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  1. I know you were a member of the press. I've read every word you've written over the last 24 hours. Since you were a member of the press you can certainly understand parody (a la Adam Schiff). Perhaps not. Anyone can read your posts. You told an author you had big plans, therefore you would make your own repo private. That one example smacks of everything I summed up in my parody. For all your greatness, your overwhelming tone-deafness just kills it for me. I bid you adieu, your highness.
  2. It's unfortunate you think I am lying. I can't provide quotes, but suffice to say your tone from the beginning has been more than holier than thou. Your intentions were good, your actions less so. And I read all your notes. Saw your checkins. It was not going well for you. If there was one thing I'd follow up on, it would be your linux comments and no one ever taking the time to ping. How many hundreds of arguments just like this exist in the usenet archives? Really? You want to claim that people just pick up old code and no one's feelings ever get hurt or, on the other hand, _extreme_ miscommunication? I will take that bet, right here, right now.
  3. Galileo summed up some of my thinking on this. The dev in question for scatterer has been working on it for literally years. It's not his job, and I'm sure there are plenty of lessons to be learned if he really wanted to rewrite it, but it works. I don't think he should have to log into the forums every day and say hi to ensure people know he is around. If you had literally pinged with an '@' like @R-T-B , then I'm sure he would have pinged you back within a week. I'm sure he is well aware that KSP is at 1.8, that Unity has been upgraded, and that he has 'work' to do. Also, had you pinged him, and given him maybe an hour, and then hosted a temporary working .dll I think things would have turned out differently. Then you 'fixed' a bug. That has been around for years. I chuckled. You tested it for 5 mins, declared it fixed, and released it. At this point, I think we're still good. Thanks for fixing the bug. However.... then you mentioned all the plans you had, and all the things you were going to do with the project, and that it had been abandoned and was now yours. At this point we have crossed a line or two. The number one being you didn't even ping the guy, or give him time to get off the toilet. Then, after that, you claimed several other projects as yours. I chuckled again. Not only did you take over a mod you had no ethical license to, you bit off more than you could chew. Scatterer itself was not release ready. Now, I have over 200 mods I run with. When updates come out I usually start with visual mods, or end with visual mods, due to the nature of chasing stuff around due to having to get all the configs just right. Scatterer is unique in more than one respect. What it adds is awesome, but of little functional value. What it can screw up vs. the reward... is just not worth it, especially when you start trying to symlink configs. The configs are hard enough to deal with as is, let alone adding symlinks. And this is before changing actual namespaces in the code. It's not so much that scatterer breaks things in and of itself, it's that then people start tinkering perfectly valid configs, and then the poo just starts rolling down the hill. Throw in a little module manager action and we end up with a pretty big turd. There are so many mods right now that need attention due to the nature of this update. Many of which truly do need some love. Just give someone a week to respond next time. Edit: I'm not trying to flame you. I saw your repository. Open up CKAN and look at all the cool excrements that is labeled somewhere between 1.0 and 1.4 and hasn't been updated in... forever. Look at said mods forum posts where people ask if it works and results are mixed. I would love to see your skillset used on some of those mods.
  4. My purple problem was particular to my person. Toolbar couldn't find the texture, but that was because I was running a directory deeper than normal, so no worries there. Everything appears to work with the icons now, with the code I checked in.
  5. Windows 10, Nvidia, Intel I do have some graphics wonkiness (in the toolbar right now, purple box) which I haven't looked at at least in terms of the image itself. Maybe I'll poke around since I have it open. Regardless, I think there is an issue in KSP 1.8. The KSP method I commented out just returned null, no matter what I did with the images. I have no idea what they're doing under the hood. Of course I'm not a graphics expert either. Having said that, I am curious about my purple button. Edit: I do remember the purple button was there before, and then 'fixed' somewhere along the line. Weird.
  6. @Steven Mading I've created a pull request to fix the loading of the DDS textures for 1.8 (and all other versions I presume). At least that part will work . P.S. Yes it was under my other pseudonym.
  7. Good to know. I'm still flying around in the atmosphere for this save, and my clouds are still there. So it didn't break anything I can see, which is all I care about for now. It will be a while before I get there. Does it play nice with Research Bodies?
  8. Giving this a try with EVE+AVP+Scatterer.
  9. False alarm maybe. I may have already pruned/fixed whatever was causing my problems yesterday. I'll keep an eye out.
  10. I have the log spam. New install for 1.7, literally hundreds of mods. I will track it down for you or I will not play 1.7. And I will play 1.7.
  11. I'm still playing with writing contracts so as I get deeper I'll let you know if I find anything.
  12. @h0yer good to see you're here. I have one or two pull requests I may put in for an update to this pack in the coming days. Was making sure you are still with us and willing.
  13. I used the documentation on the wiki and examples, but ultimately came here and saw you were having the same problem (including the weird spacing in the module name). After looking at the code, Nightingale's GAP pack that he just updated and a couple of other's I got the part validation to work. Anyway, can you put that in a vessel parameter group, which is checked afterward, using define and such. This should delay the check: DATA { type = string craft = HM_Test name = Test } PARAMETER { name = @/craft type = VesselParameterGroup title = Launch the @/name satellite into orbit define = @/craft dissassociateVesselsOnContractCompletion = true disableOnStateChange = true PARAMETER { name = NewVessel type = NewVessel title = Vessel must be new } PARAMETER { name = Crewmembers type = HasCrew minCrew = 0 maxCrew = 0 title = Vessel must be unmanned hideChildren = true } PARAMETER { name = Orbit type = Orbit targetBody = HomeWorld() minPeA = @/minAlt } } PARAMETER { type = VesselParameterGroup name = HM_VesselParameterGroup vessel = @/craft hideVesselName = true completeInSequence = true hideChildren = false disableOnStateChange = true title = Get the @/mnMass kG @/name into space with a periapsis of at least @/minAlt meters PARAMETER { name = PartValidation type = PartValidation FILTER { partModule = ModuleDeployableSolarPanel } } PARAMETER { name = VesselMass type = VesselMass // Default: 0.0 (minMass),float.MaxValue (maxMass) minMass = @/mnMass / 1000 //maxMass = 10.0 title = Have an orbital mass greater than @/mnMass kg completeInSequence = true } }
  14. @Inqie Maybe something like this: PARAMETER { name = all type = All PARAMETER { name = PartValidation type = PartValidation title = Do warp engine stuff hideChildren = true FILTER { partModule = USI_ModuleWarpEngine } VALIDATE_ALL { isEnabled = True IsDeployed = True } } }