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  1. Last week I posted about a bug with recyclers: Can anyone confirm if it's really a bug? If so, should I open an issue on github?
  2. More easy, it also updates by right clicking on a existing supply pack or container.
  3. First of all I'd like to thank you, RoverDude, for this and other amazing mods. Not sure if I found a bug or I'm doing something wrong: It seems that during catch up recyclers aren't taken into account. Basically I put 3 kerbals, 500 supplies and 3 recyclers into orbit, when I start the recyclers the supplies countdown increases to 53 days, as expected. Then I time warp in the tracking station for 5 days: 48 days of supplies left. But when I get back to the vessel, there are only 41 days of supplies left and 162 supplies were consumed, the exact amount for 3 kerbals during 5 days and no recyclers working.
  4. Thank you Padishar for this stutter reduction mod. I first tried with the default values in padheap.cfg, after padding was executed stutter intrerval changed from 4 seconds to 15 seconds. Then I multiplied by 4 the values in padheap.cfg and the interval increased to 46 seconds. The overall RAM usage is at 72% of 8 GB installed, KSP takes now ~3.4 GB. By increasing the values more the stutter gets reduced to 60 seconds interval, but brings other performance issues, because of page faults I suppose. If I add more RAM to my computer I will be able to reduce the stutter even more, right? Here are the graphs: And thank you again, now the stutter is much less annoying.