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  1. Hey, I added this mod to my game and was wondering if youre supposed to only be able to have 3 contracts max. I have upgraded the facility to the last level, also I added it to a existing save.
  2. It wont let me research field science even though I have heavy landing, is there some way around this?
  3. @ferram4 didnt understand what npt was saying so tought it was another problem you had to fix
  4. Tried the last FAR version but with the dependencies from this one and parachutes work.
  5. This newest update breaks parachutes, they deploy as usual but dont slow down the craft at all, it works normally in stock but when I install the newest version of FAR and its dependencies the parachutes dont slow down the craft.
  6. This is the best tech tree I have seen, thank you for making it.
  7. Thanks alot, i have no need to hack the save since i noticed it early in the game and made havent made any progress, ill just make a new one. Thank you again.
  8. I deleted the ksp.log then made a new one where I just made a new save and recreated the bug to (atleast i think) make the log smaller so it is easier to look through. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AoD2cIVdrkdBsELFlRkDohDrSklQ also here are the mods i have installed, atleast what avc says i have installed.
  9. @nightingale sorry to bring this up again but i seem to be having the same problem @Tokamak had even though i dont have cryoengines or kerbal atomics installed. I dont know what files to post here for you to check what's wrong so just tell me what files or logs you need. Again, sorry to bother you. (Edit) I remember reading something about some mods having game files. I think that's the case because when I make a new save all the default flags (and even some custom flags i put in) have been duplicated so there is 3 versions of them.