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  1. @Sebastiaz <<Yo buddy, you still alive?>> Jokes aside, that is a really neat looking F-14 replica. Although Pixy's livery on F-15 would be even great, still who can't deny his livery is simple yet great on most aircraft.
  2. Chaffs? No problem! I'll lazer you out of the skies! (I mean space.) (Bonus points for knowing what the laser thing is)
  3. I claim a hill as my own. My hill, also open for any allies that help defends it. (Is it bad I feel a bit tipped seeing how the original game format of: [My action] [My hill/whatever remains.], hasn't been used much?)
  4. @Xd the great Please refer to this thread, bear in mind it hasn't been updated for a while.
  5. Is it possible to have turrets locking onto multiple targets simultaneously in the future? Or is there a limitation that restricts such possibilities? It would be great if it can happen. For example, one gun turret locking onto an incoming missile while another firing at an enemy aircraft.
  6. In the middle of the chaos, I establish a hill. Along with a self destruct mechanism with the ability to incinerate Kerbin's atmosphere if compromised. My hill with a doomsday self destruct device.
  7. The Orion one? It's more polished in reDIRECT. That's just my opinion though.
  8. @Modding Maniac A new thread of Direct has been made under reDirect:
  9. I may not know the answer, but we enjoyed it! Thanks a lot!! After the destrustion of the Excalibur, me and my fine team are dismissed. We traveled and come across a hill. I strike an alliance with Gojira of the hill and set up heavy defenses. Gojira and my hill. (With my fine team of course).
  10. If I recall correctly, Kerbal Konstructs have a toool for you to create new launch sites on Kerbin. But you'll need to fly and land near your desired location though.