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  1. A couple of stupid things that I managed to do. Some unfinished piece of crap
  2. Many of you might have seen that I left the community a while ago. And, yeah, I actually did, I don't really want to explain why tho, this is not the topic of this post. I moved on to way less ''big brain'' fps game - planetside 2. And obviosly, to get some community attention, I started doing posters. Ah, here we go again: What do you think? Did i improve? And If you want to join me, in planetside, I play on Cobalt, NC Faction.
  3. немного картинок из игры которую вы скорее всего не знаете
  4. So. I just decided to go play KSP again, it didn't even launch on me. 

    But here is some stuff anyways:




    current status: no will to live, no motivation, no hope. So yeah, pretty okay, how about you guys?

    1. Clonos


      Those pictures look nice!

    2. DeltaDizzy


      Wow these look nice. Especially the last and first ones.

  5. Слышал, но я бы в подобной тупорылой бредятине смысла не искал (я про свой недо-концепт если что).
  6. I am leaving the community. For many reasons, non of which include other members of it. 

    I’ll still be posting on the posters threa

    who even cares lol 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. cratercracker
    3. ScaryTerry


      Dawg? You okay? Lemao, talk to somebody about your problems if you can and if you're really low then you can even talk to me

    4. ILoveStars


      wut is going on?

  7. ночь, ночь,ночь, полуночный вояж~ мне сегодня не спалось и поэтому я сидел клепал постеры Серия: "Полуночный Вояж'' По этим рисункам можно увидеть как я сильнее и сильнее уставал по ходу времени. Серия: ''Только квадраты, только хардкор''. Хотел попробовать новую технику, вышло ужасно, если честно. Делал вечером.
  8. ''Midnight voyage'' poster series, that i did during the new year night. You can see the quality of them deteriorating as the time passes. Note: last of them was done at about 4 am.
  9. happy new year, cool peoples


  10. Спасибо! В реальной жизни чудес не бывает! Поэтому, желаю успехов в работе или учебе. С наступившим!
  11. просто недоделанный бред просто бред просто недоделанное вот и всё
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