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  1. cratercracker

    Posters Done In Retrowave Aesthetic [PDIRA] [cratercrap]

    a bunch of lazy posters related to a martian base
  2. cratercracker

    My collection of abstract art.

    This was a bumpy, but a fun ride. Just revisiting this whole thread is heart-warming. The sad thing is - i lost my talent, i lost my passion, i lost the fun i used to have while drawing stuff, i lost enthusiasm, i lost myself, basicly. I don't think that trying again will do any good. Whenever i start doing something it just feels hopeless, just doomed from the beginning. I managed to stagger down to the point when everything seems pointless. If i try to get some inspiration from better artists, i just feel even worse, i become envious,angry at myself because i can't do any better and then anxious that my works actually suск and everyone around just pities me. Strugling out of this state, isn't entirely impossible. But i prefer to be like this, i don't know why, but the concept of me actually being happy now seems very, VERY alien to me. But i don't want to be that emo kid, who constantly whines how terrible everything is - I want to tell that all of you are awesome for supporting me and i am geniunely sorry to whoever got mad at m for writing this. Sorry for my awful english, it is not my first language. Farewell, my favourite thread! "It's the judgment that defeats us"
  3. cratercracker

    Show off your drawings!

    When people think about space wars i think of something like this: Two ships: one is trying to intercept with the other one, if it does intercept, the ship tries to attach itself to the apposing ship, preferably dock, if the attacking ship manages to dock/attach itself to the atacked one, a team of engineers will try to make way into the enemy ship (probably just blow off airlock doors, i dunno), if the attacking ship doesn't manage to attach itself, and EVA team of engineers will do the same thing. Then, both crews will fight each other with everything they got, except proper guns, since, you know, it wouldn't go exactly well for you if you use a high calliber gun in 0 g. So, here is a picture of an astronaut, that just lived through such event. (sorry for the blood and the Russian flag, i just wanted to make this picture look a bit more colorful) this one was REALLY rushed, took me 20 minutes to draw, so, i think you could call this a speedpaint. You can already tell that i am bad at this.) + i am going to upload some proper sketch stuff soon, because violating you eyes with those attrocities is a bit sadistical even for me.
  4. cratercracker

    Posters Done In Retrowave Aesthetic [PDIRA] [cratercrap]

    how to be brave enough to kill myself wait this isn't google
  5. виу виу виу виу ретард алёрт
  6. cratercracker

    Screenshots Re-imagined Restarted [SRR] [Post your screenshots]

    that's exactly what i was aiming for
  7. cratercracker

    Screenshots Re-imagined Restarted [SRR] [Post your screenshots]

    so, because i have no talent whatsoever, i decided to go for the "quantity over quality" approach. i call this "abstraction'' sorry, this is terrible, i am terrible, i should probably quit at least you can make some flags using the last two pictures
  8. cratercracker

    Screenshots Re-imagined Restarted [SRR] [Post your screenshots]

    Veeeeeery sorry for the delay, just got my computer back up and running well. + plus I had no spare time. Will start my work soon.
  9. cratercracker

    Show off your drawings!

    So, because i have nothing else to do, i designed a "tank". The whole premise of this piece of crap, is that, unlike the modern Russian tanks, this one works mostly seperatly from infantry - seeking and destroying enemy vehicles from flangs, making ambushes (low profile, maneuverability), taking down enemy strongpoints and etc. And there is a 40 of those guys in a batallion. Made using T-72 chassis. Turret Armor: Cast armor (70mm) -> ''Relict" -> Rolled Armor (70mm) -> That poor gunner.... top five notes of schizophrenic people : I have some drawings that i might upload later on.
  10. я типо танк придумал Весь прикол этого чудища заключается в том, что в отличии от нынешних российских танков этот действует отдельно от пехоты, выискивая и нейтрализуя вражескую технику с флангов, устраивая засады (низкий профиль, высокая подвижность), уничтожая вражеские укрепления. По сути таких в батальоне должно быть 40 штук. Сделано на шасси Т-72. Бронирование башни : Литая броня (70мм) -> Реликт -> Катаная броня (60мм) -> Бедный наводчик-заряжающий "чертежи'' :
  11. 1. Я и до этого писал рассказы, но они сюда не попадут, не волнуйтесь. 2. Нет, просто запомнилась эта фраза (Судьба книг - в руках их владельцев) 3. Просто торопился и меня целую кучу раз перебивали. Честное слово был бы у меня боевой пистолет, я бы начал не с себя. Ну, а так, извиняйте. 4. Любил в детстве придумывать себе значки и символы. Этот самый долговременный. Ничего не значит. 5.придумал! - «дикий кратеркракер адово дико малюет в пейнте . что творит зверюга ! смотреть без регистрации и смс.
  12. Обложка к рассказу который я сейчас пишу.
  13. cratercracker

    Screenshots Re-imagined Restarted [SRR] [Post your screenshots]

    That's on me!
  14. cratercracker

    KSP Challenge: Terminus challenge!

  15. cratercracker

    The whole solar system! [drawings] [You can participate]

    I guess we just ran out of stuff to draw. Plus a lot of artists we had in the crew left the forums, or stopped drawing. It was real fun working with you guys, we even got ourselves a TOTM.