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  1. I'm having an issue with certain science experiments with the Hitchhiker and Science Lab. Specifically, the experiments take *way longer* than they are listed as taking. For example, the "TRAPPED" experiment is listed as taking approximately 1 year and 9 days to complete. However, in actuality the science collection is going far slower than that, and at its actual rate it will take over 63 years to complete that one experiment. Same issue for other experiments, like the "STAKE" experiment. Does anyone know why this issue is occurring? Anything I can do to fix it? I am using JNSQ if that makes any difference.
  2. I think I may be having issues with Rational Resources and JNSQ. Reading the mod page, the Mun should not have Uraninite, and Minmus should not have a lot of ores. But in my game, both bodies have a lot of each of those resources. I've installed Rational Resources, Rational Resources Companion, and Rational Resources Kerbalism (since I'm using that mod). Is this correct? I'd be happy to post photos of the resource distribution on various bodies if that helps. Thank you for your help!
  3. Thank you! I followed your instructions, and now they are generating electricity. I appreciate the help!
  4. Is this intentional, and if so, is the xenon intended to be utilized in some way? Is there a way to edit any files to return the reactors to generating electric charge? Appreciate all your help!
  5. I'm having issues with the nuclear reactors provided by Near Future electrical. They do not generate any electricity or heat; has anyone figured out a file edit or config to get these parts to work? I appreciate your help!
  6. I'm dealing with an interesting bug, and not sure if I should be posting here or in another mod topic. Recovery of resource tanks does not appear to be working correctly. In my game, if I have a medium tank that I've preselected for rare metals (which is worth around $500,000) and launch with that tank empty, and then simply recover that empty tank, I will lose $500,000 upon recovery. Its almost like the game is trying to purchase the missing resources prior to recovery. Same thing goes for when I recover the tank after I've mined rare metals and filled the tank; I lose $500,000 (instead of gaining 500k). Curious is anyone else has run into this. I also use Rational Resources and JNSQ. Thank you for your help! Edit: here is the image of my recovery "income": https://ibb.co/Qb4mM08
  7. Thank you all for the answers! One more question: is it possible to replenish a depleted science experiment? I have a mystery goo that is depleted (I've brought a spare, so I'm covered), but I'm curious if you can replenish them like in the stock game? I tried to do so with a scientist, but wasn't able to. Thank you!
  8. It totally is its own universe (and I meant no disrespect to this mod in case I came across that way; I totally appreciate you maintaining it )
  9. I have a question about using Kerbalism with JNSQ. It appears that mean time to failure in JNSQ is only half what it should be in stock (so a part that lasts 4 years in stock will only last two years in JNSQ). I assume that this is because the days are twice as long in JNSQ (and so one year in stock is equal to two years in JNSQ). Is there a way to modify the mod to double the MTTH times?
  10. Works fine with JNSQ, but with Kerbalism, you can't complete the contracts and the telescopes provide no science (and so they are mostly aesthetic).
  11. An issue popped up recently where a white line/object sticks out of every one of my vessels (and kerbals on EVA). I'm not sure what's caused it or the solution. The line always faces an absolute direction (it has the same orientation no matter the orientation of the ship). I'll happily upload a mod list or log if that is helpful, but figured I'd first simply ask if anyone else has seen this and knows what the cause is. https://ibb.co/Np35F7N https://ibb.co/1vJ7KBp
  12. Thank you all for the responses! I assume I got hit with a flare, as I kept my Kerbin orbit very low (around 100km), and only got a massive spike in radiation when I was in the sphere of influence of the Mun. I'll turn on the notifications for flares, and I may turn down their frequency in the kerbalism settings.
  13. I'm new to using kerbalism (absolutely loving it), and I have some questions about radition. I'm also using JNSQ, just FYI. First, how do you tell if a solar storm is occurring? I just sent my first kerbals to orbit the Mun, and they got completely fried by radiation (60% exposure by the time they reached the Mun). I have no radiation shielding (which I'm told is not needed for a Mun trip), so I'm wondering if they got hit by a solar storm. I didn't see any pop-ups or anything like that, so I'm curious if there is some way to set up notifications for that. Second, is there a way to reduce lifetime radiation once it is received? I know that may not be realistic, but I'm just curious all the same. Thank you for any insights you may have
  14. Aha! I missed that in the prior changelog; thank you for the quick reply. I'm using the Unkerballed Start tech tree, and it looks like the new parts are far down the tech tree (and I simply didn't look far ahead enough); I'll make some edits to re-order the tree.
  15. I have an issue where neither of the telescope parts (the Fungeye and the Cacteye) appear in the VAB. All other parts for this mod do appear. In addition, while the parts do appear in the tech tree (and I've unlocked them), when I search for "cacteye" in the tech tree, all the cacteye parts except the Fungeye and Cacteye get highlighted. I have all the mod dependencies installed. I am running kerbalism and JNSQ if that makes a difference. Thank you so much for resurrecting this mod, and thank you for any help you may have.
  16. I have a question regarding this mod and Waterfall. I downloaded Waterfall as it was a requirement for Far Future Technologies, but I actually prefer the RealPlume plumes. Is there a way that I can make RealPlume take priority over Waterfall, rather than vice versa?
  17. Been a long time, but the fix I used in the post right above this one (changing the 1000 to 2700) worked as well. It basically reduced the awards by a factor of 2.7.
  18. I just installed this mod (on a brand new install) from CKAN, and it when doing so a popup appeared asking if I wanted to overwrite a number of files (.cfg files I think, I hit "yes" before really looking at it). Is this normal, or should I reinstall my directory? Never seen this popup before.
  19. Hmmm updating this mod on CKAN removed Kopernicus and modularflight integrator automatically. Seems a bit extreme
  20. Awesome, thank you for creating this. As a question of how to use this with JNSQ (which provides its own packaged version of Kronometer), do I put your "Plugins" folder, the "src" folder, and the "Settings" file into the JNSQ/Plugins/Kronometer folder?
  21. I think this is likely my issue; I'll run some tests and try and figure it out. Thank you for the help!
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