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  1. dang, this thing has been in development forever, can't believe it's actually (almost) gonna launch. crazy.
  2. when leaving the game (after I built my first plane in a career mode), I got the Easter egg where there's a sandcastle in the main menu
  3. wow i'm not consistent at all, almost 2 months ago since i last put anything here. I've uploaded my first one i made. i didn't know how to transpose when i started so i made all the instruments have the same key, and it did not end up going well, but somehow i managed to fix it, and it sounds okay. also there's cymbals in it but i gave up after the first 12 seconds cause i don't know how to make any percussion music
  4. accidentally got to -1107m after a mun return mission
  5. so im making a rocket to carry my station into orbit, and all is going fine. pretty epic rocket i say, a 6 booster asparagus rocket. pretty nice. but the problem is that i put the fuel lines wrong, and the main stage was fueling the last 2 boosters. they just went off into the distance all by themselves. just flying free. it was hilarious
  6. i'm calling it right now December 15th, 2020 - on a Tuesday, and apparently that's a day developers like - December, the month you can print money - moderate amount of time for them to develop the game its gonna happen, quote me on this
  7. i do enjoy playing with life support for the realism, but sometimes you just want to have a casual fun time and you don't want to have to worry about all that. as long as there is a mod for it, I don't think that it is that big of an issue. also you kinda mixed in part failures with life support. I don't want to be working on a mission of 12 hours and just have it all go to waste cause of bad RNG also i'd rather the devs work on the stuff they already have said they are working on instead of adding new things on top of the large pile of new features they're adding
  8. so in the long time i have been absent from this place, i got some musical education, and now i know what a c major chord is. also i've been making music things in my spare time. thought y'all might enjoy my best work yet, a full band stand tune for Coconut Mall i have a ton more besides this one that i might upload too, i've got the soviet national anthem, scatmans world, Sweden, so many pieces. i'll upload them all eventually
  9. my school blocked wikipedia on the wifi for some reason tetris is fine, coolmathgames is fine, youtube is (mostly) fine but dont you DARE try to learn!
  11. saving $60 already wheres the nearest boarding station for the hype train?
  12. yo i got my sousaphone back for the summer its gonna be LIT 2nd year of marching band here i come
  13. 9 @2350069416? is that even an active account?
  14. i hope the music is added to the game, or at least in the expansion. it sounds good, and we need more music in the game
  15. yeah, but its a student council election, so the position is entirely superficial. in real life i MIGHT take it more seriously nah, ill vote for lord buckethead
  16. my friend has entered the running for school council, and he's gonna win cause he's the meme-y-est candidate i'm helping him run and making posters for him, and i'm wearing a sign that says "VOTE SHOE 2020" for the next week to make people vote for him shoe 2020, your only option
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