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  1. parts mast have landed in more then 3 biomes
  2. It's not only ksp2. An HD fail of the main writer means lots of work for him just to get back to last working spot
  3. this is, alas, part of KSP. some times the terrain couses problems that the code dont expect. try adding WorldStabilizer mod. it helps.
  4. you can use if copypath() copypath returns false if it fails to copy
  5. can this be a KSP bug? today i loaded a ship in VAB from file and got a notice that ther is a missing part. do i want to load the ship without the missing part, it will be deleted from the ship the missing part was female kerbal p.s. not in a seat, she was in the 1 kerbal merkory like pod.
  6. i recovered a rover whit 2 kerbals to VAB. wen i press rollout i get a message that 2 parts are not available yet. considering this is the 3ed time i wanted to use the rover i think the 2 parts not available are the kerbals that i can see are part of the rover wen i edit the rover edit: confirmed. after deleting the kerbals the rover can rollout
  7. i have a memory of someone reporting using USILS for the HAB and TAC for the suplays IIRK ther wer no bad collisions. thers probably options you can set so you can use it in a way that will fit you.
  8. thanks im trying to fit some programs i wrote to an 8K integrated processor. ill need to stream line them
  9. can any one tell me what is the typical shirking by using compile? today was the first time i tried it and it didn't shrink mach. a 5100 got to 4950 and a 2024 to 1900 i was hoping for more space saving. is this the expected shrink? (~5%)
  10. The save file is a text file. Research what needs to be deleted a and you can do it what a text editor. Or look for a ksp save editor, I found one a long time ago don't know if it's maintened or wear I found it
  11. unless maja changes his mind that's the correct behavior . manually set the target a litael off
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