thirty way, i go to the python folder (C:\Python36-32\Scripts) and shift+right click, and clicked in the "Open powershell window here". And typed "pip.exe install krpc" and it returned a similar error sayin
  3. Someone help me please Im having issues to install the mod, the Beginners Guide instructions are not clear for me, it says: "Download and Install the mod". I downloaded it, when i open the zip file there's three main folders, GameData, Schema and Client, i know what to do with GameData, but where i need to put the other two folders, inside the KSP main folder ? Another question is about the kRPC Python module, it says that i need to type the command in the "command prompt", you mean, in the windows CMD ? Thank you guys.
  4. Hello Master401, today i instaled the Astronomer's Pack, and when i was testing it i saw a bug, in the night sky, it look like thunders in the sky. Take a look: Sample Video KSP.log output_log.txt Please help me, thank you.
  5. Essential Mods ModPack For KSP 1.1.3 Hello, my name is Gustavo but you can call me HardZiin, today i brought to you a modpack with all my favorite mods. In this modpack you will find spacecraft mods, visual mods and another kinds of mods. This modpack use the 1.1.3 version of Kerbal Space Program (Still not tested in another version). Lets start with the list: SpaceCraft (General) Mods Kerbal Attachment System Kerbal Inventory System Kerbal Engineer Redux Kerbal Planetary Base System Near Future Propulsion Near Future Solar N
  6. Essential Mods ModPack
  7. Hello, today I was installing some mods ( for the version 1.1.2), when i finished the installation, i run the game, when I accelerate the ship and it begins to rise, when it reaches 6,000 autitude the camera loses focus and begins to focus on the back of the ship, causing the impression that the ship is going up on the camera. I need help please. Thanks S2
  8. Hey guy, i installed the new version and now the mod works, thanks man
  9. Im back. Where can I find the download of the ModuleMananger ? Ok, i found
  10. ahhhh ok im downloading 1.1.2 version Perhaps the download takes a while because my internet is kinda slow
  11. I need to install the version 1.1.2 or i can install 1.1 (not pre-release version) ???
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