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  1. I'd hate to show off my ugly face. Never went to any gamecon.
  2. Ay guys! I am soon as to be inactive, I am going to visit a very remote place on Kamchatka, about 700km to other people. So yeah, task/cttd 1.Finish the moon systems of gas giants thingy, I quite like it, good job everyone! 2. Let's make an asteroid size chart! Best part is that no one did that before, that makes it really cool to have here! 3. A view from Neptunian rings 4. Uranian,Saturnian,Jovian or Neptunian storms in close up.
  3. Do what you think is right! It is you the one who is currently drawing, not me.
  4. Why isn't the "dumb and useless artist, who sometimes gets into bad situation with moderators" here? I need that.
  5. Yeah, but 2slow4me
  6. >makes thread for artists to develop >asks about what are they doing >gets philosophical crippling depression
  7. I saw a glimpse of Uranus, when I've been to the mountains, I've forget their exact name, sorry. I also watched meteors burn-up in the atmosphere. Don't know if I was hallucinating.
  8. Mobile launchpad you say? Make it possible to swim then. That'd be hyper cool.
  9. What's up?
  10. ShoddyCast
  11. Mine is uh.. well... futuristical Russian flag. Sort of. Yeah. *HYPER LOUD FUTURISTIC RUSSIAN ANTHEM*
  12. If there is a problem and you can't solve it, that is a featurе.
  13. Smort peephole r baed Ery wan knose dat
  14. At least this is not flat earth crap...