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Found 19 results

  1. Need a way to quickly evacuate due to a launch mishap? Or want to setup a airline to reap in those tourist bucks? Try out these commercial jets! Lockheed L1011 Tristar: Lockheed's finest commercial airliner. Flies a bit slow but will get you were you need to go. Boeing 747: Try out the Queen of the Skies! This big beast can transport 151 passengers and 4 crew to wherever you need! Boeing 737-200: You are now free to move around the Country. Try out this regional airliner in a certain discount airline colors. Note we are not responsible for any cancelled flights due to archaic scheduling software. Wasp Flyer: Try out this nimble little jet with excellent range. Lots of fun to fly. Craft Files: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17h8Z0TC5xs4ScFqJZQ-f5P5AVzpXNB9i?usp=sharing
  2. New to the forums but I made most of these during the first few days of launch. So for Ive built the Su-27, Su-33, F-4E Phantom II, Mig-21 Bis, Mig-29S, F-18E Super Hornet, Ho-229, E-3 Sentry AWACS, Ja-37 Viggen, SR-71 Blackbird, RQ-4 Global Hawk, and X-3 Stiletto. Most of these with exception of the SR-71 were build with 2D schematics for reference so they are mostly accurate visually, I scaled them based of the canopy size so again, most of them should be about the right size compared to one another. Plan on making more in the future hopefully with each being more and more accurate to the original aircraft. Atleast for the the F-15C/E, Mirage 2000 C-5, An-225, KC-135, and many more are on the list. Su-27 Su-33 E-3 Sentry Mig-29 S F-4E Mig-21 Bis Ja-37 Ho-229 RQ-4 F-18E X-3 Sr-71 [and a U-2 that accidentally got deleted ;(]
  3. Hi fellow exploiters! Today I finally discovered the art of air-less jet engines! (sort of, it doesn't work in space thou...) And Now, presenting the aircraft with the best name ever.... No Air Jet!! https://kerbalx.com/cant_think_of_a_username/No-Air-Jet All the info for the aircraft is written on the Kerbalx link. If you take it out for a flight on Eve, Duna, or, best, JOOL, Please take a video or picture and post it here! I would love to see some useful applications of jets without air! (It would also be good if you can fix this plane's aerodynamic model, as it is very bad) And Last thing: I think I know why this works, as written on the Kerbalx page, but I am not really sure why it doesn't work in space. If any experts here know, please tell me, or tell me your theory. Best of luck, CTAU (Can't Think of A Username)
  4. I like to make fighter jets from real life, but I was wondering if anybody knew any mods (besides BDarmory or airplanesplus) that could help with that.
  5. A while ago there was this excellent discussion on air intakes and drag in KSP: This is still an important topic (would be even more so if the dev's could give us some larger airbreathing/jet engines, so spaceplanes are actually useful without massive engine-spam!) and I wanted to continue to draw attention to the idea, discuss it, and see if anything has changed. Also, there were some nuances to Right's graph (re-posted below for convenience) that I don't think really got any proper discussion- and couldn't be discussed there now without nero'ing a very old thread... Note, for instance, the shape of the Shock Cone Intake performance curve (or lack thereof). I think many players sub-optimally assumed the most efficient Spaceplane ascents involve keeping all your engines lit throughout your entire ascent. However I have increasingly found this is NOT the case-especially with the 2 stage spaceplane designs I have been experimenting with lately (a smaller Spaceplane optimized for high-altitude, high-speed operation rides piggyback atop a larger plane that breaks off. Awesome in Sandbox/Science, but requires a mod like Flight Manager for Reusable Stages so you can fly the lower stage back to actually be useful in Career...) Often it is better to have some engines- particularly Ramjet engines- you only ignite at higher altitudes and speeds, keeping your demand for IntakeAir (and Thrust production) relatively flat as you ascend... (this is even MORE true with modded parts like the Air-Augmented rockets from, I think, Mk2 Expansion: which, realistically for a ducted rocket, perform better at high speeds not only in terms of Thrust, but ISP...) If you have engines you only ignite at high altitude+speed (or simply don't throttle all the way up until you reach high speed/altitude due to heating issues, aerodynamic stability- particularly with dynamically unstable designs that become less stable at higher speeds, or not having your wings rip off due to aero forces in FAR!) then the Shock Intake curve suddenly looks a lot more appealing: note these curves are for constant altitude- the Shock curve ends up being flattened (in terms of rate of IntakeAir production) by reduced air density at higher altitude... Other things notable: - The Divertless Radial Supersonic Intakes appear to have the smallest performance-drop of any intake other than the Shock Intakes between Mach 3 and higher speeds (the slope of their curve is much more gradual, even controlling for their lower peak), making them often the second-best choice for high-speed planes (as well as great for fine-tuning *precisely* how much intake you have, so you don't have any more than needed...) - Engine Pre-coolers have, surprisingly (and unrealistically, given the whole POINT of using them in real life would be high speed+altitude performance) a steeper curve relative to the amplitude of their peak than the Adjustable Ramp Intake (aka the stock RAM-effect intakes). This makes them more poorly suited for