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  1. It looks like my best option is to wait 4 days for the GDPR rules to go into effect and go that route. That should get my email address wiped, at the very least - and that's all I care about, since I'm deleting that email account and I don't want an email address of mine that doesn't exist any more getting password resets, etc.
  2. I'd like to delete or at least deactivate my forum account, but see nowhere on the profile settings or anywhere else to do this.
  3. It all spontaneously disintegrates because long long ago the atmosphere was a brick wall. I put the next poster into an empty nearly invincible bunker 10m^2 in internal area along with a 500-lb bomb on a proxmity fuze.
  4. Fortunately, concrete is far more brittle than a person. I give the next poster an existential crisis.
  5. Floor 1424: The room is well-illuminated, but it and everything in it is coated in a substance so black you cannot see the edges of the room or of anything in it, as they absorb over 99.999% of visible light. You stumble your way through the room as if you had been flash-blinded and make your way up the stairs to the next floor.
  6. I have nothing against authors getting paid for their content. I think it's a great idea. The problem lies in implementing it and the side effects of doing so. You're missing the point here. The established modders may want to make their mods paid, but cannot do so practically because their mods are licensed in such a way that enforcing payment becomes impossible. And they will in all likelihood raise hell over it in one way or another, either because they personally dislike paid mods or because they feel left out. Especially all those mods licensed under Creative Commons and
  7. My forum account was made in the 1.0.x era. I've been lurking for much longer, though. I started lurking when Green Iron Crown was recent enough that everyone knew what it was, so there were no readily available explanations of who or what it was. I remember vBulletin (which I liked better than this even though I never got to use it), and the Rocket Builders subforum, when USI-LS and Kerbalism didn't exist. I remember obsessively reading some fanwork about Jeb and others going to Jool in which Jeb went crazy and the ship had fusion engines and an AI. I don't remember who wrote this fanwor
  8. Clearly I did a bad job defining this. So? You can't just wave away the existing modding community. I guarantee you that will not go over well. And modders will become really protective of their mods. Excessively so. For reasons I don't understand, the modded MC community is already like this in some areas. There have been several incidents with modders that caused large amounts of drama. For reasons explained below, this doesn't work. Modders are hobbyists. They are not really software makers. And it takes a different skillset to manage legal issues and PR than it does
  9. When you say "flight simulator", I think of software whose primary purpose is commercial or educational use as opposed to entertainment. It can be used for entertainment but that is not its primary purpose. I draw the line between "mods" and add-ons/plugins mostly as follows: Mods are made for games. Add-ons and plugins do not significantly alter the base software like some mods [total conversion]. They add functionality or features not present in the base software [adblockers, support for additional file types for editing software, and similar] Mods typically do one or
  10. I sent a probe to Moho in stock sandbox (Caduceus + Lifter). Not quite cursed, although I should have let the MechJeb unit I was using to test it [It is supposed to be a general-purpose disposable interplanetary exploration probe] land it since it fell over on landing.
  11. I coincidentally have a temporary existence failure just before the bullet reaches my expected location. I pour a bucket of 20-sided dice on the next poster from 2 miles above the ground.
  12. For pure flight simulators, that's more like third-party plugins that cost money. Plus the userbase of a flight simulator will be considerably different from that of a game.
  13. Since when did one need a satellite network to be synchronous? You just need enough sats that for your given antenna range and orbital altitude at one is in the required viewing range at all times. Preferably in such a way that two will be in range sometimes. Check out the link in my sig, I made a tool to help with this.
  14. Nope. Press the button, and you hear a very satisfying click. You will also receive the mechanical keyboard of your choice, but there is a 25% chance it will be in an inaccessible location like Jupiter's upper atmosphere.
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