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  1. cratercracker

    Posters Done In Retrowave Aesthetic [PDIRA] [cratercrap]

    That looks nice. It’s the best you could’ve done with the tools available to you.
  2. cratercracker

    Posters Done In Retrowave Aesthetic [PDIRA] [cratercrap]

    I am the biggest mistake I’ve ever done. Those posters are crap, any person with any program can do better than this. I’ve been born to a good family, yet I am that miserable. I am a disgrace. I’ll maybe try to draw something, maybe. On the good note, I’ve got a few ideas now.
  3. cratercracker


    Holy hell What oh thank you
  4. cratercracker

    December Threads of the Month.

    what is going on
  5. cratercracker

    Caldera Space Programm

  6. cratercracker

    Posters Done In Retrowave Aesthetic [PDIRA] [cratercrap]

    I don’t like where this is going.
  7. i eat crayons for the kicks


    1. Adstriduum


      The red ones are my favorite.

  8. cratercracker

    Caldera Space Programm

    REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I CAN'T LAUNCH THE GAME **** IT KEEPS CRASHING OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH PATIENCE TO REMOVE MODS ONE BY ONE UNTIL IT WORKS I AM ABOUT TO GOUGE MY OWN EYES OUT OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD ------------------------------------------ Setting all of my unreasonable rage aside, we're going to talk about me visiting Minmus today. And before we start, i might just mention that i hate Minmus. I lost soo much Kerbals there, mostly because of poor planning and me being extremely clumsy. The only one thing that enjoy about Minmus is it's sunrises and sunsets. But anyway, here it is: Operation: Lyod (eng: Ice) This operation is dedicated to expoloring Minmus I am definetely not in the right mood for a lot of writing, neither do i want to leave this place blank, even tho nobody reads all of the crap written here, because not many people like reading a lot when they don't really need to and because people usually skip to the screenshots. After a while, i came to the conclusion that..... screw this.Just have a picture with no context with it. i am about to throw up
  9. cratercracker

    Caldera Space Programm

    Transferring the saves onto 1.5.1. Currently having troubles with launching the game. Most likely due to a lot of mods being outdated. Launcher crashes on Module Manager finishing it’s job. grrr, I have a bad feeling about this.
  10. I recently got my computer fixed and i don't want to loose a lot of progress i made. Is there a way to transfer my saves onto the newer version?
  11. cratercracker

    Caldera Space Programm

    Operation: Zvezda (eng: Star) This operation is dedicated to constructing a space station around Kerbin I've long been battling daily nightmares. The thing about nightmares is that you can watch the scariest ever horror movie and after you finish it just walk off like nothing happened. Nightmares on the other hand are traumatizing, even after the night the feeling of dread and unease is still present. Though, serious nightmares for me is a rarity, most of my dreams are often too abstract to be called nightmares and they are in no way are traumatizing. Serious nightmares happen usually once or twice per month. Though i can't really remember what was in my nightmare a month ago, i sure do remember some of the details of the recent one: a lift without any buttons going down and horrible screams from outside of it. Can't really describe it more, the memory is not clear and i don't even know how it ended.The interesting thing is that those nightmares usually happen very early in the morning, the worst ones are when i am half-asleep. I stopped having good dreams a long time ago, allbeit i rarely had dreams when i was kid. One thing for y'all - If you want to see more dreams while sleeping, make it really cold in your room and don't cuddle in bed. I don't guarantee that those dreams would be good dreams tho... That's it for now.
  12. *inception theme intensifies*


  13. cratercracker

    Caldera Space Programm

    This design is not finished yet tho. It has barely enough fuel to make it back into Mün orbit to get to the return vessel. I plan to improve it with radial extra fuel tanks. Tho the problem will be solved when i’ll finish the fuel refinery at the Munar base. This design is based on three blocks: Utility block (the top one), Crew block (Mk2 can with a heatshield) and the payload (a rover or a ground relay). Including all of this it’s very lightweight. Probably due to mk2s being made of cardboard. The payload block is also a nice feature. If you extend the landing gear a little bit, you could actually fit some extra crew space, or maybe a little base component. I could send you some more detailed pics if you want them.
  14. cratercracker

    Caldera Space Programm

    There are actually 3 variations of this flag: Yep, i am still drawing flags. Thanks for the detailed response! And i am really glad that you enjoyed the music! If you'll have troubles learning Russian, you can tell me, I myself haven't finished learning it tho, but if you need something translated i can help you.