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  1. Whats the hdmi cable for? Sorry for sounding like a noob im just confused
  2. Little background information. I currently have the ksp demo on my mac and im in love with the game. I wanna buy the full version but im torn between buying it for ps4 or for my mac. I have a macbook pro 15 inch with retina display, and id buy the computer version in a heartbeat if not for one caveat. My laptop heats up when i play and it drains the battery. When i plug my charger in and play the charger heats up a lot too. Its mildly annoying, but more importantly than that im concerned about how this could impact my macbook. I paid a pretty penny for this thing not even a year ago and im worried that constantly heating up the components will impact its longevity. Im aware that they have a system in place where if the temperature rises too high it shuts off before any major damage is sustained, but im worried that chronic heating will have some effect on it. Not to mention that batteries can only be charged and discharged so many times, and playing a demanding game like ksp drains my battery quick. The ps4 is another story. Id able to play the game on a beautiful large TV, not worrying about overheating or battery levels, and it would take away the risk of me hurting my macbook. My only two issues are the optimization and the controls. Ive heard people say that its buggy or that it crashes and resets all your progress. Unless thats been patched im not buying a game for $40 that resets my entire save file randomly. Also if anyones played the ps4 version id like to know how the controls feel. Ive looked over some of the control guides and they seem incredibly complicated. Obviously you dont have a mouse and keyboard to work with but my worry is that the controls are either very hard to learn or that the clunkyness of it all severely detracts from the experience. If you managed to make it this far please give me some input, because im really torn on what to do and i really want to buy this game. Is there a demo scheduled to come out to console so i could test it out? Any input is appreciated.