high speed/altitude operations, at least as intakes (again, this is unrealistic- and the dev's ought to rebalance these to make them more useful). That being said, form-drag (from frontal cross-section mainly) becomes much more punishing at higher speeds, at least in FAR, so they actually do work well at high speed planes- but for all the wrong reasons (in real life, Pre-Coolers aren't even intakes at all, but allow you to cool/compress airflow before it reaches the engines so they "think" they're actually operating at lower speeds/altitudes. This would be easily simulated in KSP by simply having them decrease the airflow speed and altitude any engines they are connected too "see"- and indeed this is EXACTLY how they used to or still do work in KSP-Interstellar, which included special code to make pre-coolers work realistically: at least in older versions for sure...) In real life, they would produce a lot of intake Drag (as you slow the airflow more) and provide no direct intake functionality- yet be CRITICAL for a horizontal-takeoff spaceplane ascent... - On the topic of pre-coolers, again: there has been some mention that they are highly heat-conductive (wicking heat away from engines), yet this is somehow a BAD thing (as it causes them to absorb more heat from the atmosphere). It seems to me most players don't understand the Stock heat conduction system well, or how to use this properly. The best parts to attach pre-coolers to (on the other side of the engine) are large, heavy parts with a lot of cross-sectional area (so these parts in turn can pass the heat they absorb from the pre-coolers to other parts). This is entirely because the Stock heat model assumes an entire part is all at a constant temperature, to make the calculations manageable. Anyways, this makes good parts to attach Pre-Coolers to things like the long Mk2-Mk1 adapter, the Mk2 Bicoupler, the flat (rear) end of Mk3 parts, or especially large cross-section mod parts with inline 1.25 meter nodes (like the "Stail" to 2.5 meter adapter with shoulders in OPT Aerospace, or the Mk4 Adapters in Mk4 Expansion...) The parts they are attached to should, ideally, in turn be attached to even larger parts (like a Mk2-3 adapter in front of a Mk2 Bicoupler). The key is to wick heat away from the pre-coolers as quickly as possible so they can wick more heat away from the engines in turn. Not that engine overheating is THAT big of a problem in Stock (except for with the NERVA nuclear rockets- a part intake air precoolers would be USELESS for in real life, unless you were air-augmenting them... Or modded nuclear turbojets, like those in Mk2 Expansion- where at least the use of pre-coolers is realistic) - The Small Circular Intake has a relatively flat curve that LOOKS like it would be well-suited to high-speed operations: but in reality they tend to explode at high speeds, as they have terrible heat-tolerances...
  6. KSP desperately needs larger (1.875 and 2.5 meter) jets, to bring down part and engine-count for players who build really large spaceplanes (since they take so long to get to orbit, the only way to do them, IMHO). I would like to request a modder build a simple mod with stock-alike 1.875 and 2.5 meter jet engines. The objective, eventually, would be to hopefully get SQUAD to work with that modder to make the engines Stock. So focusing on doing a really, really good job with just a few parts would be preferable.
  7. Hello, this is just an open decision about the design of KSP Military Aircraft. Feel free to upload pictures of aircraft. Feel free to have constructive conversations about these aircraft.
  8. SpaceSheepOne As the name implies, this is inspired by the Virgin Galactic spaceplane. It is a early career craft with minimal parts, designed for short range suborbital hops. Craft File @ KerbalX: https://kerbalx.com/pandoraskitten/SpaceSheepOne
  9. Ace Kerbal Aircraft Depot aircraft and files are created and posted by Senki__ Ace Kerbal is inspired by the crafts in Ace Combat and contains replicas of crafts that are in the Ace Combat series. I plan to update this post and post more crafts over time as I make them. All of the aircraft have stock parts except for the weapons that use BDArmory. MiG-21bis https://kerbalx.com/Senki__/MiG-21bis Mitsubishi F-1 https://kerbalx.com/Senki__/Mitsubishi-F-1 F5-E Tiger II https://kerbalx.com/Senki__/F-5E-Tiger-II J35J Draken (Saab 35 Draken) https://kerbalx.com/Senki__/J35J-Draken-Saab-35-Draken Eurofighter Typhoon https://kerbalx.com/Senki__/Eurofighter-Typhoon Thank you for checking my crafts! I will be making more of these in time. Senki__
  10. I am wondering if there is a mod or something that can make your plane stealth, so that you cannot be detects on enemy radar from BDarmory. I have built a fighter that looks stealthy to me, using quiztechaeropack, BDarmory, and stock. I want to use stealth capability when attacking someone. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  11. Here is a collection of all the fighter jet's I have been working on this year. Not all of them are exact replica's. The AWACS aircraft and the Leopard (F-22 F-15 Hybrid), SR-71 copycat and the helicopter are fictional. Let's Start! General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon "Viper" McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet Grumman F-14 Tomcat RaiTech "Cobra" (Fictional) RaiTech Leopard (Fictional) Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II RaiTech AWACS (Fictional) Northrop F-5 Tiger McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle RA-52 Whitebird (Fictional) That's most of them, I shall make more soon. Hope ya enjoyed Here are some pics of em all gathered up.
