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  1. I can confirm that with a new save, this mod is not working. Still getting bombarded with spam notifications
  2. I am running a modded install, including TAC LS. The problem I am running into is that electric charge does not generate while a craft is unloaded (but does deplete), resulting in EC declining and kerbals dying. The craft have solar panels and properly generate EC when loaded, but not when unloaded/inactive. Any advice on potential mod conflicts, or anything to fix this? Thanks!
  3. I figured out my problem- the config file I was working off of to create the above file was a DISABLED file. I fixed it and now everything works great.
  4. Looks really good! The color combination is really great. You will need to post some pictures once it is complete!
  5. I'm trying to modify the VAB build limit, and set the astronauts to a fixed cost. I've created a config titled "CustomBarnKit.cfg", with the following text (below). Yet nothing changes in-game. Any advice would be appreciated! @CUSTOMBARNKIT { @VAB { @partCountLimit = 40, 255, -1 } @ASTRONAUTS { @recruitHireFixedRate = true } }
  6. Thank you! I feel comfortable tracking down the folders and deleting them, rather than reinstalling (unless you recommend a reinstall for whatever reason).
  7. Thank you- I sure appreciate all the help and advice you give me and others on this forum!
  8. I received a warning that 9 parts failed a sanity check. I've reviewed the log and can see what they are (mostly engine plates). Can I ignore this warning and still use the engine plates (and be careful to not tweak them), or will issues arise? Thanks!
  9. I got this message- any tips on how to address it (or if it will negatively effect my game)? Thanks! Edit: for whatever reason the forum won't let me insert an image from google photos. The message when loading says "Restock detected installation issues. Found unexpected directory, likely from an older version of KSP. C:/Program Files... fuelTankT100." Same for fuelTankT200, fuelTankT400, and fuelTankT800
  10. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and future plans. Very sorry to see you go, but very glad to hear of your new project; thank you for all your time in making KSP a better experience, and I wish you all the luck in developing the app. A couple of questions if you have the time: from what I gather, there is a bug in the current SY 1.1.2 that has to do with KRASH, and you recommend using 1.1.1 until a fix is out. Is 1.1.2 ok to use if I don't use KRASH, or will the issues still arise? If I do go back to 1.1.1, will that be compatible with the current version of Oh Scrap?
  11. Thank you, I'll delete the config. I wonder- is it possible to increase the build limit for the Tier 1 VAB and SPH (from 30 parts to, say, 40)? I'm not sure if that is even possible to edit, but if so it might address the effects of the increased number of parts needed for early rockets, while maintaining the facility upgrade costs. If so, I'll try and create a config and test it out.
  12. Thank you- I didn't realize I needed to pull up the UI (I am still learning how these mods work). I just want to say that this mod is really fantastic and adds a great deal of depth to the game. Thank you for developing it!
  13. I just want to say that this mod is really fantastic. Getting into space on the first few launches was very easy with stock, however now it is a challenge just to get to the upper atmosphere in the early game. I have to really think about how I construct my early rockets, and it is has been a really enjoyable experience. One question- on the front page of the mod, it says it is optional to switch the construction costs of the VAB and launchpad (and spaceplane hanger and runway). However, it appears that the switched costs is actually default rather than optional. How do I disable this feature? I prefer the standard costs for these buildings (although I understand why you changed them).
  14. How do you "test" parts? I try to launch my first rocket, it fails and remains on the pad, so I recover it. However, in the VAB it says the rocket is "untested" and now gen 2 (and it takes roughly the same time to build). How do I use those prior "tested" gen 1 parts? I've seen other videos where, after the same type of failure, the new rocket is "tested" and only takes an hour or so to roll out. What am I missing? Thanks!
  15. Thank you all for the thoughtful input- I appreciate it! Based on your experiences and thoughts, I am going to give FAR a go with my new career.