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  1. The save file is a text file. Research what needs to be deleted a and you can do it what a text editor. Or look for a ksp save editor, I found one a long time ago don't know if it's maintened or wear I found it
  2. unless maja changes his mind that's the correct behavior . manually set the target a litael off
  3. If you have KAC you can set it to pause in X time and set it to ETA(-somting) to waypoint. Unless I het a mountain or something it usually works
  4. start the turn early and/or turn more limit power of engean /TWR. my goal is to get to orbit and circle in 1 burn (~50% of my rockets meet the goal)
  5. do as i do calc in my head then set a general time alarm whit a note of way i set it
  6. is it not what you Removed ? (i did not upgrade yet, just going from the sentence)
  7. hello i think its is a good option to have. i use it wen making rovers. plan a rover in SPH then move over to VAB to plan the lifting rocket
  8. dosent the game pause untill you press resume or abort? i don't remember closing the window and not be able to reopen it later and i spent 500000 last Sat on sims for a new rocket. not just PP i seen this so many times, that i do a sim for every rocket pre lunch to make sure its the correct version and i save pre sim and load post sim. and if i dont do all 3 steps i see old version failing on lunch. got a remainder to do that on Sat and its not just part settings i hade at times missing fuel lines wrong engeans, fuel level(if i set it to less then full)
  9. grate source of knowledge just be carfol some of it uses old KOS and cant run on version 1
  10. unless some thing changed from the last time i played (KSP 1.6) ignore the EC timer if not in focus
  11. i think i know way 2 options 1- ship was still surface prograde but hud was orbit prograde 2- hitting "start m/s" then losing speed and then getting back to "start m/s" did something bad i think 1 is more probably "start m/s" =365 start time =80 end time =20 needs refinement but it works edit: setting turn angel to 15 dV left is 675 edit 2: setting turn angel to 18 dV left is 781 goal reacet better then MJ
  12. @AndyMt I have a problem. wen trying to lift off eve the rocket wont fallow prograde after getting to "start m/s" it points to 80 and never fallow prograde i had to use MJ to fallow prograde any idea way?
  13. Alas I never landed on Eve, and off kerbin only on Mun did I use gt to go to orbit
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