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  1. danielboro

    [1.3] WalkAbout v1.7.1 (17-07-2017)

    @Antipodes hello did you try to ask the have programmers for help? like linuxgurugamer sarbian or roverdude?
  2. It sounds like it was the activ ship. It only works on backround
  3. danielboro

    [1.4.4] RemoteTech v1.8.12 [2018-07-17]

    Smart parts cam do that too
  4. by fine tuning the parameter it its possebel to get the PE above the atmosphere before getting the AP to max
  5. danielboro

    [1.4.4] RemoteTech v1.8.12 [2018-07-17]

  6. danielboro

    [1.4] Station Science continued (v2.4.1)

    1) not stupid 2) yes 3) you can write an MM script to add the needed module to any part you want
  7. im gessing the same as if you use a version for 1.3.1 in 1.4.3 the game never loads that wat happened to me, the loading stopped on vasmir
  8. danielboro

    [1.4.x] Smart Parts Continued

    i use 2 EC detector the active turns on the inactive
  9. i dont play whit RSS so i dont know the numbers but try different numbers start by setting the start time to AP to 90 end time to AP can stay at 50 or try a bigger number you did set the Ap to >120 wat is your TWR? is it more then 1.5 (1.5 is the recommended but i fond 2 to be better in kerbin) you can try starting the turn at a higher speed and set the start angel to be smaller try setting to move to prograde from SRFprograd to be at lower pressor p.s. GT will change the numbers after every lunch after a fail it will start turning at a higher speed and whit a smaller angel after a success it try's whit a lower speed and bigger angel you can just do revert to lunch until GT finds good numbers
  10. change the default options i use smart parts for this
  11. danielboro

    [1.4.4] RemoteTech v1.8.12 [2018-07-17]

    i need help understanding way i dont have a connection EC is 1010/1010 solar is not out do to new install (wen installing Copernicus solar fix all solar get back in)
  12. danielboro

    [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    this is wat he was reporting ?!?
  13. danielboro

    [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    @RoverDude this thing (lose of hub on decoupling/staging hub section for reentry) was reported before and fieals more like a bug then a wanted limit. is it possible to add a min hub time after a decouple/stage? this way if you have 1 day and then decouple/stage hub section it will only drop to min and not to 0 personally all my reentry pods have a dedicated KOS scripts that get the crew down safely on detecting that the capsule is going to land regardless if it doring liftoff or landing or conses or not
  14. my 2 cents i start by running KSP and then do an update check (i need 10-20 minutes to get KSP to start) so my suggestion is run KSP in the background, enter the MOD list for the one im running and do an update check