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  1. Just a quick question - is timewarp propulsion still a thing? I wasn't able to get it to work on Daedalus, and accelerating to relativistic speeds with 0.2 TWR using only physics-warp is kind of a pain. My current solution is just to leave the ship at full throttle in x4 phys-warp and go watch YouTube for a while
  2. Welp, I stumbled upon a literally game-breaking (or rather game crashing) bug. After finally finishing building my Daedalus-based generation ship, turns out I can't really take it anywhere, as the game crashes once it reaches a certain speed (about 0.000467c as said by the engine, if that's important, looks pretty random to me). And it seems to take some absolute value of speed - it crashed in orbit of Kerbin once I reached that speed - tried timewarping to the Sun's orbit, still crash after accelerating to that speed. I'm on 1.2.2 version, using 1.14.15 backport. Gonna try the 1.15 alpha now to see if that fixes anything. Edit: No luck with 1.15, still crashing. Also please say that Kerbstein is only temporarily removed from there, I just got used to that thing Edit 2 (fixed, kind of): Decided to pull up a console to maybe see what's going on during the crash. That was the dying message that it spits out the moment the game crashes: CheckEncounter: failed to find any intercepts at all Does that ring any bells? Turns out the game REALLY didn't like some planet from KSS mod, and any encounter trajectory would insta-crash the game. Launching my ship a few months later to avoid that encounter fixed the problem
  3. Good to know, thanks! I'm just glad it's only the Mun that has this bug (as far as I had time to test yet), and its tidal locking negates the need for sats anyway, as long as I keep to the facing side for landers
  4. Aaaaand it's me again Nothing too major this time, but found one rather interesting, and quite puzzling bug - I can't leave satellites orbiting the Mun, or I won't ever see them again. Once I exit the game, upon returning I am greeted with a message of initiating a first fly-by of The All and a message for escaping it, and every single one of my Munar satellites is gone. Is the Mun secretly a wormhole to The All?
  5. @StarCrusher96 *sigh* Sorry to keep bugging you, but the system still just loves to give me Kerbol satellite contracts. Maybe there's a mod or some config way to just blacklist Kerbol from contract bodies? "Contract Filter" would be ideal, but it was discontinued back in 1.1 days, and I really don't feel like spending all that effort to get satellites in all those weird orbits of Kerbol There are Kerbin contracts here and there, but most for Kerbol. And I haven't even escaped Kerbin yet...
  6. Yep, reverting seems to have fixed the solar panels! Gotta start a new game because the contracts in mine are already broken, but I have a feeling they're fixed too. Thanks for the help!
  7. @StarCrusher96 KSP 1.2.2, latest KSS (0.61), and Kopernicus 1.2.2-9 (which is a 1.3.0-4 backport). I compiled this pack literally yesterday. However, I am using plenty of other mods like KSPI-E, Planetary Bases, Extraplanetary Launchpads, and several minor ones. They technically all should be safe as none of them compete for any parts/resources. I can't really test the contract system, but I will try a clean install of KSS to see if that fixes the solar panels, and if yes - add mods one by one to see which one breaks it. Unless you can see something wrong with my setup right away, I'll get back to you once I finish troubleshooting later today.
  8. Okay... I'm starting to think this all ties into the bug I described above - now it turns out my solar panels are obviously trying to target some different star instead of Kerbol (rotating the ship pinpointed that it's trying to target Kelaris even further testing showed that it faces any rotationally closest star, but energy flow is still zero), resulting in solar panels being simply non-functional .
  9. @StarCrusher96 Also, not sure if that's an intended feature - I just barely started the career, and I'm already getting a ton of contracts for Kerbol (aka the Sun). And while most of them are doable, even though a bit unreasonable, this exploration contract is straight up impossible: Edit: It seems like it's thinking that Kerbol is Kerbin a lot of times. I've been clicking away on contracts, and 95% they ask me to do something at Kerbol. One even went as far as asking for temperature surveys 15km from its surface! And pretty much all the satellite contracts, which are usually my bread and butter in career, are now asking for Kerbol orbits. So... yeah, prioritization seems to be kind of borked here.
  10. @StarCrusher96 Yeah, that was my thought. Guess I'll just be patient Keep up the good work, this mod is awesome!
  11. Hello! First of all, I am really enjoying this mod! However, I noticed that a lot of science-collecting descriptions are generic default ones (like "collected the sample of the surface" instead of a body and/or biome specific text). Is that something on my end, or does this mod just not have those descriptions yet? That's not game-breaking or anything, just kind of... dull. I always enjoyed reading those, especially since a good chunk of those were somewhat comedic That made exploring so much more interesting and engaging.
  12. Hi again. Sorry to be "that guy", but found another bug, looks like introduced in 14.3 - Gigantor XL Solar Panels no longer work as actual solar panels... Even in VAB the only toggling options are "radiator" and "beamed power". Never mind, it was I who broke something with new mods. Not sure what exactly, though. Turns out, it was a weird glitch with Kopernicus, reinstalling it clean fixed it.
  13. Thanks, good to hear! Yeah, I am using an "Antimatter Containment Device" now, just had to tweak its max capacity to 2 grams in the vessel file since I'm playing in Campaign, and even the slightest tick of antimatter in its regular capacity costs several millions. (Unless there's some fine-fine tuning option that I'm unaware of) Also, and this is definitely a bug, I'm pretty sure "Antimatter Containment Device Short" shouldn't cost almost 4 billion - while being empty, might I add