  12. Hello there! This is a post for the ones who want to sumbit pictures of their fighter jets, or attack jets of course, replica or not! Rules: 1. This isn't actually a rule but: All mods are allowed, but make sure to use BDArmory on all planes! 2. Disappoint Jebediah by telling him NOT to go to space! 3. Rule 3. doesn't exist! 4. Tell which mods you are using if it isn't BDArmory Examples: The A-164! (Yes, i broke the rules, i don't have a picture of the weaponised version) Download Mods in spoiler "Last" words So yeah, have fun! Also try to tell others what was good and bad about their plane! Have fun!! -Choice
  13. Munbro's Replicas Showcase Welcome to my replica showcase! Here you'll find 60 replicas that I have to show you. I am always working on new things, so be sure to check in once in a while. To find out what's new, check the latest comments. Now hosting KerbalX Downloads! Link - I do take requests! Rockets Aircraft Upcoming Craft Ariane 4 Ariane 5 MiG-21 ------------ Feel free to comment or leave suggestions.
  14. On behalf of the BDAc team and development group, I welcome all prospective entrants to this BDAc challenge! The start of the skirmishes shall commence on December 1st, 2016 and will hopefully be completed before December 20, 2016. I will be on holidays from the 21st until the end of the month. If the challenge does not conclude on December 20th, they will recommence until completion on January 1, 2017. From this post on everybody has 12 days to build, fine tune, and submit their planes. The rules as agreed upon: -One submission per applicant -Battles will be 3 vs. 3 round, best of 3 skirmishes . This will be a simple elimination setup. You win a battle, you progress. You lose, you're out. Ties will be delt in a overtime round. If the plane(s) lands intact due to expiration of fuel resources that will count as a loss since your plane will not be able to defend itself. -All planes will be flightworthy. -All planes will be able to taxi down the runway or dirt in a straight fashion. If your planes like to do the wing-slap-shimmy with the dirt or pavement, don't submit it. If it happens during a battle, it will be counted as a loss. -All planes will be tuned to your best abilities at the point of submission either by DropBox or KerbalX. Once your plane is submitted, it will be considered a final draft. -All planes will have the BDA AI and Weapons Manager in plain sight (pardon the pun), preferably on top of the fuselage or airframe. If I have to go looking for them......well, that results in bad Karma, Ju-Ju, or whatever you call it. It's poor manners for the tournament host. Besides, I might have to check on things. -Any AI or weapon manger settings allowed. You are tuning the AI to your plane. Do what you have to. Same with the Weapons Manager. -All BDA guns allowed. NO MISSILES THIS TIME. Rotating turrets will be locked down to 0-0-0 configuration, pointing forwards. I will check. -There will be a hard minimum of 750 metres ASL AI configurations. No maximum ASL altitude limit will be imposed. This is to prevent dirt poisoning or SDT (Severe Deceleration Trauma) mishaps (hitting the ground). -All contests will be within the default 8,000 metre arena. Use this as a yardstick for building your planes. -All planes will be inspected so they have the stock SQUAD parts and the following mods (links will follow): --SXT continued https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/SXTContinued --BDA continued https://github.com/PapaJoesSoup/BDArmory/releases --Quizztech continued http://spacedock.info/mod/836/QuizTechAeroPackContinued --Aviation cockpits http://spacedock.info/mod/658/Aviation Cockpits?ga=<Game+3102+'Kerbal+Space+Program'> --Procedural Dynamics (wings) https://github.com/Crzyrndm/ProceduralWings/releases --Procedural Parts (airframes, tanks, etc) https://github.com/Swamp-Ig/ProceduralParts/releases --Tweakscale Github NO OTHER MODS WILL BE PERMITTED. -FAR or NEAR not approved. Stock game physics only this time around. We shall see in the future. -Default G-limits on planes and Kerbals in full effect. You can build whatever you want, but the pilots have to live until they die (morbid, but true) -Any planes that use Tweakscale on the cockpits will be disqualified. Tweakscale renders the cockpits and other manned structural parts unmannable. If your design calls for a .625m cockpit the before mentioned mods have those in their parts inventory. Same with 2.5m cockpits. Use the