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  1. OH I read wrong! I thought that you said that you almost missed seeing the eclipse TODAY...stupid andy
  2. the eclipse is tomorrow...? and something to complain about! for some reason I get these stupid ads that say "our scans indicate that your computer still has problems!" and they ALWAYS get in the way of me doing stuff! playing a game? AD! landing on the mun? AD! doing nothing? AD! well the last one isn't all that bad, but it is VERY annoying
  3. 4 days already to the next mission? its getting faster!
  4. I read somewhere that he was going for a spacesuit that was "non-stay-puft" looking
  5. in the last few days I have been playing a bunch of Stellaris and Rocket League. I'm terrible at Stellaris and meh at rocket league
  6. well...I missed about 5 minutes to clean out my lunchbox after I had something burst in it and start to leak, and I missed something. I had to get caught up on it. so you cant FULLY blame him, you can kind of for not inferring, but not FULLY. also pictures is not really a great excuse to get out of math. usually my teacher stops me for talking once about my project I was about to present (it was awesome by the way. it was supposed to be about "SOCIAL ISSUES" (everyone else had depressing things about stupid stuff) but I did it about SPACEX!!!! MUAHAHAHA! TAKE THAT TEACHER!) supprised that the teacher didn't stop him after speaking very quietly
  7. I have a Raspberry Pi, and I played Galaga earlier I still haven't gotten 30,000 for the machine to record my high score, I think my high score is, I think, 22,500? I also have Space Invaders, Centipede, Pitfall, Adventure, River Raid, and a few others. I like Galaga the most though
  8. Happy Launchday Voyager 2

    1. DeltaVerb


      Happy launchday from planet Earth, Kuiper dweller!

  9. granted, they're so fast that you can do anything immediately, and eventually the FTP servers outpace you, and you run out of ideas, get discouraged and give up I wish I knew why I clicked on this thread
  10. The Internet
  11. my avatar could be useful to some people nobody on this forum! not you people! you are smrt!
  12. now the last thing I had was... Windows Movie Maker uh oh, I don't think it works on W10, but even if it did, I could make propaganda movies...? still dead
  13. but its SO MUCH EASIER then Paint.Net and GIMP! also, its probably WAY older then me, I'm not even 15 and its from the 1800s? right? they totally had computers then!