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  1. ksp 1.6 pre mod first run 419 second run 329 post mod first run ~319 second run ~228
  2. That is not a KCT or a Scrapyard thing Its from a different mod Probably a fail mod.
  3. hello @linuxgurugamer CanQuickSave = False CanQuickLoad = False failed to go back to true after a number of sims (including at list 1 crase ) https://www.dropbox.com/s/tjk47qfxlx1ss3p/‏‏output_log.7z?dl=0
  4. interesting. i see no reason way my rover are getting closer in the new version. thank you it mast have been an artifact of my rovers edit is the target in the new version using more accuracy(more decimal numbers) lat/lan ?
  5. In the old version the default was 200m. Would you consider restoring that default?
  6. The rover stops 0.2m from waypoint (for me 100 - 200 is better) Is it the same for targets? can this distance be modified?
  7. danielboro

    [1.4.1] kOS v1.1.5.2 : kOS Scriptable Autopilot System

    i think the relies version dos not support the new API of trajectory (at the moment) ther is a version that dos in this tread
  8. close the game and start over (sorry) load a save you are at risk of losing work this happened to me once (a long time ago) and if it was not for LG`s mod "auto saves and screen shot" i wold have lost close to a week of playing (no persistent saves doring sim) p.s i never close the game, it just run 24/7 using KOS scripts to run my ships wen im sleeping or at work
  9. @linuxgurugamer considering there are a number of fail mods but only 1 sim mod (at the moment) can KRASH show some flag oder mod can read to indicate its in sim mode and pass the buck over to the fail mods?
  10. I have ohscrap and dangit installed. one of them has blown a wheel can that be the cause of not seeing a connection wheel to the ground log https://www.dropbox.com/s/8lww9b1j8gh71q1/output_log.7z?dl=0
  11. danielboro

    not the best place to run out of EC

    i have a KOS script that just drives strait to a target(way point) and stops ther. im not supervising it most of the time. i didnt see the rover go up the cliff, it was in this position wen i can back to the computer to check up on it
  12. danielboro

    Universal Storage II

    Are you in 1.5? It sims contract-configurator is not working correctly in 1.5
  13. Dont use trajectory on an unloded craft. Only loded crafts have air drag. Assuming SR uses lat lng ignoring altitude to calc distense just set PE over KSC at about 24k
  14. if you right klic on a part it will show parts of this type in the inventory