proper cockpit for the job. -Tweakscale on engines permitted, however this may not be an advantage due to thrust, fuel consumption, mass, etc. It will be up to the participant to design their plane with this in mind. You have been advised. -All planes will have a minimum of one Kerbal. -All planes will have a maximum of 2 engines -All planes will have a minimum of one BDA Radar unit installed. -All planes will have a maximum part count of 50. That should be plenty. -All planes will have sufficient fuel for a minimum 15 minute flight at maximum throttle. This includes Afterburners. Dogfights with evenly matched planes have been known to last quite a while. -There is no minimum or maximum mass on the plane. -There is no minimum or maximum speed requirements, but it's preferred that your plane can do at least Mach 1.1 for a decent mass-to-thrust ratio. - There will be no hidden wings installed inside the fuselage, UNLESS IT CAN BE PROVEN THAT IT'S A NECESSITY FOR THE STRUCTURE OF THE PLANE. That means no shoving 20 wing surfaces in the space of one using the debug menu to do it. That will be an instant no-fly.
  15. I just want to share the design for a rocket I came up with that uses jet-fuel boosters to get its first kick to space rather than liquid fuel or SRBs. I haven't gotten this to space yet; I took a screencap shortly after (actual) liftoff and shortly after the game crashed. Image below" Honestly, I can't believe it even took off. It estimates about 18 minutes worth of fuel. This is a very early modded science mode game, and these are the first jet fuel tanks/engines/air intakes that you can unlock. The intakes and engines were made larger with Tweakscale, and that also increased the output enough for the bigger tanks. I haven't tried this with other engines. Has anyone else done this and, if so, how did it go?
  16. YoeriCookie's Replica Superthread American Planes Russian/USSR planes Here you can find all of my replicas, recent and upcoming! They are all stock, haven't found a way to use IR yet. If you want to suggest a plane, ask away! I might have not uploaded it yet or make it now! Inspired by MajavE (crafts and post)! This thread will become better as I learn more about making posts like this and HTML. Doesn't look too shabby actually Requests: -Bell P-59 -MiG-19 Farmer Done -Republic F-84 Thunderjet -Sukhoi PAK FA
  17. How high can you get using only airbreathing engines before they flame out? RULES: Only airbreathing-only engines. (This means no RAPIERS.) Max of 1 engine for Mk1/1.25m craft, 2 engines for Mk2 craft, and 4 engines for Mk3 craft. Craft must have at least one Kerbal aboard, and this Kerbal must survive. Mods must be approved by me. (KER, Pilot Assistant, and TCA are allowed.) SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Altitude you are claiming, your surface velocity at this altitude, and an Imgur album or equivalent or a video as proof. STOCK ENTRIES 1.0.5 Marshal Nedelin - 134 KM - Interesting design...
  18. Ignore the poll I hit enter on accident.So in the old version you had every reason to choose the wheesley. But now there are new engines which are a choice. So now I ask which jets are the best on average and which are best for specific scenarios. Engine pros Cons Wheesley Low intake needs high efficiency Low thrust low altitude peak Juno Small Weak cutout at 20km Panther High thrust in low air Ineffieient Goliath High thrust at low altitudes readymade intake Thrust drops after Mach 1 thrust drops at high altitudes Whiplash(it gud) High thrust at high altitudes high flameout height High intake needs high fuel needs Rapier 2 in 1 Very low stationary thrust takes ages to warm up
  19. ST Aerospace Custom aircraft made to be used specifically with BDArmoury, or simply blow stuff up! Note: These aircraft are not designed to resemble real life aircraft, although some of the models have slight resemblance, it is not meant to be accurately designed to its real-life counter parts. These planes are built to execute dogfights, just turn on guard mode, adjust the perimeters, set the teams and hit the activate AI pilot mode More planes coming soon! 1. SG F001 "Todak" Part count: 36 Mods used: BDArmoury, Adjustable Landing Gears, SC Panzer Speed: 266m/s (w/o AFB) : 337m/s (with AFB) Mass: 9.7t Size: 3.7m x 8.7m x 10.5m Engine: J-404 "Panther" x 1 Armament: 20mm Cannon x 2 Capacity: 1 Cost: 23240 Download link: https://goo.gl/0cO3U6
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