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  1. [1.3.1] RemoteTech v1.8.9 [2017-11-11]

    i need help understanding way i dont have a connection EC is 1010/1010 solar is not out do to new install (wen installing Copernicus solar fix all solar get back in)
  2. [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    this is wat he was reporting ?!?
  3. [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    @RoverDude this thing (lose of hub on decoupling/staging hub section for reentry) was reported before and fieals more like a bug then a wanted limit. is it possible to add a min hub time after a decouple/stage? this way if you have 1 day and then decouple/stage hub section it will only drop to min and not to 0 personally all my reentry pods have a dedicated KOS scripts that get the crew down safely on detecting that the capsule is going to land regardless if it doring liftoff or landing or conses or not
  4. my 2 cents i start by running KSP and then do an update check (i need 10-20 minutes to get KSP to start) so my suggestion is run KSP in the background, enter the MOD list for the one im running and do an update check
  5. [1.3.1] RemoteTech v1.8.9 [2017-11-11]

    RSS/RO the main motors need to be under G force for the fule to flow in the correct direction to be in a stable state
  6. is it possible to add upgrades using MM? i use an MM patch @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand]] { MODULE { name = kOSProcessor diskSpace = 2048 } } to add a kos core to all probes and command pods but i wold like to make the core bigger as i get more thech if i can how can i do that? thanks
  7. After pressing pohaa go to ksc
  8. Dont RP0 engins have limited number of starts. Kct keeps the number it had wen recoverd
  9. Ksp 1.3.0 broke it But last night i used the last MJ version in ksp1.3.1 on 6 docking All of them worked The only problem was docking 2 >400 parts ships whit limited rcs The fix was limiting docking max speed to 0.1
  10. Me too If i press continu this happens and i need to kill it in task maneger
  11. Is there no full scale N-1/L3

    it is used in modern American rockets but considering its a 1st stage engine it still dos not get to space
  12. Automatic burn timer?

    and TCA ans kos
  13. kos altitude trigger question

    dont use = and dont use alt:radar over 5000 its buged use if altitude>15000 stage or when altitude > 15000 stage. AFAIK X<Y<Z dos not work use X<Y and Y<Z
  14. sound like a probable install error wer did you put the files?
  15. [1.3.1] RemoteTech v1.8.9 [2017-11-11]

    You need 6 kerbals and 1 of the big adv. Probe cors