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  1. @Angel-125 Yes I added crew in the editors. All editor readouts are working as far as I know. Only when the vessel is launched already and being processed in the background is when it states indefinite when there is a recycler on. I will check the logs and post later as well.
  2. @Angel-125 Do the snack processors or recyclers "process" in the background. Neither seem to be working unless the craft is in flight mode. No matter what I try it seems to say "Indefinite" in the duration window at the space center.
  3. @Ger_space I installed KK onto a RSS save to create my own bases but the Ctrl+ K button to bring up the editor does not work. Any solution to this or if Kopernicus is conflicting with KK?
  4. Hard to tell with words. If your are just using this mod and stock I can check what's going on. just make a kerbalx link and reply back and I could do some troubleshooting.
  5. Try out the fly-by-wire option as a SAS replacement from Atmospheric Autopilot mod. it's what I use for my shuttles and it flies like butter.
  6. @pak hey I'm at Kennedy Space Center right now and will be here for a few days. if you need any pics you couldn't find on the Internet of the shuttle, bay interior, engines, and ET,SRB let me know.
  7. very nice. Of course i'm downloading this. but I have to wait until I have my tech tree unlocked but very nice work on attention to detail.
  8. i have rarely used the mmu to dock as it was but i liked the feature being there. But i think having an actual construction piece would remind me that I can do that and actually use them for construction.
  9. I just have to say that I LOVE YOUR MOD. In my opinion your mod offers the best and most stock-a-like low count part solution to making Shuttles. I tell everyone about your shuttle lifting body because it's the best. Keep up the good work and I look forward to future parts. Now the CSA needs to grind faster to get the shuttle tech in my save. And thank you for the SNACKS mod support. -DaGuy
  10. There's so many ways you can choose to name your crafts. I used to name manned crafts after the X-Men but chose their character names instead of their super hero names, Like using Logan instead of Wolverine or Rasputin instead of Colossus. I personally like to name fleets of crafts I use often like a shuttle fleet for example. I chose to go the route of naming the shuttles after a fantasy character or an action/meaning for representation like Paladin or Purity. Once you start naming you should get a flag mod and make custom name plates for your crafts. Your designs will start earning rep
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