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  1. Sorry for the delay One of my RAM died and I had a few problems with my PC. Now I will be translating one mod per day if possible
  2. Spanish Translation is here https://github.com/DMagic1/KSP_Science_Relay/pull/1
  3. I know RO just released to 1.2.2, but if you are going for a 1.3 and need translators, I can help with the Spanish translation Just let me know
  4. I'm from Perú, but to be honest from all the games I played and videos on Youtube I regularly watch. There's really no difference between Spain and South América. lol Yeah, I've been a bit busy lately but nothing to serious, I will translate your mods as soon as possible.
  5. Here it is, Spanish version: https://github.com/JPLRepo/JSIAdvTransparentPods/pull/17
  6. @Papa_Joe here it is : https://github.com/codepoetpbowden/ConnectedLivingSpace/compare/master...Deltathiago98:patch-1
  7. How funny it is, RO just updates to 1.2.2 and KSP 1.3 goes out lol
  8. This is my Spanish Translation, I tried to be as compact as posible, but Spanish have long words... https://github.com/radistmorse/KSPPreciseManeuver/pull/10
  9. Hi, I will be very happy to help with the Spanish part, let me check and tomorrow in the afternoon I should have a translation ready
  10. Hi, I opened a post if anybody wants help with the Spanish translation!!! I will be updating the post every time I translate a mod, but I will only translate a mod if the Mod Author give me permission
  11. I will put my brain to work right now to check and verify if the translation is the most "neutral" possible.
  12. I really love this community and I really want to give back to it!
  13. Hi to all the community, I would love to help any mod author to translate their mod in to Spanish. I'm a native Spanish speaker, so don't have any doubts about the accuracy of my translation & interpretation. And if you want a mod you like to be translated, just ask the Mod Author to reply to this Topic . So far I have translated these: -Precise Maneuver: -Astrogator (Just a few minor corrections) : CLS Connected Living Spaces: JSI Advanced Transparent Pods: Science Relay:
  14. Hello, I have being using USI MKS since I got the game. But now I'm playing a RO/RSS/RP-0 save. And I just want to know if I can use the mod without any issues or is there a patch somewhere? I know that probably all the parts would bee non RO RP-0 but I don't care for that. I really love the functions and parts of this mod!! If someone knows something, Thank You!!
  15. Hey guys, I just want to know what I need to edit in the cfg file of a part to make it RP-0 compatible??? (Of course, apart from making sure the stats are kinda realistic)
  16. lol I figure out the problem, it was a kopernicus problem, somehow it get messed up. I just deleted and re-installed and all works fine again.
  17. Hi, It's me. Again I was playing very well with the dev. version, and one day I boot up the game, everything was going well, but when I load the save, all went black, the Alarm Clock and the Kerbal Construction Time GUI appears OK. I can warp time with no problem. But the screen is all black and in the right down corner appears the Loading "Kerbol System" icon and I wait but nothing... Here's the log https://www.dropbox.com/s/yt2gxn6gi2hzfyr/KSP.log?dl=0 Please Help me
  18. Hi, I just started my first RO-RP-0 in 1.2.2 and I was wondering, in wich node I unlock autostrut, because normally you need to unlock the normal strut to be able to use this function. But I already have the struts and some nodes into construction and nothing happens, I suppose I need to progress further in the Tech Tree... But if you have the answer, please let me know, Thank you
  19. @RealGecko I don't know what to append to this post, I have a rover on the Mün, I let Bon Voyage rove it until my target and after waiting it appears under the surface, I just waited cause it happened to me before, but this time it won't go out and set itself in a normal position, it's just stuck. I tried HyperEdit but it destroys itself when I set an orbit or try to land somewhere. I will have not problem losing it but it contains a few Kerbals and I am running low on supplies... Please Help!!!
  20. @FreeThinker Is Persistent Rotation needed in the last version?
  21. I installed first Kopernicus and then this mod (Dropped the zip files in the game data folder, like any other mod), but all the Stars are orbiting The Sun "Kerbol". Is this normal or Am I doing something wrong?
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