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  1. I have the exact same problem. It only applies to the stock FL tanks, and it seems that larger the tank, the more offset there is. I too have my build of KSP heavily modded, and strongly suspect one of the mods to be the culprit. I tried removing a few of them of which affected the tanks (like FuelTanks Plus and Interstellar Fuel Switch) but to no avail. :( I'll try to tinker a bit more, and will post the result, if any.
  2. A small update: I removed the folder "MP_Nazari_FX" from within the "RealPlume" folder, and the orange bubble effect dissapeared all together from jet engines, preserving the plumes for the rocket engines.
  3. Tried this, but with no change to the orange bubbles whatsoever. I put in 2000 as maximum limit, but each engine seems to be hardcoded to 2*50 particles each. (see marking in pic) The actice particles never rises above 200. http://imgur.com/UFQpjCc
  4. Hey there, First let me thank you for a very cool mod. I just have one issue; after installing Realplume and the configs, the basic jet engine's FX are rather bad looking IMO. The jet is spewing orange "bubbles" and notning more - even when the engine is entirely shut off. Im not using any other FX mods, so I really don't know where to look for the cause of this. Anyone experiencing the same, or know of a solution/workaround? Screenshot of the "bubbles" https://imgur.com/a/44hIP ::Edit:: I should mention, that I'm running version 1.2.2 of KSP
  5. Good evening! I'm having a peculiar problem with the "Unmanned Before Manned" mod. Everything is peachy and the career is going good, unlocking parts categories as they become avaliable, but ... when I research the "Miniaturization" group I somehow does not get the "Clamp-O-Tron Docking Port Jr." to use in the SPH/VAB. The port is simply missing from the list of parts (every other part from "Miniaturization" is there though). Initially I suspected either the "FilterExtensions" or "CommunityTechTree" mods, as I recently updated those, but finally after removing "Unmanned Before M
  6. The fix did bring the *majority* of parts back, but I'm experiencing a weird absence of all the docking parts. (and, as far as I can see, only specifically them) I should mention, that I only play in career mode, and have the mod Community Tech Tree installed. (amongst a ton others!)
  7. Brilliant response time and service! Thank you sir!
  8. Same problem here. Rolling back solves the issue.
  9. All my flags are in PNG format with the dimensions: 256x160 Actually the folder was created when I added a compilation of custom flags, but the mod only contained the mentioned folder and no other files, so yea, I just dumped a folder into the GameData. There are no other files within the flags folder besides images either (configs, dll, etc).
  10. I solved it myself. Seems like Hull Camera VDS was causing the problems.
  11. I'm not sure if this answers your question, but all my custom flags reside in this folder: \GameData\Custom Flags\Flags Works on my 1.1.2 version.
  12. So... I guess I figured this out myself, and to help others who might have the same issue, here is what I did to solve it. I removed all mods from GameData folder and subsequently re-added them one by one, and guess what? Hull Camera VDS f**** up your docking ports! There you have it - and once again I have docking capability! \o/
  13. Hey guys I realize this question has been asked ever since docking ports became avaliable in KSP, but after hours of reading on various forums, I still haven't found an answer to my problem. My problem is simple: My docking ports are as good as useless, and do not initiate the magnetic lock 'n dock.. Before you go on with the usual remarks: I have the right sides facing towards eachother. I have each the same size of docking port (I tried them all individually) I have tried to turn off SAS on the approacing ship. I have approached with a slow enough speed.
  14. Hey guys, I have a strange and quite annoying problem. I have KAS and KIS (among a ton of other mods) installed and everything seems to run smooth and seamlessly. Except this small thing: Whenever I'm in space and have one of my engineers attach a docking port (any kind of them) it becomes flagged as debris and is rendered useless, even though it appears to stick on the surface attached to. I can attach other thing just fine - like lamps and other stuff - just not docking ports. It kinda makes it near-impossible to build space stations. Anyone have the same problem, or has
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