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  1. Just installed and love this mod! Thankyou
  2. @Wikkyd it'd be a big mod to add just for this function but USI-MKS has a ground anchor mode for bases that would stop this completely including any jumps on physics load. Maybe you could strip out the parts and just add the module into some of the parts you use on your base instead of installing the whole lot.
  3. TCA all the way, it'll auto balance those engines and keep the thrust vector straight down the centre line. Only problems is it's then not firing on full thrust so you have to adjust burn times. Makes for some really cool designs. In regards to the OP mechjeb and KER parts, i can't remember the last time i slapped one of those on as i've had mehcjeb and KER for everyone installed on every game since i discovered MM.
  4. Hi @RoverDude, just wanted to leave a big thanks here for releasing and maintaining your mods. They've added so much to my game play.
  5. I'd just like to say this is a great mod i'm really excited about the upcoming collaboration. I'm really looking forward to it thanks @allista & @RoverDude
  6. Hanger has some really big hangers but the textures are . . . . Lacking
  7. I like this idea
  8. Just wanted to leave a big thanks to the team
  9. ive just started a new career with a new mod set! Yay. ive gone with the basics utilites, ker, mechjeb, kac ect. but this time i've gone with the full USI constellation gonna be fun!
  10. So Bill get's in his rover, drives for 2 weeks, is still only halfway there and Jeb's already dead . . . . I think we can put this one to bed now.
  11. Again, fair enough, i agree this is your right, and i'm leaning towards this being the best course of action available for the modders here, i'm just asking people to be clear with their intentions that is all. . . I'll be stepping away from entire thread now as some people here are completely incapable of keeping their cool long enough to actually read and digest a post before responding.