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  1. Granted. The parts that are added is small useless fins and rockets that have like 1 thrust. I wish I could actually get to the Mun and back!
  2. After forgetting that there is a forums page for ksp I missed such great mods?!! I HAVE TO DOWNLOAD!
  3. I wish to OWN THE INTERNET! And I wish for a strong wifi signal.
  4. Granted! You found out it's fake and it looks like a real apple! I wish we were 99% banana! (Did you know we're 50% banana?)
  5. Granted! From how scary it was he had to go to a therapist. I wish there was no fall damage in real life!
  6. Granted! You're bored out by how accurate they are! I wish for free candy!
  7. Granted! You decided to rob a bank then got arrested! I wish for a private jet
  8. Granted! Your teleportation corrupted and you became a monster! (I wanted to make a Portal reference so bad) I wish I could breathe underwater!
  9. Granted! the change of mass affected storms and etc on our planet making it a harsh world.
  10. I wish to get everything for free. Whoops I accidently made a separate comment /:
  11. Granted! As your insurance found out about your wealthiness because you saved money, they decided to increase bills making you poor.
  12. There is a mod called "Kerbal Alarm Clock" found Here.
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