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  1. yo i got my sousaphone back for the summer its gonna be LIT 2nd year of marching band here i come
  2. 9 @2350069416? is that even an active account?
  3. i hope the music is added to the game, or at least in the expansion. it sounds good, and we need more music in the game
  4. yeah, but its a student council election, so the position is entirely superficial. in real life i MIGHT take it more seriously nah, ill vote for lord buckethead
  5. my friend has entered the running for school council, and he's gonna win cause he's the meme-y-est candidate i'm helping him run and making posters for him, and i'm wearing a sign that says "VOTE SHOE 2020" for the next week to make people vote for him shoe 2020, your only option