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  1. cnnr20

    Story mode

    a kerbal story mod would be a very good idea, maybe it could be it's own game mode.
  2. cnnr20

    Kerboom Super Comics

    like that only underground.
  3. cnnr20

    Boxed version of the final game

    dude.... ksp is now in Xbox and ps4
  4. cnnr20

    [1.0.4] Scott Manley Head Pack!

    you're right, KILL IT WITH NUKES AND BULLETS!!!!!!
  5. cnnr20

    My mods won't work

    I have the same problem but most of the mods I install Eder don't load at all or some parts load but the plugin does not load. but other times mods load just fine and plugins work but there icon don't load.
  6. hello newbes and longtime players of kerbal space program i am cnnr20, a player of ksp. this topic is about ideas for new gamemodes and muiltplayer for future updates of ksp, this topic is for squad to add a new game mode and a muiltplayer mode for ksp. rules: no excrements talking, trolling, and swearing, fallow rules for site, have fun!