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  1. I was going to submit an entry, but I have no idea how to score it. I assume I need Kerbal Engineer to get the dry weight and kg? oh well, had fun. 11 tons dry, 14t wet with a top speed of 1316 m/s
  2. The SS Big Bus. 100 crew hydrofoil, top speed around 160 after you lose those pesky rear stabs. 150 before unplanned separation. I'm calling 160 for the score because it was the kerbal way. OP's math turns large ships in to a penalty because of the thrust required for any speed to happen anyways. It's too hard to reach 1:1 thrust:m/s in the water with any mass, so I bulked on weight and passenger multipliers instead! -160m/s top speed, 480kN (4 Whiplash @ 120 by OP math), 70 tons, 100 kerbals -(160/480)*(5*70)+1000= 1,116 score
  3. Does this mean touching down on the runway without traditional landing gear? lithobraking?
  4. Why on Earth(?) did you take your screenshot on the dark side??
  5. I never tested against tsoj until after I submitted. Somehow I had completely missed his entry. After I saw the pairing and tested it out I found out just how badly I would get stomped. I was hoping for a lucky break, but that was expected lol
  6. @Azimech what is the difference between free/no aerodynamics and working/locked control surfaces? That sounds like two words for the same thing to me. If I read it like that then your basic rule only applies to class 4 out of all the class and size options listed so I'm kind of confused on the craft requirements. Are control surfaces allowed on the larger cars as long as they don't fly then? edit: Wait I think I understand it now. free as in beer, not free as in speech. NO spoilers at all for Class 4, locked spoilers for all other classes?
  7. When are you planning on starting? I'll probably submit something this weekend.
  8. I do see that all of us being tagged have our images accessed through Working images are in other directories with other dates associated. I'm new so my profile and photo were just added, and I'm assuming that the others probably updated their images recently and we're all in that same folder now? @Gaarst sound about right? Edit: PS. I also can not see the avatars for the other tagged profiles, though I see my own just fine. This is also why i think it may be a permissions mix up.
  9. I'd be happy to submit a second craft if you need more planes
  10. Named the Herald Mk I - Supersonic targeting drone/missile I raised my limit to 10k, and I think the target popped in around 8k. Definitely going to experiment more, but I did a couple test runs today and it works. Recorded the thing but don't have time to do any editing, so here's a quick imgur. It's not a faster method really, but there is room for improvement for sure. It does have the benefit though of preventing you from circling around, but you may have to slow down your approach earlier. Testing from KSC to the island though as a proof of concept it executed perfectly. Launched from the ground it could target the island easily, so helicopters and ground platforms could definitely benefit. I'll play around some more and maybe test with the actual mission in a day or two.
  11. ASL - At Sea Level. 0 meters per the stock altitude thinger in the top center. The air above that is generally referred to as ASL. Up until you get out of the soupy thick atmosphere down low. The air pressure/resitance for the first couple thousand feet doesn't really decrease that much so it's just all "ASL" I don't think there's any specific hard altitude reference edit: changed ft/s to m/s
  12. I suspect that his fighter also wouldn't do it at 750 either. 500 is just the default value. Even with 750 though my fighters will still dive til the last minute in a chase. I don't think it would change anything in regards to this AI quirk of not turning and just gaining altitude. It would be nice to have an easily set max altitude though to overide that. They just climb until they lose enough thrust to get shot by whoever is on their tail. annoying because it's dumb.
  13. I was playing with the remote targeting pod last night. I really liked that idea, but that deployment method requires you to do a second pass for the bombing run after re-orienting from the holding pattern. I thought, why not strap it on a rocket of sorts and have a cruise missile targeting pod, then deploy the chutes over the target. In testing it....almost works. My main concern is fitting it with a rocket large enough to cover the distance faster than the bomber with enough time to lock on target. I figured a lower altitude/speed on the initial approach might work and bd to set the cruise toward the target for the plane, but haven't tested that. I used a couple of mk0 LFO's with a spark and some 25% scale av8's for a trial run and I could easily fly that above target from about 10 miles out and then kill the thrust without the targeting pod attached, but the plane I was using wasn't big enough to handle the full pod loaded payload and I still need to test with AI. Seems like there is potential there though.
  14. Yup, gonna have to get my ground game up. Good job