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  1. Could u make duna less cloudy in next update. Just a suggestion.
  2. that why all of my Probes losing EC even close to the sun. really 0.4 E per second for ox-l4 compare to its stock 1.6E per sec. it make game a lot more challenging.
  3. actually i dont feel any performance deference booth cloud config lower my fps when im seeing volumetric clouds. in kerbin on the ground booth of them r same to me. same clouds move over head. the deference is in texturing when u have space station and looking to those beautiful almost realistic cloud. u can even spot a storm lol. thats i think is great. good job @Nhawks17 i was kidding of course people likes me im very likable person and i got my answer.
  4. for peoples who asking me how i add SVE Clouds. this is super Easy as nansuchao Explain it for me First u delete Clouds file as i show u here in this screenshot. its in Ksprc/atmosphers folder in game data. Then add Only StockVisualEnhancements Folder To ur Game data. u dont need the other two. so Esay Remember This method will replace all Planet Clouds with SVE including Eve jool Duna and lyethe. But Personally i prefer SVE until Proot complete his work.
  5. i will send robotic mission when the lunch window come up for duna im using remote tech too but with disabled signal delay ( i dont know excrements about scripting). im looking forward to crashing in to one of those rocks lol. and seeing some sand storm. the 64 bit is a life saver with all these great mods. i still have 2 gb of free ram moreeeee MOD.
  6. Great Mod But Need More Balancing. I think probes Consume way to much power. in real Life they Are so power efficient.they Can Scan record send receive with power of just light bulb. i dont know maybe because im using remotetech but pretty much 1-6 solar panels r useless.another balancing issue is Eve suits.i think they should keep kerbals alive for at least a hour or two instead of minutes. if u dont want to change this i'll be grateful if u instruct me to how i change it?
  7. Nobody likes me.one more questions if u do; Should installing Kopernicus expansion change any visual like animating clouds?
  8. omg back then i had a potato pc so i never experience this. is it 1.1.2 fault or EVE developers (no offense)
  9. Question; Can i use another EVE Clouds config without messing this mod ?. what files should i delete ?
  10. is this compatible with tac life support and remote tech?
  11. Im ok with these numbers as long as it has some sense in it. About make up it should be mainly water ice and the old fashion dirt that kerbals know. Sorry i didn't pay attention to it. I like the current orbit but if u make it like comet that would be awesome with tail at its closest distance to the sun
  12. I like at least same az gilly or lower if possible . I want to send a roseta style mission to it. Extremely low gravity has its own fun. Lol sorry dude my mind can't accept it.
  13. i play with reflection set to none in TR setting no need for deleting files. about kopernicus doesnt this necessary for those beautiful Effect mod adds to the game .if yes i rather keep them the frame drops is not that massive.(25 maybe 20 at lowest for short time)
  14. i think part of frame drops especially the pauses is texturereplacer reflection feature. With reflection Reflection set to none in TR setting.
  15. EVA is fun although i like kerbin clouds in stock visual enhancement config by nhawks but overall i like this mod. SVE
  16. this mod bring my gtx 960 to its knees but its awesome any suggestion or tip to change something so i can have better fps? .i did lower my AA to 2x but no change i even set aa to off that was wired no change. and i have wired pauses every 3 or 4 sec even if i have over 50 fps its maybe my ram im not sure
  17. thank you so much now i can stop cheeking different res hopelessly. and use only Ultra res of ur mod and check other things. hell i maybe peace with it i get rarely low fps. (lower Than 30 )
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