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  1. cratercracker

    Forum Memes

    Me: checking my notifications Literally everyone posting status updates:
  2. cratercracker

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Н Е Т @Vanamonde
  3. cratercracker

    Abstract Kerbol System [Drawing}

    Yes, i can do modded planets, but only if you request that via PM.
  4. cratercracker

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    auaua @kerbinorbiter
  5. cratercracker

    The whole solar system! [drawings] [You can participate]

    View of Neptune, from the surface of Despina.
  6. cratercracker

    Rocket Poster (NOW TAKING REQUESTS)

    it is very simple b, just do like this: have a darker/brighter variant of all colors from your pallete while you are drawing -> after the coloring is done you just repaint one side of an object you want to add shading to -> tiforp
  7. Вояджер-2 ------------------------------------------- Пытаюсь научится рисовать людей, пока только в мемном формате. У меня есть больше, позже запосчу. (курение и употребление табака противопоказано))


    1. NSEP



    2. Earthlinger


      I am confuse ;-;

  9. cratercracker

    Show off your drawings!

  10. cratercracker

    Show off your drawings!

    I am trying to draw pEopLe now, in a memy fashion of course. My wallpaper: A guy in hasmat suit, reacting to something. An astronaut, also reacting to something. more is on the way
  11. ыаыаыыаыаыаыа Продолжаем функционировать
  12. cratercracker

    Mountain lake landing challenge

    Double left mouse click.
  13. cratercracker

    KSP Challenge: Stylish Decay!

    @Darth Badie! Here is an (unoficial) badge for this challenge! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------ 100 120 70 ------------------------- Your welcome!
  14. cratercracker

    Mountain lake landing challenge

    I think, it would be nice to ping all the participants to get their patch! -------------------------------- @Blasty McBlastblast @hoioh @Shadowmage @funk @beomagi ------------------------------ You can put your badge in your signature! (Account Settings -> Signature -> profit )
  15. cratercracker

    Mountain lake landing challenge

    @Klapaucius! Hi, here is a patch for your challenge! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 150 100 70 ------------------------------- Your welcome!