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  1. This looks like a neat challenge! So, as DoctorDavinci said before, what's the modifier for science returned to Kerbin? Also, is KER allowed without deducting points? Expect my entry soon... Maybe... Eh, don't count on it.
  2. What I feel that doesn't press me to haul myself out of Kerbin's SOI is the tech tree. It needs to have more parts after the RAPIERs, the Vectors and Mammoth engines, the ore tanks, etc. I don't approve of putting existing parts in a higher tech level just to extend the tech tree, oh no. I would rather have new parts and have them unlocked higher in the tree. Come on Squad, give me a reason to go to Eve or Duna or Dres.
  3. More specifics please? If this is a challenge, should it not have a scoring system? Also, are informational mods like KER allowed? Not that KER would be of much use since propeller planes have virtually unlimited range in bodies with air.
  4. Valles Marineris looks like it's about to noscope that ship you got there, UnusualAttitude. To normal people, it looks like a canyon. To me, it looks like a gigantic sniper rifle.
  5. So, I decide to start a new career save. I accept 2 contracts and then go to the VAB to build my rocket. As you can see in the third image, my contracts are gone. I did not complete them. My money count is the same. I have installed Scatterer, EVE (I can't see clouds though, don't know if I installed it correctly), OPM, and Kopernicus. It's annoying as hell. Can you please explain how to uninstall the mods? I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and verifying integrity of game cache. Nothing works. Do I have to pick them out of the folders myself or is there an opti
  6. Easy. Mount a heat shield onto a tiny rover and use that for cover and for running Sans over. NO WITNESSES!
  7. So, I watched a video on stock propellers in KSP. I have some idea on how it should work, but I wonder how the control surfaces should be aligned/which way they should be facing. How big should they be? I'm going to spin them by reaction wheel power. I heard something about holding down a few buttons to keep the propeller spinning. What's that key combo again?
  8. No rules besides those? Guess that it'd allow for infinite fuel, cheats and HyperEdit. Easy.
  9. Actually, they were just fine. They survived to orbit but I was too lazy to do anything with it. Too much lag. The mothership idea was too much. Guess I'll pick it up again when I get a better computer.
  10. I'm going to put it into the VAB and launch it that way with a couple of 3.25m rockets.
  11. Yeah, I have considered them, but for a craft this large I figured it'd be tricky. Right now I'm going to try launching and testing it. I'm planning to put a vehicle with several docking ports for crafts to dock, and a orbital VAB-esque structure surrounding a central docking port. On the side ports I plan to put docking areas for 2 SSTOs along with extra fuel tanks and power supply. I also plan to add ISRU onto the craft and one of the SSTOs will deliver ore to it. I have OPM and I'm going to mess around and explore in the Sarnus system first. I know that an SSTO can haul it's own ISRU around
  12. I'm going to dock this craft with others to build the mothership. RCS of course adds weight and I only use it for docking. However, with most of my projects being large and with my limited knowledge of placement, I've had no choice. EDIT: The mothership has to be able to go places, which means it has to be able to turn to actually get going, obviously. This will consist of a lot of docked modules, so it's going to need a lot of reaction wheels and docking connections.
  13. 1403: You see a office with everyone googling/posting and making 9/11 and Harambe memes. You never 5get and move onto the next floor.
  14. Oh, okay. Sorry to bother with all the questions, I really appreciate your help. Here is the ship in question: Here's the ship and the cargo bay view. There are struts connecting the reaction wheel stack to the cargo bay walls, and on the underside, mirror struts connecting the stacks to the cargo bay floor.
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