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  1. Brownie352

    NASA “We Are Going” Video

    I'm wondering why nasa wants to build the gateway,the only convincing argument was for manned experiments also why would you need the gateway to go to mars you need more dv by having a rendezvous with the station, right? I'm not a scientist but it doesn't make sense to me (Sorry if i posted this in the wrong topic)
  2. Brownie352

    NASA on the moon, info or intox ?

    If moon landing is real then why did the astronauts not sink on the cheesy surface of the manmade satelite? Explain this HA!
  3. Brownie352

    Should our next crewed landings be on Mars or the Moon?

    Going to mars without a camp building experience doesn't sound right to me. In such a complex mission the odds of something going kapoot aren't low (parts breaking,people needing surgery etc),so mars doesn't look good on that. To land on mars you need to have solved the refueling on the surface of mars issue which i doubt we will have solved as early as the first crewed mission on either bodies.If you were to ask me i would call for a Venusian Flyby the main issue with that being the increased radiation from the sun.
  4. Brownie352

    For Questions That Don't Merit Their Own Thread

    Are there any current Concepts or in development spacecraft to land people to mars and return them to earth?
  5. Looks nice, i'll have to refine my designs since they vibrate so much the wings fall off sometimes from the vibrations
  6. Nuts! (Use parachutes on the landing if you haven't tried that already)
  7. Make rovers more useful, and make science on the surface more interesting than taping the goo collector, maybe caves
  8. Specs:1 kerbal command pod ,3 fleas. Target: To island and back. After having removed one stage and second stage is dry 1 rough landing later Aproaching the runway: Landed back ! Ps:The last flea is inside the fairing
  9. Brownie352

    Kerbal aircraft drag race challenge

    I made a jet :
  10. Hey what about future ksp updates i mean will squad update the game engine so the multi core cpus get faster on the game?
  11. Cant you put an ssd and an hdd on the same system?
  12. Brownie352

    War Discussion Forum Group

    E75 isnt tiger 2 0.o ?
  13. Can you predict how much fps i would get with the pc i told you on stock ksp on a 300 part craft? (Sorry for double post : /
  14. So do you think that with a i3 6100 a gtx 1050ti and 8 gigs ram i can play ksp with visual mods and good part counts at "good fps" ?