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  1. To ask the daft, but easy, question: in setting up the new game did you check the difficulty options?
  2. So I've had a rake about so I'll aoolagise if it turns out this question has been answered (many) times before: How long does the research launched from the observatory take / what does it depend on? Not after anything too specific but can I expect after finding Minmus via orbital telescope the research to take a month/year/years? Will upgrading the facilty or launching a fleet of telescopes make it go faster?
  3. Apolagies. It just didn't seem to have updated if I went straight to the satellites tab. I flicked through them all from first to last and then back to satellites and it had come up to date. Can easy enough fire a log across if still wanted?
  4. So I've got a few satellites in orbit, all with Probodyne HECs pods, solar panels and various antenna and relays. As far as the satellites tab is concerned there's nothing there. Is there a way to figure out what's happening here?
  5. So here's a mad one. Would adding an option to the ranger inflatable hab be as simple as a MM patch so it could be used as either of its habitation options OR have the same stats as a stock lab minus the recycle? I'll be honest the question is purely from an aesthetic point, the round lab looks weird tacked onto my bases
  6. So here's a question that I'm fairly sure is just me misunderstanding something: I have a small preliminary base (read, cobbled together pile of bits) now, I've taken into account the cooling required of the various reactors and drills etc and put various versions of radiators (from Heat Control) around the base with what I thought was a generous margin. The problem is that after a while heat keeps building up, especially after time warp. Adding more radiators only slows not eliminates the positive heat. Am I best just sticking on a couple of ranger thermal control systems?
  7. Sort of, is about as good as I can answer that - I did time warp but what happens to me is: During tImewarp - radiator temperature drifts slowly down Immediately after timewarp: radiator temperature rockets up and then slows to a plateau I haven't had this behaviour blow anything up yet (except for one case where I had a hilariously under-rated radiator for purpose) but if I'm honest I just get sort of nervous when all the radiators are glowing from normal operations.
  8. More questions on catchup mechanics. Would anyone be able to give me a quick run down on catchup as related to heat removal? I've got a small mining outpost who total cooling required adds up to a little over 300kW with an MKS geothermal pack and a pair of radiators from Heat Control (reactor cooling during travel). When I switch back to the vessel after some time even the geothermal pack is moving up into the low 70% range. So long story short, how do I plan heat removal?
  9. Would this be the appropriate place to ask/suggest as originally conceptualized by Mandella in the MKS thread - an ageing/ death from old age mechanic (maybe switchable)?
  10. Right, got to ask as I've obviously missed something - DOMES? Colour me excited.
  11. For me it depends on a few things and how active you're meaning - As I've got a pile of USI stuff installed I tend to end up with at least a couple of stations each around Kerbin, Mun and Minmus, plus taxis transferring between them. There's also the surface installations and long duration rover missions - obviously each of these has finite supplies. For that KAC is a blessing - set an alarm tied to the vessel less some wiggle room based on remaining life support, at the very least it gets me to check in every once in a while. On top of that there's usually at least a few interplanetary p
  12. I'm really bad for starting new games, for some reason I have to start new games instead of just abandoning colonies, bases, outposts and stations that end up littering, at the very least, the Kerbin/Mun/Minmus system.
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