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  1. I figured out this has to do with some probe cores (non RO)messing up staging tree. To prevent this I`m checking my ship build in VAB disconnecting vessel from probe core then reconnecting it .If delta v's still are "all right", after procedure, thrust stops magically disappearing.
  2. Ok .Thanks for reply... then other mod causing problem.
  3. Any plans to make it work in KSP 1.6.x? I mean it is working somehow, but I encounter bug with engines,frequently I'm running into situations when over sudden engine stops "pushing" ship . It appears that engine is working, plume is produced, information window shows ISP and thrust, fuel is burning, but ship speed won't change and its remains "stuck."
  4. Bingo! I have found variable R in some dummy function, which I did never called (it just was sitting there and I forget about it).Thanks!.Merry Christmas !
  5. 1.Rebooting script doesn't change anything. 2.I tested Your theory and replaced R with V code executes without error. 3.Here is the code with function which executes before troubled function. This is so annoying issue! function step_fhBoostersGlide{ parameter k. parameter FinSteeringDist. if (ship:ALTITUDE <75000 ) { RCS ON . } set intensity to 10. LOCK STEERING TO - SHIP:VELOCITY:SURFACE:NORMALIZED * landingTarget:POSITION:MAG - VXCL(SHIP:VELOCITY:SURFACE, VXCL(SHIP:UP:FOREVECTOR, lan
  6. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d8oA3_Gjrn4ltPicQSTRmnTQWd_7EkU8/view?usp=sharin I did try previous KOS versions and I have same issue.Now I need some custom function which does same thing like build in R... or other bypass.Any links ?
  7. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d8oA3_Gjrn4ltPicQSTRmnTQWd_7EkU8/view?usp=sharing
  8. Hi Function for rotation R(pitch,yaw,roll) is not recognized, my line of code: set steer to ship:srfretrograde + R(steerPitch, steerYaw, 0). I got error message :Undefined variable name `R` KSP version 1.3.1 , KOS version 1.1.5
  9. Yes I'm calling other vessels (stages)from core booster CPU and I'm trying yo change their names. Does this mean, I have to call /activate CPU on other stage? Then I will be able to rename it? How to do that?
  10. Hi I'm trying to change name of separated boosters without success.Only main core booster name changes. This is my code: STAGE. wait 1. //here I'm on active core vessel SET SHIP:NAME TO "fhCore". wait 1. kuniverse:forcesetactivevessel(VESSEL("fhCore3_full Probe")). //this is how ksp names stage after separation "fhCore3_full Probe" I'm getting successful switch SET SHIP:NAME TO "fhBooster1". //looks like this not changes name wait 1. //after above I should have "fhCore" ,fhBooster1 instead I'm having still old names kuniverse:fo
  11. Hi I had installed KSP 1.3.1 + rescale 10.6 (Kopernicus rel-1.3.1-2, ModularFlightIntegrator, Module Manager 2.8.1, Rescale x10.6, Sigma Dimensions 0.9.5,Galileo,TextureReplacerReplaced) For some reasons I have water on Kerbin in places where it shouldn't be .Everything looks fine but when I'm landing I got a splash. Occasionally when reloading space centre screen ,it's happen to be under water, anyone encountered similar issue ??
  12. Interesting, where is this information on the screenshot ?
  13. Installation instruction (with CKAN), if encounter overheat problem using RSS & Constelations : 1)Uninstall KSP Interstellar Extended (CKAN will list RSS & Constelations as dependand mods) proceed 2) Install RSS & Constelations 3)Install KSP Interstellar Extended
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