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  1. I'm not near the computer I think it's in difficulty All mods options are there
  2. you are correct. i wold like to point out that a target, unlike waypoint or spot chosen on the map, is a vessel that should always be avoided. thank you
  3. @maja can you add to the "set to active target" a truncate function? at what decimal place to trunc needs to be chaked (mun,minmus, eve and duna being the most common places to use BV on) i think 4 is what usually works for me on mun or if you have the inclination and time trunc based on bode and latlan posetion that way it will miss most of the time, the only problem will be the inconsistent miss distance, but i think that is better then forgetting to change the latlng and blowing up thanks
  4. @maja i reverted to 0.14.3 and the ability is back i re installed 0.14.7 and i can still jump wily driving nice
  5. it was only possible to do that using the BV control panel using map view or "[" didn't work. ill try to install the old version to see if its consistent
  6. interesting thats the second time a noting have changed in the code but BV behavior changed
  7. in the last version i could use BV to go to a rover even if the active rover was moving. it was risky, if the active rover was not on the ground it was deleted and i had to F9. but after the first time i did that i looked on the H speed of the rover to only go if it was <0.01.
  8. jumping to a new rover even wen speed was >0 is fixed
  9. After the distraction of the ship revert and do a new guess. It will try a different guess
  10. you need to try a new target the are rivers that can block the way and are hard to find a way around from a big distance
  11. hello your post is very well written and if you wer a customer of ckan worded correctly, but alas ckan is not a Business and is only offering its services as is. if the structure of ckan at the moment can`t support this mod then its is necessary to publish the mod marking it as not indexed by ckan. not getting to decision at the end of a discussion is unfortunate (and common in unorganized hobby meetings) and i understand its frustrating but stil ckan has no customer services.
  12. wily the errors in the log are (obviously) reproducible the window error was a (hopefully) 1 time event https://yadi.sk/d/eU7PPNPlqxi73Q the ModuleManager.ConfigCache as a.zip i edited my save to add agent to the contract that didnt have one most of then (all but 1) had "agentName = Field Research Team" i looked at the files but didnt see any thing obviously different from the rest of the contract packs i have thanks for all yuor help
  13. thnaks its 5118 because i keep the games running for days ill look for the file wen i get home.