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  1. From what I understand it has an issue with multiple contracts being open at once, but it's entirely possible I'm wrong on that.
  2. It's a known problem, there's a modification to make to a file a few posts back to solve it, will verify it as a fix that works
  3. Many thanks for that, just suffered the exact same problem and unfortunately don't have a save before I've got the Kerbin and Mun station offers accepted
  4. Oh, no. The person who makes these things for us for free might have other things on as well in life. But in all seriousness, many thanks for the awesome mod will look forward to updates.
  5. Apologies if not clear - TACLS reporting no or negative power in batteries despite being full and never going below 99% happens without ever switching from vessel. Not sure if it's relevant to you for fault finding that Amp Year is throwing up issues regarding power use as well.
  6. Also having problems with EC I'm sorry to say - have a nuclear reactor running, more than enough charge, EC never goes below 100%. Not sure if it's relevant but Amp Year also honks about it, seems to think things like reaction wheels and transmitters are permanently running
  7. Oooh, this please. LAter game it's not really an issue for me - NUCLEAR POWERED EVERYTHING, but early on I can see it causing some "interesting" problems
  8. Will go with something along those lines, although for the base start I just used a couple of pre-positioned probe drops with 7K rocketparts each (configurable containers and orange tanks) and then dropped a glorified lander next to them filled to the gills with engineers and a pilot and just enough life support to last until the recyclers were built. Was only asking as I had visions of an absurdly sized rover wandering around mining metal ore, but I've actually looked into the kind of mass that creates having even a couple hundred units and I suspect I'm better feeding it into a smelter as I mine it anyways. So I guess I'll just have to find another excuse to built a giant rover, what a shame.
  9. Apologies if this has been asked before, had a rake around and couldn't find something exactly what I'm after - is there a way to add additional resource toggle options to the stock drill? Would like to add an option on the stock drill to mine MetalOre from EPL while retaining the option to mine Ore as well. Something along the lines of the stock IRSU where you have multiple actions that can be toggled on or off independently of each other. Have added the following to DrillUpdates.cfg in the root of the GameData folder - am I missing something very obvious as to why this wouldn't work? @PART[RadialDrill] MODULE,0 MODULE { name = ExExtractor ConverterName = Metal Ore ResourceName = MetalOre Rate = 4 INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = ElectricCharge Ratio = 24 } }
  10. So here's another question - Is there a way to make the stock drills mine metal ore and/ or ore (I believe it's this mod that implements it)? Or is there a parts pack that changes out the augers with deployable drills? By no means is it a criticism of the mod - it's great and adds something I really like.
  11. So I've got a plan for an absurdly sized freight shuttle to ferry either rocket parts, ore, or whatever in-between that gives me the best deal for shipped items from a mining base on Minmus to an orbital assembly facility to Kerbin orbit. Let's just say this thing shall end up less than aerodynamic. What's a good rough altitude to aim at for aerobraking without risking detonating a good few thousand units of expensive stuff? Or is it even worth bothering and just accepting I use a bit more fuel?
  12. There we are sir
  13. Started playing because I saw it on a friends Facebook and went "hehe, exploding things" and it was cheap in Alpha, kept playing because it was (or could be made to be) everything I didn't even know I'd been missing from a game until then. Still playing because I read The Expanse series, fell in love with it and feel the need to go about building Belter-esqe ships throughout the system and this game lets me follow through on those mad ideas.
  14. Still want that screenshot?